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Hi IMBBians

I’m Prerna and Im 26 years old. I recently got married last year Nov, and after marriage I got a very bad bout of acne. The doctor said it was because of some hormonal changes etc. I was on medication (Azithral antibiotics) and he also prescribed a cream called Deriva CMS for acne. Now, finally after 5-6 months the acne have reduced considerably, but as usual they have left behind scars on my skin. I am using Oriflame Tea trea face wash and Aroma products – Mint Cleanser, Toner and Nourishing Due. Sometimes I also use Neutrogena Face wash (the one which contains 2% salycylic acid). All this keeps the acne in check, but the marks are still there which makes my face look very dull and dark. Can anyone please suggest how I can get rid of the marks left behind by the acne. Pls help – suggest products or home remedies…anything!

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55 thoughts on “How to Lighten/ Fade Acne Marks

  1. Hi Prerna…i also had acne now my face is very clear..u can apply cucumber and lemon juice over them and then wash you face after sometime. olive oil is also good but i have not used it now as in delhi its already so much heat and being a oily skin i have enough oil. Aletrnatively you can apply sandalwood paste on your face. i have applied all this and i saw amazing results.

    1. Thanks Lovely, I will surely try this cucumber and lmon juice remedy as I have read this in a lot of places..and its natural..!!

  2. My sister used Lacto calamine to reduce acne marks – at night after she washed her face, she would spot apply. It took a while but It really helped her. It makes sense cos when we were kids it was recommended to us to fade chicken pox marks. Ive heard red sandalwood paste helps too, but don’t know if it will suit all skin types. I use a homemade besan-haldi mask every day which helps.

      1. My sis uses it with lime juice cos she has very oily skin. I think milk is good for dry skin peeps. I use it with plain water since both milk and limejuice (I have combi-oily skin) break me out. Rosewater would be a good option too. See what works for you. I’ve found it very good for me. I use it every day, leave it on for 10 mins (that is all I get time for) and wash off. I take breaks in btween though, like I might use it two weeks at a stretch and then stop for two days or so. It seems to work better for me that way! As I grow earlier, acne marks seem to be more stubborn. The ones in my twenties used to fade much faster.

    1. i apply lacto calmine for oily skin as a moisturizer daily morning and night.. after washing face with any facewash for oily skin it still shines in the mirror…you can see that your skin becomes matt after applying few drops of lacto calamine…but it helps the acne prob only if you use it 3 times a day with equal gap in between. or else you will still get pimples..and weekly gentle light handed but longer (30 min) exfoliation will get rid of dark marks..its like regular peeling off your skin’s top layer…and no cream can give results until u get rid of dead skin.. so polish your skin……but be very careful and gentle….

      1. Oh too bad – it really worked for her! She was careful not to step out in the sun after using it though, it would make her tan.

      2. i understand 🙁 lacto gave me realy bad big painful pimples which didnt even have heads!!!!!!! hapend 1yr bak god knws how I survived that pimple attack 🙁 Kasturi manjal tip is good 🙂 do try it

  3. i personally would suggest you lemon and honey 🙂 , put it on your face and wait for 20 minutes then wash off with cold water( take half and half of both ) . if you have oily skin then just apply lemon and aloe Vera 🙂 try natural stuff :). and also it is important for you to scrub your face regularly. try using a very mild scrub or do what i do , take kotu ka atta in milk and scrub ever 2 days 🙂 its very gentle .

    the thing about natural products is that if you make it at home , you know there arnt any preservatives in it and these things do take their time but they work and have a long lasting effect 🙂

  4. Been there, experienced the exact same thing..about the hormonal changes if youre on an oral contraceptive, thats most likely the cause, I guess you can think of some alternative method of contraception or ask your OBGYN to change the pill
    If not, it could just be normal hormone imbalance if you had cystic acne, for this whenever you get a new pimple Apply a glob of sandalwood paste( i get mine from a handicrafts store here in hyderabad, called Lepakshi) its brilliant because it dries your pimple out immediately without affecting the rest of your face, which neutrogena does!!
    For the marks, I had a veryy nice effect with applying this sandalwood paste lightly all over my cheeks(thats where the pimples were concentrated!) and a weekly pack by Lotus, the tea tree one…its really nice! For my weekly scrub I started using the St.Ives Naturally clear Blemish and Blackhead control Salicylic acid scrub which i feel is awesome and has also been reviewed on this site.
    CAUTION: this scrub also has 2% salicylic acid so if youre using neutrogena facewash, DO NOT use this scrub because youre skin will have an overdose of salicylic acid and will dry and peel and so much more that you dont wanna go through(true story 🙁 !!)
    Hope it helps and your face gets back to its usual fresh self asap! Good luck! 🙂

  5. Prerna

    2 years ago I also had a bad bout of acne due to a medicine reaction. My face was the worse hit alongwith shoulders and back. But now, thr are no marks. Just follow what a cosmetologist told me :
    — Start using red sandalwood mixed with curd and multani mitti as ubtan in the morning instead of soap.
    — twice a day, apply fresh pineapple juice on ur face, massage it well and wash it after 15 minutes.
    — Use a cream with glycolic acid at night…

    Hope this helps..

  6. hi i also had acne marks bt i managed to fade it, use curd+nutmug (jaifal), daily n the morning, leave it for 15 20 min and then wash off..hope it works for u as well.. :waytogo: :waytogo:

    1. I have tried using Jaiphal..but its good for controlling acne…the doctor wont help once the acne have gone !!

  7. Well prerna, you should remember one thing that acne marks are going to fade on their own only(usually it takes about 6-12 months and needless to say depend on skin types) AND what’s in your control is that you can pace the fading process(3-6 months)
    For this i recommend using Glycolic acid and Vit C preparations(Dr. reddy and Micro gratia labs have some nice preparations).I am bit hesitant to write name of prescription strength preparations on public forums.
    I have been through same stage and i faded those acne marks using GA, Vit C and Kojic acid preparation only. Koic acid will dramatically hasten the fading process(2-3 months) but has its own pros and cons.For me it was easy, as i m a MBBS student so i have access to good derma literature and prescription strength drugs.(all this i have learned by shadowing dermatologists in their opd :jail: )
    But for you i recommend…plz plzzz see a dermatologist and don not just apply anything on your face just because someone said so….However you can start with Glycolic acid ,10 -12% would be good…..Hope it helps :thanks:

  8. I used tomato juice over the acne marks I have and they seem to be fading…its only been 2 weeks since i started applying it, so can’t say much….but from what I have heard, it works.

  9. yeah. calamine reduces the red marks. I dont know if lemon might work on a scarred skin never tried it. but i have same problem as you.

  10. if you have pimples and want to get rid of existing marks on other areas of mouth, instead of waiting for the pimples to go away u can do this trick…. wash your face with ponds white face wash.. lather up, wait for 5 mins. wash off…dont rub vigorously….follow it with a oil free moistureiser like garnier or lacto calamine.. and again dont rubb…pat the product gently but firmly enough to prevent your skin from drying….

  11. Hi Prerana,
    wat I would suggest is use Evion vitamin E capsules..just puncture one n leave on the oil on face all over whole night…would improve skin texture n helps lighten marks too.. :yes:
    frequency depends on u..every day or alternate beware its damn sticky !!

  12. Hey Prerna…since you’re already seeing a dermatologist you might want to look into microdermabrasion and laser (I think the Fraxel kind). These services are expensive, but definitely offer the quickest results.

    Also, there’s a bunch of Alpha Hydroxy Acid and Glycolic Acid facials that you can get. I think they’re more commonly called Fruit facials.

    You could use Yogurt and make a masque yourself, the lactic acid exfoliates the skin and is gentle enough for you to use at home.

    If you feel more comfortable going the natural route, there’s a couple of videos on Youtube that tell you how to use Lemon and Potatoes to get rid of acne scars. Check them out and good luck! 😀 😀

  13. Hi Prerna!
    You can use Jovees Veg Peel, it’s really effective for acne scars.
    You can also use milk for removing scars,just apply milk on your face and wash it after 15 mins.

  14. If you r still having break outs, try OLIVE OIL, yes u can use it , just try it for few days at night. Just dab fingers on oil and massage a little on face and go to bed, u can see result in few days, i’m saying this coz i used it. O:)

  15. Hi Prerna.. I too had suffered from bad acne for the past 7 years, and I had bad scars too and on top of it the skin on my face is toooo sensitive! 🙁

    I will tell you a sure shot remedy for scars.. there is an OTC ointment called Glyco 6 (As you may imagine its 6% glycolic acid), use it on alternate days at night and be sure to moisturize your face and use adequate sun screen during day time to avoid sun burn as glyco sensitizes your skin..

    Believe me all your scars will be gone in a fortnight and even open pores will get better.
    Glyco is not too harsh in skin like 20% or 3-% peels you get at salons but it still works and brightens your complexion.

    My mom is a doctor, she suggested this for me and it worked like a miracle. :yahoo:

    If you could spare half an hour every day, you could take up power yoga or vigorous running on treadmill (make sure you sweat a lot) as it speeds up your skin’s recovery process..

    All the best !!!! :heart: :heart:

    1. Hello Santwana,

      I am badly suffering from acne’s and scars very badly. Reading you reply I am going go try this out. I hope it works. Please suggest me if any other treatments you know. I feel so awkward coz of my acne and scars. Everyone whom ever I meet keeps asking me about it :'(

  16. most powerful will be vitamin C, topical in form of a cream, it will fade post acne marks away, cream MELT is the one i ve used, it takes time though but it does work.

  17. Hi! Wel i hv ths prblm f pimples n though my skin feels xtrmly dry n itchy aftr a smpl wash evn(in winters) ?:)
    i jst fail 2 undrstnd tht wth what i shud moisturize my skin so tht it dsn’t luk dull n greasy n stop these pmpls n thr marks.. I ‘ve tried multani,hny n lmn,hny.. Bt the former dries my skin alot n leter dsn’t seem 2 wrk as sugstd by many,nor evn cucumbr :nonono: .. Plz sugst! :nababana:

    1. I feel you have a ph imbalance .Actually our skin is naturally a lil acidic about 4 -5.5 ph . But due to applying a lot of soap which has ph of about 9-10 our natural acidic film on the skin ( acidic film protects our skin from bacteria ) is disrupted .. I believe you should use acv (apple cider vinegar with mother) as a toner and wash your face with raw honey.And for acne scars use glyco 6 and nothing more than this . And if you have hormonal acne practice “chakki chalasana ” and do walking or some form of excercise 3 times a week .This should eventually eradicate your acne .Hope it helps .

  18. hi,
    i m pooja…i am 25 yrs old..i have been facing acne problems for last 2 yrs and pimples are leaving dark marks on my facing..i will b getting married next yr so i want to knw how can i reduce scars and dark spots frm my face and what else i can do to enhance the texture of my skin.

  19. Hi ladies,
    I had a bad acne problem and as a result lots of dark scars.
    I used johnson and johnson tissue oil spf 15 every night and it helped. I barely have any scars left, my complexion improved.
    Using the tissue oil during the day can cause tanning I use it at night only.

  20. hii..i am 18 years old and i am still confused about which products should i use…i realy hav an oily skin n face is filled with dark spots n havin them at dis age is realy embarracing…i am afraid to use lemon as i am wheatish n i gt tanned realy fast…so plz plz cn u suggest me my daily night and day routine and products for gting rid of dark spots..plz plz plz HELP MEEEEEEE!!!!

  21. Hi
    I want to share my experience I used tea tree’s oil and face wash , you can get in body shop it will be an expensive face wash and tea tree oil will cost is little too much but it works , dries up the acne you have and prevent it , keep your hair clean , and very very very important food we eat , have lots of plain water , be happy stress free “………….. Do what you want and like in life don’t bother about the world ………… me your skin will improve and will glow

  22. Hy m aastha..m16 yr old..i gt pimples on my face n went to an alopethic d medicine i took caused side effects so nw m nt takin present pimples are nt much on my face but i am left wid dark n annoying dark acne marks on my cheeks..:-( i am realy i dnt lyk standin in front of mirror due to these scars..plzz temme some realy effective home remedy..which will remove these scrs as early as possible…

  23. hi ‘
    for pimples use tomato juice lemon juice and honey all mixed together ; wash it after 20 min by using garnier face wash as it has lemon extract..i was having pimples and it gave me good result.
    for dark spot apply multhani mitti lemon curd together and apply. wash it after 15 min.. u can use it twice a day….. also apply turmeric powder its very effective……….

  24. hi i m bhawani ……frndz if u have marks form acne or pimple and want to fade them with home made remedy …………i m going to tall u a best method to fade them …… just one month completly ……..
    there are no product who can remove them as fast as this method safly and without any side effect

    5 ml fresh cuted lemon juice

    15 ml tomato juice

    15 ml cucumber juice

    10 ml mint juice

    and 10 ml neem water if u have marks in a big form and acne or pimples also

    mix them all and apply this mixture on your full face using a couttne boll every night before going to bed …….and wash it of in morning .

    i m sure ……there would be no acne and pimple and any mark after one month

  25. Hey Prerna…apply multani mitti chandan lemon honey turmeric and red masoor dal facepack for reducing acne marks…I use it as I am facing acne marks problems due to harmonal changes….
    Use this pack twice a day….as I find it really working against my marks. All the best and wish me the same.

  26. Hi Prerna, i m snehal, i m 25 yrs old i have the problem of acne & dark spoys on my back. Now i m taking a treatment on it from Dr. Ashok Parakh they have gave me some medicines on it & slush my back with the help of chemicals & they also said that this will cleared it all. But now i have not got any result right now & i m also not totally satisfied with this experiment so plz tell me any instant solution on this problem bcoz now my parents are searching a guy for me so before dat only give me any solution. Thank You.

  27. Dear friends,

    I had more acne but now it has been cleared now the real problem is acne pits, plz help me out to get rid of this.. If I can get some home remedies or I heard about glycolic peeling so any good dermatologist in hubli dharwad…m getting married next month … plz if u all can help me out… plz…

  28. Hello Prerna, i must suggest you to apply raw alovera gel every night before going to bed after washing your face with mild face wash, and leave it overnight then wash your face with plain water in the morning!! It will give you amazing result, all the acne marks will vanish n u will come out with beautiful flawless glowing skin without spending lots of money in any cosmetics and it also act as a night cream for your skin! Do it, I’ve done and still i m doing this and i fell in love with my skin, it makes ur skin supple, baby types!! Without thinking a lot, do it!! 🙂

  29. I suggest you to apply lemon juice mixed with few drops of water and apply it on ur face !! It work wonders if u do daily..if u have dry skin use the combo of honey +lemon juice ..makes ur skin super looking good …:) ,)

  30. Hi
    I want to share my experience I used tea tree’s oil and face wash , you can get in body shop it will be an expensive face wash and tea tree oil will cost is little too much but it works , dries up the acne you have and prevent it

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