Montagne Jeunesse Frizz Miracle Ultra Shine Serum Review

Montagne Jeunesse Frizz Miracle Ultra Shine Serum Review

Hello Sweeties,

Hope everyone is doing great. As I told you guys, I do all the hair stuff at home, so I keep on trying spa products randomly just to see what suits my hair and what not.  So, I came across this product on an online store and it claimed that it was some frizz miracle, so I planned to pick it up. As my hair is really frizzy at the ends because of the chemical treatments, I was very excited to try this one. So, let’s go on with the product.



Rs. 150 (17.5 ml mask and 3.5 ml serum) ( The price abroad would be around Rs. 60-75).

Product Description:

Fix for split ends, frizzy and permed hair.  Experience a miracle, see your frizz disappear! This 2-stage treatment contains aloe vera and hibiscus. Follow with ultra shine serum to shape and shine.

How To Use:

Stage 1: Shampoo, rinse and then apply frizz miracle from roots to tips. Leave on for 5-10 minutes, rinse hair and towel dry or blow dry.

Stage 2:  Apply to hair in small amounts. Dry and style as usual.

Hair Serum 2


Frizz miracle: Aqua( purified water), Aloe vera leaf juice, cetearyl alcohol, cyclopentasiloxane, ceteareth-20, cetrimonium chloride, parfum(fragrance), hydroxyethylcellulose, pathenol(pro vitamin B5), dimethiconol, glycerine, hibiscus extract, phenoxyethanol, potassium sorbate, citric acid, CI 16035( red 40).
Ultra shine serum: cyclopentasiloxane, dimethiconol, phenyl trimethicone, parfum, avocado oil, Vitamin E.

Hair Serum 3

My Experience with Montagne Jeunesse Frizz Miracle Ultra Shine Serum:

So, this product is especially designed for people who want their frizz to vanish or want to control the frizz.  I had to go out to the mall, so I made a decision to try it before going out, so that I don’t have any frizzy hair when I go out, but I was a little scared too as I did not know how my hair would turn out, but I was ready to take the risk. The packaging is very cute because it was pink in colour, easy to carry when you go on a travel, you can carry it along. It is divided into two parts, more of the packet for the mask and less for the serum.

Hair Serum 4

I used shampoo on my hair as usual and then applied this mask on my hair.  This mask is to be applied instead of the conditioner. The quantity was good enough to cover up all the hair. It was very light pink in colour and was moderately thick. It smelled so beautiful of  fresh hibiscus.  I actually felt like I was sitting in a parlour.  I did not apply it to the roots because I was scared it may cause hair fall. I had to keep it for 10 minutes, but I kept it for half an hour.  Later, I washed it and my hair felt as usual when they were wet. Then, as per the instructions, I applied the ultra shine serum to my hair. The quantity was a little less than the mask, but good enough. The serum felt a bit sticky when I applied it to my hair, but after 20 minutes or so, it got absorbed properly, but my bangs are really thin, so it did not get absorbed, I had to wash my bangs again because it did not look good.

Hair Serum 5

Then, there was a small piece of instruction that if you have curly hair, then towel-dry hair and if you have straight hair, blow dry it.  Although, I did not want to use any heat, I had to because of the instructions given. Then, finally my hair was shiny and very smooth and it actually made by frizz disappear. Today is the second day and yet the frizz has not come again. I traveled three times in the auto-rickshaw and there was so much pollution and heat and normally it makes my hair very rough and tangled, but this time nothing as such happened. I am very happy with the results as it did what it claimed.

Hair Serum 6

Pros of Montagne Jeunesse Frizz Miracle Ultra Shine Serum:

  • Hair became very smooth.
  • Tangle-free hair.
  • No frizz till two days of use.
  • Blissful fragrance of hibiscus in the mask and the serum as well.
  • Nicely priced.
  • Many variants available.
  • Easily available in India.

Hair Serum 7

Hair Serum 8

Cons of Montagne Jeunesse Frizz Miracle Ultra Shine Serum:

  • Only for one time use.
  • Serum feels a little sticky at the beginning.

Would I Repurchase/Do I Recommend Montagne Jeunesse Frizz Miracle Ultra Shine Serum?

Yes definitely, I am going to repurchase this mask and would recommend to all the beauties having frizzy or chemically-treated hair. You always get a spa done at the parlour, why not give it a try yourself sitting home.

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  1. *drool* i usually spot this brand online but try n avoid i dun knw it kind of always give a negative vibe but well now after your review im going o get it ASAP *jalwa* *jai ho*

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    1. Yes mostly it would be… although alfa has big tubes rather than these small packs.. *cry* it is available in beauty center that is right opposite to crawford market… but the best place to get them is online… *clap* you will have a great choice to choose from *hifive*

  2. wooo i noticed it everytime in my nesr by store.. *happydance* *happydance* m getting it today pakke s.. *happy dance*

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