Lakme Eye Shadow Quartet Moondust- Review and Tutorial

Lakme Eye Shadow Quartet Moondust- Review

Hello Dear all!!!! ‘Smokey eyes and nude lips’ look is gaining a cult status now. Soon it will become a classic like the Red Lips!!!

I wanted a black smokey eye palette very badly. I looked for it at Maybelline, Colorbar, etc. But couldn’t get the exact shades I wanted. I knew of Lakme’s Moondust but wasn’t too sure about it. But when I could find nothing else I got the Lakmé Moondust Eye shadow Quartet.

It was around Rs. 300/- when I bought this which was around six months back. I don’t have any idea about the current price. (Knowing Lakme it’s bound to be more!!!!)

How did I find it???

It was sheer disappointment!!!!

Here is the palette and swatches- Lakme Eye Shadow Quatret

Lakme Eye Shadow Quatret Moondust Lakme Eye Shadow Quatret Moondust

Ok… So that’s the Moondust palette. It has four colours. The all have different finishes.


  • White- Matte, for highlighting. It actually looks and feels like chalk powder. It goes patchy on the eyes. The swatch you see above is 3-4 swipes. Absolutely n0 colour pay-off and is a nightmare to blend. It does not highlight the brow bone. It looks like you have been playing with a chalk stick. Awful!!!
  • An indescribable colour- It is neither maroon nor brown; nor purple. Neither it is copper… It is a mixture of all of them. It is for the crease. The colour is more like a loose powder and falls all over the face while applying. It does not stay at one place. If you apply it at the crease and shut your eyes it transfers to the lid.
  • Black- The black is actually coal dust. I could get more intense colour if I used a coal on my eyes!!! Very black but it goes all matte and contradicts with the other colours. I use it only to fill in my eyebrows.
  • Silver- Shiny, shiny metallic silver. Again goes all over the face. It’s a lid colour. Out of the four it is better.

Here’s why I am not a fan of this palette-

  • The colour pay-off is a joke.
  • The white is chalk powder and black is coal powder. I absolutely hate the quality.
  • The silver and the other PMP (Purplish-Maroonish-Plumish) colours are good but tend to mix with each other on the eyes.
  • The colours do not stick well to the eyes. They mix with each other and after 15 min of application; there is no differentiating the colours.
  • The colours come loose after you dip the brush in. There is way too much product on the brush. Even after you dust it off, there is too much colour on your lashes and cheeks.
  • The colours start fading after just 15-20 min. By the end of an hour I just have some patches of dark colour on my eyes.
  • The silver is good but too intense for my liking.
  • I am using this palette only for filling my brows. So I am using just one colour. I can find no other use for it.
  • I would not dignify the sponge tip applicator by talking about it…..

I am just giving a small DIY smokey eyes tutorial. I am using the same Moondust quartet. But pleeeeaassee use a different palette yourself. The smokey eyes is one of my favourite looks.

So here we go:

1. I start with lining my upper lash line. Yeah I do it first. It gives me a base to build on. I apply a thin line and slightly winged. I have used the Lakmé Eye artist. (One of the few Lakme products I simply adore…) Lakme Black SMokey Eyes 2. Then I draw a line with the darkest shade exactly on top of the liner. I use a flat eye shadow brush for this. Lakme Black SMokey Eyes Looks something like this…. Lakme Black SMokey Eyes 3. Then I start with the lid colour and cover ¾ th of the entire eye lid with the colour. Silver in this case. Always start from the inner corner. Lakme Black SMokey Eyes 4. Should look something like this. Lakme Black SMokey Eyes 5. Apply the crease colour; the PMP in this case. 😛 Lakme Black SMokey Eyes

6. Apply the highlight colour on the brow bone and blend all the colours together to eliminate any harsh lines.

Lakme Black SMokey Eyes

7. Fill in your brows and we are done.

Lakme Black SMokey Eyes

That’s it!!! Though the shadows are not looking that bad in the photos, they don’t stay this way for more than 15-20 min. I used this palette only because I was reviewing it. I prefer my Inglot Smokey Eye shadow palette much better.

After 15 minutes…… See the colors are already fading and the PMP is nowhere in sight!!!!!

Lakme Black SMokey Eyes

P.S. I forgot to apply mascara later. Sorry about that….

I hope you all like my attempt at the smokey eyes..

Here’s my final rating on Moondust: :star: ….

Only because I use the black colour as eyebrow fill!!!!

Anyways, until next time…

Love and hugs


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60 thoughts on “Lakme Eye Shadow Quartet Moondust- Review and Tutorial

  1. Mrunmayee @ I so agree with you on what a waste of money Lakme’s Moondust pallet is :no: :no: :no: .. I had bought it long back and ever since my first try it has been lying at the farthest corner of my vanity box where I never intend reaching :silly: .. the colors are the worst quality one can ever get from Lakme.. the only color that I have used in this pallet is the brown shade, rest 3 waste in all ways 🙁

  2. OMG Thanks so much for this review 🙂 🙂 . I have been eyeing moondust and desert rose from the Lakme quads for the longest time and this just saved me from wasting my money.

  3. this soooo funny….why does lakme produce products with such different qualities amongst the shades the same type of makeup …. ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) ?:-)

    and i am sorry u had such bad experience with it…if it was my review that lead u to buy this ..i am sowwy..i had good results…. :-(( :-(( :-((

    1. No no fathima.. I bought this wayyyyy before your review.. So no need to take the blame… :laugh: :laugh:

      And I know abt varying results wid Lakme… 🙁 The 9 to 5 lippies too work for some and not for some.. I am starting to suspect tht some shades are bad only… :-/ :-/
      .-= Mrunmayee´s last blog ..Jovees Gold Eye Contour gel- Review =-.

    1. my god sanjeev chetta…..u r one funniiiiiiieeeee fellow! 😀 😀 😀 !! and u r right…the ppl in the pics seemed to have used the white and the black frm the quartet…..or maybe its the real stuf…u kno..chalk and coal……

  4. Aww…

    I was considering this as a good one esp after Fathi wrote a tutorial..but then again like always with Lakme, there seems to be no uniformity in quality na 🙁

    But I loved the way you tried a Smokey eye M..cute..very cute.

  5. I actually really enjoy using this palette! I find the colours to be both intensely pigmented and easy to use! My only problem would be the powder is not as finely milled as one would like..resulting in having to apply thin layers and build coverage as you go along, and also lots of fall-out!
    on the whole though i really like it!! it’s sad you didn’t 🙁 maybe try foiling the colours with fix plus??


  6. I was eyeing this too but now its worth Rs 425/-!!! So I didn’t get it… thank god! btw.. lurve your look 🙂

  7. Ohh Mrunmayee!! U saved me was gonna buy it… uff!!… Im kinda disappointed with Lakme.
    Hope to writting on IMBB soon… pray pray pray!!! :cute:

  8. oops a grammatical error above … I meant Hope to be writing on IMBB… pray pray pray!!! (:thunder: Hope to writting on IMBB soon… pray pray pray!!! :thunder: ) :cute: :giggle:

  9. You have made up your eyes beautifully Mrunmayee . Lovely 🙂 You have made such a not-so-good product look good on you. I am imagining how will it be when you use really good ones :-))

  10. I think I got lucky because every time I wanted to pick thi up, the shop was out of stock of this eye shadow. Now I am happy. :giggle: :giggle:

    You rock smokey eyes, m. Loved how you created such beautiful smokey look. 🙂

  11. You gave it a single star…and listed and highlighted everything bad about shouldn’t have put up any pictures though. Your version of the smokey eye is so good, everyone is going to secretly want to try this now!!!

  12. Hehehehee…seriously though, I am so in woww of how good you are at this especially considering how much you really hate this product… :worship:

  13. Hey Mrun.. you did a good job at explaining what kinda product this is.. very accurate..!!

    I thought im doing something wrong since no matter how i use it it ends up like a wash of color on my lids which fades and creases badly.. glad to know my makeup skills are okay.. its the faulty product that is not working for anyone..!!

  14. Hey Mrun….the olors did ome out so well on you……even though its Lakme and all dysfuntional….still you made it work for you o I love the end result and the look…. 🙂

  15. @Mrun….LOL. :laugh: :laugh: …”I would not dignify the sponge tip applicator by talking about it…..”….

    @Sanjeev………..I am also going to all you hetta….sorry there’s one letter missing here….please adjust :smug:

  16. heybut its really looking good on you…..but i wont buy coz of CHALK AND COAL POWDER 😉


        1. when i told my hubby abt sanjeev’s jokes, he said i wish you would pay as much attention to my jokes 😐
          :rotfl: :rotfl:

  17. lakme eyeshadows are very patchy. highly pigmented when swatched but a nightmare on the eyes. they do stay on for quite a long time if applied over a good base or primer. i have all the lakme palettes except for the purples and use them to have a bit of fun. the price is now 425. 😛

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