Lancome Miracle Perfume Review

Lancome Miracle Perfume Review

If you have to associate me with a fragrance then it would be the fragrance of Lancome Miracle. My close ones say that when they get this smell I am the first person to hit their thoughts. I am madly in love with this fragrance that I would have finished at least 3-4 bottles so far. My sis knows that this is included in her shopping list every time she visits me, without me mentioning it. At one point of time I had this perfume in all forms small, medium, big, mini kit and big kit as well. The only reason I changed from this perfume [that too temporarily] is because my husband got bored with this unfortunately.
Lancome Miracle Perfume

From Lancome

Top Notes: lychee fruit and freesia
Heart Notes: magnolia, spices, ginger and pepper
Base Notes: jasmine, musk and amber

  • For the natural beauty of an intuitive woman of Empowerment, Revelation and Femininity.
  • A soft and sophisticated Sparkling Floral that holds the zest of Freesia, the splendor of Magnolia, and warmth of Amber Notes. The translation of a woman’s inner light; respect for her natural beauty. It’s about a woman, not flowers. The woman is sensual in a matter-of-fact way. She knows who she is and has a sense of accomplishment and serenity.
  • This is a fragrance that reveals the beauty of the world and gives you the power to make a miracle out of every day of your life. This is the story of a woman who believes in the power of life, the strength of her intuition, the truth of her emotions. She trusts in the future and the future is hers: with her, nothing is impossible. Every new day is like the first day of her life, as she lets herself be overcome by the light to be reborn every day. Her mind is strong and she knows that her resolution alone makes any miracle possible


Lancome Miracle Perfume

  • The bottle is classic, pure and transparent. Clean, modern and unimposing
  • The bottle is reminiscent of a bottle created for Lancôme in the 1930s by Lalique, world renowned French crystal manufacturer

From Me

This is a romantic fragrance and I have been using this since 2008. I am crazy about perfumes [lip gloss and watches too ;)] and I can say I have perfumes from almost all major brands stocked up in my wardrobe. I will try clicking a pic of my collection if possible.

When I just spray the perfume on me I get a mild “awesome” fragrance. I really couldn’t say how the perfume smells and the only word that I will use to describe the fragrance is “awesome”. I could not differentiate between the base, middle and top notes and I feel it the same smell that I smell in the beginning and the same fragrance stays on me till the day ends. I wish technology had improved well enough so that we can transfer the sense of smell through internet!!!! and also you guys can get a chance to smell this miracle.

Lancome Miracle Perfume

  • The packaging is really cute and attractive. The perfume comes in a very light pink bottle with a pink cover too. Absolutely girly and no wonder girls get attracted to it.
  • If you like romantic fragrance then you have to pick this one soon. You’ll fall in love with this.
  • The smell lasts long. I spray it once in the morning and that is it. Once when I had to visit my friend after work to pass on a package she said I smell awesome and she wanted the perfume for herself 😉
  • No dominance of musky or woody notes so I love it even more. It has the fresh smell all day long.
  • Price is not very expensive; also keep in mind that it is Lancome’s product. 50 ml bottle costs USD 55 and 100 ml bottle costs USD 75. Sorry guys I have no idea about the price in India as I always got it from the U.S.
  • The floral fragrance is amazing. Actually I couldn’t identify the fragrance to a flower but the mixture [magnolia, freesia and jasmine] is outstanding.
  • Whenever I wear it, at least one would enquire/compliment me about the perfume.
  • It is available in all major perfume stores in the city and so I don’t think it will be difficult to find this one.
  • Though the perfume lasts long it is not at all strong.
  • The fragrance is absolutely feminine.
  • This is my signature scent and it suits all seasons !!!!


  • I really can’t think of any for the moment. I don’t think I’ll even come up with one in the future.

My Rating – :-* :-*:-*:-*:-*

Will I Repurchase – Yes. ALWAYS.


37 thoughts on “Lancome Miracle Perfume Review

  1. The bottle looks very classic and your review is convincing. I hve not read this good review of a perfume. :))

    how much did it cost you?

    1. Hi Richa. Thank you 🙂 As I said I am not aware of the price in India as I always got it as a gift from my sis. 50 ml costs USD 55 and 100 ml costs USD 75.

  2. Since my nose in good condition these days, I can really smell all those notes that you have mentioned. I tried one perfume at Lancome that I liked a lot. They said it had spicy notes. And now that you have mentioned that it’s a romantic perfume :inlove: :inlove: I want to go check it out for sure. :inlove:

    1. Do chk it out Rati. Before you decide to get any perfume it s better u try it out as taste for fragrance might differ from person to person. 🙂

  3. hey AARTHI…….
    much needed review on a perfume….i purchased bvalgari rose essentielle perfume recently..though i like the fragrance but i dont like the fact that i doesnt stay fr long…..
    i guess i shud check out miracle as soon as i finish bvalgari……AS I M STILL SEARCHING FOR MY SIGNATURE PERFUME
    hey u didnt mention if its EDP,EDT,EDC…..????

    1. Hey Shilpa glad that you got an idea 🙂 Btw this is EDP… you can see this in d 1st pic above. Its a lil blurred :silly:

    1. aarthi u wont believe the timing
      i am contemplating buying a super perfume recently
      but will buy only if its like 5 k in india
      more than that :hypnotized: its difficult :-((

  4. You are doing no good to my vallet by reviewing all these awesome perfumes Aarthi!!!! I am gonna go bankrupt…oh god why cant I resist temptation :-((

    1. He He.. but you wont regret spending on this perfume HD 🙂 You can celebrate your giveaway winning in ths way 😉

  5. I know how much you love this perfume!!! I have this along with the body lotion.. I just love the way the bottle looks.. Anything in pink and I would like it..

    1. I had the body lotion and shower gel too 🙂 The shower gel used to be v moisturizing 🙂 And the fragrance.. heavenly 🙂

  6. I checked the lancome miracle perfume 2day. Oh my!! it’s awesomeeeee.

    50 ml for 3800 and 100mll for 5500 roughly.

    Didn’t pick it up as of now but I will. 🙂

    Thanks Aarthi. :-*

  7. My mum uses lancome miracle,its a great fragrance that will always remind you of someone.The bottle looks so attractive.Hope to style up and stay using it for better results.Thanks for the blog :rotfl: :rotfl: :sweat:

  8. hey Aarti!

    I am a fellow fan of lancome Miracle! it is byy far the best fragrances I have ever owned!

    it is available at aby westside, ebony, shopperstop perfume section nwdays! not that expensive my third bottle going on now!

    Aaah! miracles do happen!

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