10 Tricks You Must Know for Painless Waxing

Super excited to share this post today. I always had nightmares just imagining about the bad pain a person undergoes while waxing. Getting painless and smooth waxing would be bliss for every girl, I can totally understand the pain and troubles that one faces before and after waxing. In this post, I have brought to you some really helpful tips so that your waxing sessions can become less painful.

Painless waxing

Take A Warm Bath

Before going for waxing, take a warm bath. Having a warm bath helps to open up the pores, and this will make the waxing process smoother. Girls, remember you are told to have warm bath, and not hot bath. Hot bath may lead to skin damage.

Do Not Moisturize

Moisturizing the body or applying oil on the skin is a permanent habit grown within all of us. If you have decided to go for waxing, do not apply any cream, oil or moisturizers on the skin on the same day. This will close the pores, leading to a painful waxing.



You should try to properly exfoliate your skin before you go for your appointment. Exfoliating skin removes the dead skin cells. Dead cells have nothing to do with skin, but just clogs the pores which is undesirable, especially before waxing.

Go to An Expert

Many of the ladies know how to wax properly, but until and unless you have proper knowledge and are aware of the best method to use wax and strips, get it done by an expert. If you have any skin problems or you are undergoing any treatments you must consult your dermatologist first.

Choose Your Wax and Check Its Temperature Properly


Which wax suites your skin type entirely depends on you. If you are allergic to fruits, do not use fruit wax. If your skin is tanned, you can openly express this to your beautician and get a good wax suggested.

Before you apply wax, it is important you check the temperature. Extremely hot wax may lead to burns and too much cold wax may not pull your hairs fully and smoothly and create more paint.

Don’t Wax While on Periods

Whether you have a light period or a heavy one, you’re sure to undergo pain. During menstrual cycle our bodies undergoes several changes, so waxing should be avoided during these days. Get your waxing done couple of days before the estimated date of your periods or wait until your periods are over.

Be Careful with Brazilian Wax


Brazilian wax is a total nightmare for girls. Ask anyone about their first time and you’ll understand the anxiety. It is advised to exercise a bit before you attend your appointment. Yoga can also be a good option because exercise will make your body flexible and will make it more convenient. If you want to know more about this kind of waxing, you may refer to ‘Things You Must Know Before Going For Brazilian Wax‘.

Bikini Wax

Bikini wax is restricted to the bikini areas of the body. Before you go for bikini wax, you should trim the rest of your leg hair.

Avoid Waxing Damaged Skin

Always avoid waxing on your damaged skin or the area with wounds etc. Hot wax on your damaged skin may worsen the skin condition and most importantly, your health. It is always advisable to skip the damaged area of body and make sure the person waxing your body knows it!



The last option out of all! Pain killers are advised when conditions are out of control and none of the above tips work for you. You just need to pop a painkiller an hour before your appointment. It will help you bear the pain better!

I hope you a nice day and painless waxing sessions! 🙂

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7 thoughts on “10 Tricks You Must Know for Painless Waxing

  1. Much needed! Have been postponing my waxing session for a week now! I so wish science develops something painless and as inexpensive super soon! 😉

  2. how cool
    haha when I went for my tattoos everyone said take a pain killer but I didn’t need it
    still to try brazilian wax though 😛

  3. I never needed to pop up pain killers , but they can be worst sometimes when you need them .

    I have heard Brazilian wax calls for lot of confidence in you 😛

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