Lacoste Touch of Pink Perfume

Lacoste Touch of Pink Perfume

Lacoste Touch of Pink Perfume

Just saw Nupur’s review of Dolce and Gabbana’s Light Blue and I had to review a perfume, so here I am :yahoo:  This Lacoste perfume was launched in 2004 and this is a feminine perfume.  The perfumer is Domitille Bertier [IFF] and bottle designer is Sylvie de France.

Introduced in 2004, Touch of Pink by Lacoste perfume triggers a delicious feeling of freedom and independence for the vivacious woman. Feminine heart notes of jasmine and violet are blended with fresh, fizzy notes of coriander leaves and blood orange, and soothed with soft sandalwood, musk, and vanilla. This energetic scent comes in a curvaceous hot pink bottle.

Lacoste Touch of Pink Perfume


Top Note: Blood Orange, Coriander Leaf, Cardamom, Cardamom Seed Middle Note: Violet Leaf, Jasmine, Carrot Seed Base Note: Sandalwood, Musks, Touch Of Vanilla.

Recommended Use:

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Casual wear.


3.0 oz.

I purchased 2 bottles of this perfume from eBay in 2009, one for myself and one for my bestie. I was very much in love with the scent after I got a sample given by the lady at Macys. So, turns out, I did love this scent, it is much fruity than floral, almost overpowering when you spray it and then settles into kind of subtle fruity-floral.

Lacoste Touch of Pink Perfume

Musk, vanilla and all good things combine to form Lacoste Touch of Pink for girlies like you and myself 😉

When you first spray the perfume on, it has a strong fruity and sweet scent of blood orange with a hint of cardamom, which gives the fragrance a slight spiciness that compliments the orange note very well. The top notes; however, soon disappear and are replaced by a flower blend.

The scent in real terms is energetic.  I get a boost of energy as soon as I spray it, with a dash of femininity of course.  The tall cylindrical bottle is easy to hold and spray and I have dropped it once or twice.  It’s good for you klutz out there that way 😉

The scent is strong to me and it is totally not for sensitive noses. Even though it settles but the first impression is huge. To describe the bottle, it is pink and white with the very famous Lacoste logo on it, kind of cool and pink at the bottom, and comes packed in the cardboard box.

It can be included in the “non-offensive” fragrance category, the D&G Light Blue or Davidoff Cool Water or Caroline Herrera 212 category.

It is definitely not a sexy perfume, not even something that can become a signature scent for anyone. It is unusually sweet.  It is likeable and pink, but there is something which I don’t like about this scent.  It got a standard 4.2 on a few websites, but ah well, I will give it 3.

It is an everyday perfume and I tend to use it mostly in the summers.  In fact, at one point, using it got so overpowering that I stopped using it and left it halfway.

Some may fall in love with this scent and some may actually just like it like me.  Like I mentioned in the beginning, I got 2 bottles together. My first friend loved it and finished hers in less than a month, but I couldn’t.  It totally depends on your skin’s chemistry with the scent’s notes, each to his own.  I’d recommend just one spray for full effect.  It is a lively scent, strictly below 25, I don’t mean to offend anyone, but this is the sort of smell you will wear only in this age limit, beyond that, it’s too floral to be worn.  It smells PINK, period.  It is certainly vivid, bright, and eye catching.

Lacoste Touch of Pink Perfume

The big bad con for this one is the staying power.  At no cost, this goes beyond 2 hours. I do not like it for that. Also, if I have to use 4-5 sprays to increase the staying power, it does make me feel nauseous to a certain extent.  I am not the one who you can smell from a mile off.  I like my perfumes and scents to be subtle and close to me only, nothing the chick in the next room could sniff and my mum being allergic to perfumes, I have to take extra care. Those who have allergic mums, hubby or babies would know  :toothygrin:

Pros of Lacoste Touch of Pink Perfume:

  • Very girly.
  • Very pink.
  • Very fruity.
  • Very floral.
  • Very likeable perfume.
  • Sturdy heavy glass bottle.
  • Cute packaging, has been adding to the glam quotient of my vanity since the past 3 years. Its 2012 already, allah, time flieeessss 😛
  • Easily available.
  • Has musk and vanilla, I know you vanilla hunters out there!

Cons of Lacoste Touch of Pink Perfume:

  • Does not last long.
  • Not my favourite.

IMBB Rating:

3 on 5!

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  1. very exhaustive and very well done review on a perfume. i think you have set the gold-standard for how perfume reviews should be. good job :yes:

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