8 Lesser Known Habits That is Damaging your Hair

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There are a lot of day to day things that can ruin our hair by inducing hair fall, making it thin or impacting the overall health. So today I am going to make you aware of such lesser-known habits that damage your hair and ruin it forever.

Habits That Ruin Hair

1. Oiling too often

Think oiling your hair for two-three consecutive days just because you haven’t oiled your hair in a month or so is a good idea? No! This is something we are doing to damage our hair. Oiling is good only if we use a warm oil that suits our hair type, massage well so that the blood circulation is good and then keep it on for maximum a night. That’s it. Oiling it everyday and keeping oil on for longer will attract a lot of dirt and grime. Also, it will lead to shampooing, which is not good for our hair, if done every single day.

2. Unclean hair tools

cleaning flat iron
You need to clean your hair tools, just like you clean your makeup brushes. And this not only includes your hairstyling tools but also your hair clips and hair bands. As we use hair sprays, serums etc and then use combs and clips, they need to be cleaned regularly too. In every 20 days, try to clean your tools, otherwise it would clog pores on your head and bacteria will get accumulated.

3. Washing your hair every day

This is most common among teenagers. I don’t know why they feel like they need to wash their hair every single day to look good and to maintain the health of their hair. Too much shampooing can strip your hair of its natural oils giving you dry and damaged hair with lots of dandruff and hair fall issues. The shampoo you use for your hair also matters a lot as go for SLS free, mild shampoos. Do not shampoo your hair more than thrice a week.

4. Vigorous use of towel

I used to do this when I was a teenager. I used to rub my hair with a towel and wrap my hair in a towel which led to excessive hair fall and frizzy hair. I have finally learnt this lesson – the towel should be used only to pat dry your hair and not to wrap or rub your hair.

5. Going out or sleeping with wet hair

wet hair
Hair dryers are the best option when you are in a hurry to go out or to sleep. Dryers would damage your hair less than sleeping on wet hair in the long run. Your hair is at its weakest when it is wet so make sure you use correct steps and handle wet hair with care. Sleeping with wet hair can cause breakage and hair fall by straining your hair. And, on the other hand, going out with wet hair can easily make your hair dirty and oily the next day itself with the help of pollution and dirt.

6. Excessive use of headbands

This is a really a basic thing and most of us are fond of cute hairstyles with hair accessories and head bands. Excessive use of headbands or scarves repeatedly can cause breakage along your hairline which would result in an enlarged forehead and excessive loss of hair. Do everything in limit. Make it a habit to use only silk or satin scarves or headbands and even your pillow cases should not be of cotton. They should be satin or silk fabrics which would help you maintain healthy hair.

7. Tight hairstyles

tight hairstyles
Many girls are fond of braids and messy look which require too much of hair sprays, tight rubber bands clips etc which are continuously harming your hair if you are using them regularly. Opting for sleek pony tails, tight braids and buns would do no good to your hair in the long run. It is said that hairstyles that are too tight put a lot of strain on your hair which damages the hair follicles permanently and leads to uneven hair growth for life. Try to keep your hair loose whenever possible.

8. Blow out with soaking wet hair

This should be completely avoided girls. There is a simple rule that the sooner (after a hair wash) you start blow drying your hair, the more your hair would get exposed to heat. Do let it dry on its own at least 50 percent before your start exposing it to heat.

Some Basic Tips:
• Do not opt for hot showers
• Do not change your oil and shampoo every month
• Your diet plays a major role, especially if you are a vegetarian
• Having too much of drama and stress in your life can cause excessive hair fall
• Swimming can damage your hair badly due to chlorine; make sure to keep your hair covered
• If you notice excessive hair fall for more than a month, change your diet first and then opt for new hair products
• Applying different hair packs all the time won’t work; choose for one or two hair packs and stick to them
• Maintain healthy and clean hair by washing thrice a week, preferably with a mild shampoo
• Do not brush your hair right after the shower

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