Get Rid of Those Age Spots and Blemishes

Get Rid of Those Age Spots and Blemishes

get rid of age spots and blemishes

Having a perfect face with that flawless glow without any age spots and blemishes is a dream of any woman. Now, let’s kick off those expensive treatments and cosmetics and get into the world of nature.


Here are some natural tips to get rid of age spots and blemishes

Natural Tips:


1.  Mix one teaspoon of onion juice and vinegar and apply on spots
2.  Apply the mixture of saffron and honey to fade away the spots.
3.  Paste of sandalwood, rosewater, lemon juice and yogurt will do the trick
4.  Dab buttermilk on spots.
5.  Carrot juice applied daily fades blemishes.
6.  Mix curd and cucumber and apply it on face and wash it after 20 minutes.
7.  Papaya should be a must to apply on blemishes, it does wonders.
8.  Apply castor oil on spots twice in a day.
9.  Rub aloe era juice on the spots.
10.  Apply lemon juice on the spots, but avoid going out in sun when applied as it increases sun sensitivity to skin.




1.  Avoid sweets and alcohol.
2.  Take carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes, and mangoes.
3.  Add the content of vitamin C in your diet
4.  Drinking black tea helps your skin, it has astringent and its tannins are great for soothing sunburns.

Hope this helps 🙂


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