Lakme RM13 Enrich Matte Lipstick Review

Hello all,

I recently picked up a lot of lipsticks and I wanted to try the Lakme Enrich matte ones, so I picked up two shades of red as the pinks weren’t available. Let’s review R13 today!

Lakme RM13 Enrich Matte Lipstick

Price: Rs 295/-
Product Description:
• India’s number one lipstick now in a matte format for the first time
• Creamy matte texture that is comfortable to wear
• Finish and color delivery of matte lipsticks but comfort of creme lipsticks
• No drag on lips
• Intense color payoff

Lakme RM13 Enrich Matte Lipstick name

My Experience with Lakme RM13 Enrich Matte Lipstick:

Packaging: The lipstick comes housed in silver cardboard box and looks really classy. The lipstick bullet comes in a transparent and matte silver packaging to indicate the matte finish of the lipstick. I quite like the new packaging. The lid opens and closes with a click. It isn’t that sturdy, but it is okay. Overall, the packaging is classy and convenient.

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Lakme RM13 Enrich Matte Lipstick tube

Colour/Pigmentation: ‘R 13’ is a nice bold red shade. It is very similar to R 12, but this one is a little bit different. The shade looks gorgeous on my skin tone. It flatters my skin nicely. It’ll look good on all skin tones. The pigmentation is superb. The lipstick is pretty pigmented and all you need is 2 coats of the lipstick for a bold red lip. I like that the shade is not your typical red or orangish red. It is something different and yet so wearable.

Lakme RM13 Enrich Matte Lipstick bullet

Texture: The texture of the lipstick is again something which I like. It has a gel matte finish, the kind of matte lipsticks I love. It isn’t drying on the lips, which is good. The lipstick goes on very evenly and smoothly on the lips. It doesn’t tug on the lips. It applies nicely even on slightly moisturised lips. This lipstick looks matte and feels comfortable, two things a matte lipstick should have. Also, it is very light on the lips and doesn’t feel heavy.

Lakme RM13 Enrich Matte Lipstick texture

Staying Power: It stays on for about 5-6 hours which is pretty decent. You need to reapply this after meals because it fades, otherwise the lipstick remains put for the entire time. It does leave a tint behind and it comes off easily with a wet wipe. Summing up the pros and cons,

Lakme RM13 Enrich Matte Lipstick swatch

Pros of Lakme RM13 Enrich Matte Lipstick:

• Affordable matte lipstick.
• Comes in 20 different shades.
• A very different red shade.
• Suits all skin tones.
• Non-drying texture.
• Pigmented lipstick.
• Feels comfortable on the lips.
• Comes off with a wet wipe pretty easily.
• Good staying power.

Lakme RM13 Enrich Matte Lipstick lipswatch

Cons of Lakme RM13 Enrich Matte Lipstick:

• Might emphasize extremely dry and chapped lips.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Lakme RM13 Enrich Matte Lipstick?
Yes for the recommendation because it’s a beautiful and a different red shade. I would love to try out different shades in this range.

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