Fabindia Body Spray Silver Lining Review

Fabindia Body Spray Silver Lining

Hola gals,

Today I will be reviewing a Body Spray from Fabindia – Silver Lining.

I have seen almost all the products from Fabindia reviewed here, but never found any body sprays among them.
We have all been ardent fans of their face packs and they sure make great cotton fabrics. On my last visit to the Fabindia Store I picked up this body Spray. Let’s see how it fares.


Alcohol Denat., B.H.T Water, Fragrance, Polyethylene Glycol 40, FD&C Blue 1.

Price: INR 165 for 100ml.

Expiry: 36 months from Date of manufacture.



My take on Fabindia silver lining body spray:

I picked this up from the shelf just out of curiosity. I just caught a whiff of it and bought. Though there were other variants, the name caught my attention and hence I chose this.


I am a person who likes all things smelling fruity and I have a sensitive nose, things too strong or floral gives me bad headaches. This was just a out of box try for me.

It has the usual Fabindia spray packaging. A cute transparent plastic bottle, with a spray nozzle and cap on top. I had no hopes on this and mentally thought that the bottle atleast would be the saving grace if not the spray.

When I tried it at home, at first all I could get was just some alcoholic smell, the kind you get sniffing those fat color marker pens. Very similar. After a couple of minutes when my sister came to check out this, all she could smell on me was some strong talcum powder. It gave me instant headache. I, however decided to keep it on, while I unpacked other stuff. And within 20 minutes, it was almost gone. I just had a faint smell of talcum powder . 🙁 .

I sometimes use this in my bathroom, thought it doesn’t stay long and to irritate my sister :|. Now I might just throw the liquid away, and save the cute bottle. 😐



  • Cute bottle. Can be used for other purpose if you don’t like the spray 😛
  • No animal-testing


  • Contains alcohol
  • Smells talcum powderish, gives me instant headache.
  • I hate it.

Would I recommend: Definitely not! Nowi know why no one reviewed it here.
Re-purchasing? Nyah, I will better buy dairy milk silk. Lifts my mood . 🙂

Rating : wish I could give negative rating. 1/5 (1 only for the bottle)

Cya :-*

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7 thoughts on “Fabindia Body Spray Silver Lining Review

  1. i dont know if i am the only one who says this but i find almost all the fabindia products a dud…
    i bought its face wash and a face pack..they gave me such bad allergy that i still have slight marks on my face…

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