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Manali asks:

Hello Everyone,

First of all, let me tell you that I have been a silent reader of your blog since one and a half year.You pretty ladies are doing a great job out there.  Keep up the good work.  Now coming on to the query:

I am 23 and have recently recovered from chicken pox, but the sad part is that it has left my face with a number of deep/pitted scars.  Besides being pitted, they are red/brown in color.  I have seen a dermatologist in my city and he has prescribed me Caloe Dermadew  for day time and Kojic acid tube for night time and a vitamin C tablet and I am also applying aloe vera every morning, but the scars are neither filling nor getting light.  Please suggest me something as to how to combat this problem since I have my sister’s marriage coming up. I would also like to know the average time it would take for my face to get back to normal (I had clear skin before with no problems of acne ) and the medical procedures to remove them in case natural and over-the-counter products doesn’t work (though I hope they work).

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11 thoughts on “How To Get Rid of Chicken Pox Scars: Ask IMBB

  1. Hi Manali,

    Here;s a post on chicken pox myths must read.

    Chicken pox scars clear up within a few months, but they do clear up and the pits that you see would not be visible after some time. Meanwhile, you can continue using what your dermatologist has prescribed. If the marriage is near, you can hide the scars using makeup – get a good concealer. Do not think of surgical procedure because the scars and pits would clear up eventually without any intervention. Use a heavy coverage foundation and concealer.

  2. Hi Manali! I’m 24 and I too recovered from chickenpox(it’s my 1st time) last month..the marks on my body have almost faded but the ones on my face have left slight pits whih are brownish red like you say and i hadn’t scratched the blisters or the scabs, still.. 🙁 my derma has given me 6% glycolic acid cream to use and it has definitely helped in neutealizing the redness a bit..obviously religious application for a few months will be required to see good improvements..the only immediate remedy would be getting dermabrasion, chemical peels or laser scar removal done..however, it’s best to leave these questions and suggestions to your derma, trust him and follow his prescriptions.. and do not worry, the marks go away and then the pits won’t even be noticeable then..use a good concealer like mac’s studio finish concealer and set it well with powder to hide’s a challenge for me everyday to go to office with pits and marks, but concealer does the trick for me along with patience, hope and religiously applying the cream! hope this helps and stay strong! 🙂

  3. i agree completely with all that jomol said but i would like to add my two cents too-i too had severe chicken pox which left marks all over my face,but i have completely clear skin now.
    the secret?nariyal pani…trust me it works just apply it on the marks,keep for like 15-20mins,and wash off,the marks will vanish in a couple of weeks max.
    try it,it really works,i can vouch for it 🙂
    and have fun at your sis’ wedding,i am sure you will look gorgeous 🙂

  4. Hey Manali, Here are a few tips that you can use to cure your scars natuarslly:

    Vitamin E – Can break a capsule and apply the oil right after shower (for better penetration)

    Honey and lemon-Mix equal quantities

    But remember that this will take time.. to show results. You have to be very patient.

    If you want to go for Professional treatments, you can consult your dermatologist and go for a Microdermabrasion session-During this treatment, the top layer of your skin is exfoliated off using crystals and/or light. This can make your skin seem smoother and diminish the look of your chicken pox scars.

    But do consult a good trustworthy dermatologist.

    Good Luck 🙂

  5. Hey Manali… Another thing that just striked my mind!

    Make a paste with Multani Mitti, Red sandalwood, Kasthuri Manjal (If you don’t get Manjal, use normal turmeric)mix it with rose water and apply.

    After that you can moisturize with Olive oil (Don’t if you have oily skin type)

    Don’t worry much… drink lots and lots of water atleast 2.5 litres a day! Your skin will glow 😀

  6. Hey manali,

    dont worry those scars will be gone soon just give some time and never rub them or scrub them. i too had chickenpox scars and applied sandalwood oil, 2-3 drops + vitamin e capsule + almond oil, 4-5 drops every night and now no one knows tht i had cp.

    apply sandalwood pack. get kumkumadii tailam from an ayurvedic store and apply it also.

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