Lakme Glide on Eye Color Iridescent Blue Review

Lakme Glide on Eye Color – Iridescent Blue

Lakme glideon eye colour iridescent blue

Claims : Crushed gemstones sprinkled with the brilliance of precious metals.
For eyes that reflect the stars.

Colors Available : Smoky Green,Irridescent Blue,Peacock Green, Metallic Black, Aqua Green, Warm Copper, Plush Purple
blue eye pencil

Cost and Quantity:

Rs. 275 for 1.2 g.



Blue eye pencil swatch

Lakme glide on eye pencils have received good reviews from a lot of beauty geeks and I too am in love with this one!


• It’s creamy.
• Long lasting (on me, it lasts practically the whole day. I put it on my lower waterline at 7.30 in the morning and though it slides off to the lower lash line by lunch, it stays there till night when I remove it before sleeping).
• Beautiful blue shade.
• Inexpensive!
• Doesn’t sting the eyes (I wear lenses).




• Repeated sharpening can cause product wastage, but I am totally okay with that since its pretty cheap.
• Packaging could have been more chic, but it’s no big deal since its sturdy enough to carry around in your purse.

My Rating:


Will I Repurchase?


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25 thoughts on “Lakme Glide on Eye Color Iridescent Blue Review

  1. i have this one :yahoo: :yahoo: ….its really a good shade
    and sometimes i were in evenings but only in upper lash line??? it looks a bit loud on my skin lower lash line is no no for me :nababana: …but you look soo great :love: :love: ..lovely eyes!!! :jalwa: :jalwa:
    by the way..what shapner do you use for sharpning ??? i am clumsy in that..and all my pencils get wasted a lot in that :((

    1. i use lakme ka sasta waala dual sharpner :toothygrin: !
      i often wear this color during day time to my classes, but only on my waterline n lower lashline, n not so dark. here i made it a bit dramatic, so that it’s properly visible in the review. lining the upper lashline is a hassle and i am always in too much of a hurry to bother :nono:

  2. Now my dobts about these pretties are *poof* gone! :jiggy1: :jiggy1: I might just get the smoky green wala or the copper wala…or both. :dumb: :dumb:
    :thanks: so much for the review! And your eyes are looking so nice…I’m jealous…I can’t stand the thought of leses…so I have chashme…any eyeliner I get has to be bold enough to overcome my spects. :specs: :specs:
    :teeth :teeth

    1. the names of the shades are so enticing na! any product with “smoky” in it attracts my attention! 😉 😉 glad it helped you. i used to wear chashma till 11th std. switched to lenses after that…i still wear specs wen i feel lazy though 😛 😛

  3. I have this and i feel, its more pigmented than it shows on ur eyes !!!! on my eyes it looks more pigmented, anyways u have lovely, pretty eyes, and lashes :waytogo:

  4. you got such pwetty eyes tinkerbell :jalwa: :jalwa: :jalwa: I have used these eye pencils and really, no complaints. Good stuff from Lakme. :)) I like pencils that can be sharpened :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

  5. I love these pencils! I have one in Peacock Green, and it’s a really pretty green shade! It stays the whole day without any primer for me (I line my upper lash line with it), maybe because I don’t have oily lids ?:)
    After I bought the Peacock Green and used it, I had to fight the urge to get it in all the other colors too! 😐
    Good review, Tinkerbell :))

    1. :thanks: samantha. it stays on long for me too…but not on the waterline, which i don’t think any product does. it doesn’t budge from the lashline though (yay!!) i’ll try out other shades from lakme too 🙂 peacock green sounds good.

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