Lakme Peach Lip Love Care Can be Skipped

Lakme Peach Lip Love Care

Helllo all 😀

I’m back and that too with my first lip balm review! 😀

Recently, a friend told me that Lakme will be coming out with its new range of lip balms (something similar to Baby Lips) and I was highly intrigued! The same night as I was surfing through the internet doing my usual online window shopping, I stumped upon these lip balms in 4 flavours on a very famous site online. I got toooo excited and bought them all 😛 I was really looking forward to see how they would fare as compared to Baby Lips from Maybelline.

In spite of being on pre-order, I received the lip balms just after 3 days and I was a happy girl! (not knowing that I would be disappointed soon after). I took the pictures for the review and applied them all. My mom took the best ones, Cherry and Strawberry, and left me with Vanilla and Peach. Sadly enough, this particular balm doesn’t work for me and you shall know why as you read further 🙂

Price :

Rs. 200.

Features :

1) Tinted Sticks with Balmy Cores.
2) SPF 15 protects lips from sun damage.
3) Creamy Core Moisturizes Lips.
4) Comes in 4 flavours – Cherry, Peach, Strawberry and Vanilla for Rs. 200 each.
5) Shelf life is 2 years.
Staying Power :

Once applied, the balm doesn’t last for a long time. . 1-2 hours max on me.

Tint & Taste :

The tint is light in colour and the taste of the balm (in my honest opinion) is a lot like the chap sticks we bought when we were young from the local drugstore.

My Take On Lakme Peach Lip Love Care :

I was really looking forward to check out these new lip balms from Lakme.  Although my expectations were not high, the Peach lip balm hasn’t worked for me at all! Agreed, it glides smoothly on the lips, but that’s not enough! The tint is very light and as I have pigmented lips, a lip swatch picture won’t show any difference. I’m not at all impressed by this one as compared to the rest from this range. The taste is just okay, nothing great. It doesn’t the moisturize lips for very long and may not be the best buy this winter. The balm leaves a bitter aftertaste which I hate! I haven’t even used it properly and the stick already broke! :-/ I feel this  one in Peach was a total waste of money.


Pros of Lakme Peach Lip Love Care :

  • Very cute packaging.
  • SPF 15 protects lips from sun damage (not that we need it this winter 😛 )
  • Moisturizes lips and glides on smoothly.

Cons of Lakme Peach Lip Love Care :

  • Overrated.
  • Does not live up to expectations.
  • Moisturization does not stay for long.
  • Some people may not like the taste.
  • The balmy stick can break easily.
  • Lightly pigmented.
  • No value for money.
  • Will not work for dry lips as it is not hydrating enough.



Conclusion on Lakme Peach Lip Love Care :

You cannot even compare this range to Maybelline’s Baby Lips. I absolutely love Baby Lips and I thought maybe Lakme would change my mind. Sadly enough for Lakme, this range hasn’t lived up to my expectations. If you really want to go for a balm from this range, do not go for this one is all I would say!

IMBB Rating :


Would I Recommend Lakme Peach Lip Love Care ?

In my honest opinion, Cherry & Strawberry are the ones to go for!

Would I Repurchase Lakme Peach Lip Love Care ?

No, not this one.

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15 thoughts on “Lakme Peach Lip Love Care Can be Skipped

  1. Oh u literally saved me..i saw this 2 days ago but regretted not buying it!!
    Thanks for the review yaar..warna my “money gone into water” 😛 😀

  2. I gave my sis the cherry and strawberry variants and they are awesome. In color and moisturization everything. But yes, I am prefering baby lips electro over it. 🙂

  3. aha! I could tell people were getting swayed just because it was a new launch. Lakme has been pretty average with its new launches these days. Thanks for the honest review!

  4. Same here , highly disappointing results . was waiting to buy this Peach one , i thought this will be good and appeal well on my face but, it does not even make a difference if you apply it . it is 0/5.
    wastage of money and no color no taste ….

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