How to Lose Baby Fat on Cheeks

lose baby fat cheeks

How to Lose Baby Fat on Cheeks

As kids the chubbier cheeks we had the more khate pete ghar ka we were from. Only kids and babies are spared with the chipmunk look. Not young girls like ya’ll 😛
If you want to lose baby fat on your cheek then you’d better get those buccinators (cheekbone muscles that form into apples when you smile) flexing and moving.
If you are a skinny person with a lot of face fat, you would also do well by jogging or brisk walking 30 minutes a day to improve your circulation.
Doing a 15 hour a day facial exercise is must. Overweight or not.
Facial fat can be embarrassing for some woman. You may be petite in structure but have fat face (like myself) then it becomes extra bothersome.

I have this thing from neck up I look like another person. Yes this thing is weird but I do have my fare share of fat cheeks and it does get bothersome at times. The pictures also do not come looking very “me”. It’s like if you have a very lean awesome like body lol yes and a little face fat that just extra fat on your face makes you crib. The very great body is useless if you spend hours like me contouring your face before a party. No wait not that there is no choice. We have exercises and diet.
These exercises should be performed along with full body workouts and a proper diet for optimal results.
Listing below is some of the tips which I found out to be helpful:
• First off smile. Abhi karo, aise karo. 🙂
• Smiling exercises your facial muscles. It will not only keep you happy but also help reduce face fat.
• Omega 3 fats, eating a lot of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables helps. As it keeps your diet in check and supplement the exercise you do.
• Make a fish face. This time not for contouring but for rubbing that fat off your face. Hush hush.
• It might look ridiculous, but when you suck in your cheeks it also helps to work out your cheek muscles and can reduce face fat.
• Squint your eyes together by using only your cheek muscle.
• Press you chin into your chest and stretch the skin under your cheekbones in an upwards motion. While you are doing this say “Ah” by opening your mouth as widely as you can. Again hold the position for a couple seconds, and then repeat it a few more times.
• Pucker your lips.
• This exercise is two in one; it works out your lip muscles at the same time as your cheek muscles. Puckering your lips can help with losing that extra cheek fat.
• Drinking adequate water during a day causes the fat to loose. Sometimes we think we are hungry while we are actually just thirsty.cheek fat
• You should take help of face massages. It is a good practice to give massage to face parts. Massage keeps the face skin tight. Tight skin avoids the skin to swing, so makes the appearance better.
• Use magic by using make up i.e. bronzer and blush the right way.
• Cosmetic surgery procedures. Do anything everything with your Mademoiselles.
• Today use of ultrasound is increasing to loose face fat. A special machine is employed to send energy particles inside your face skin. These particles melt down the face tissues and your mass gets reduced.
• Alcohol intake is also known to contribute to fat accumulation in the body.
• Also in my case wearing the right kind of hairstyle is what I have found to work me for as well. Get a fringe get some layer right under your cheek and ask your dresser to give you a slimmer nicer face. He sure will know how to work the magic.
• And now time for my favorite method: With some air inside, keep your mouth tightly closed. Move some air to the right cheek and hold it before blowing the air out. Do the same for the left cheek, as well as for the upper and lower lip.
• De puffing the cheeks can be done by also reducing the salt intake in your food.

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43 thoughts on “How to Lose Baby Fat on Cheeks

  1. I think the picture is gorgeous! I love her face! :pompom: :pompom: :pompom:
    I personally want a little more fat on my cheeks. I do not have a thin face per se, but my cheeks make me look like I have contoured them, and I hate that! 🙁

        1. Only sometimes, from the side, I look a bit hollow-cheeked. I don’t like it! :-/
          And from your dp, you don’t have any cheek fat! :nono:

    1. acha rati do i take ur ord amd just good cheekkkkkeeddd!ha ha!!thankoo my first nah!working on the rest!i thoroughly loved writing ye vala!!!

  2. wonderful article FG… thanks..!! :puchhi: me gonna follow it.. fat face or not most of those specified are extremely good for facial muscles.. :haanji: (PS: don’t do the fish-face exercise sitting @ ur office cabin. One woman in my office does and trust me it looks very funny) :rotfl: :hihi:

  3. wonderful article FG. thanks.!! :puchhi: fat face or not most of those specified are extremely good for facial muscles.. :haanji: (PS: don’t do the fish-face exercise sitting @ ur office cabin. One in my office does and trust me it looks very funny) :rotfl: :hihi:

  4. Hi Fly girl,

    nice article but …..your photo looks like you have a very slim face ….im confused, :stars: :stars: why do you want to change it

    1. supriya dhnayavad thats my hair cut bdw nd yes i dnt have much of a chubby face!he he! :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  5. I TOTALLY relate to this article……not that I have a fab figure otherwise….but i could look a LOT slimmer if i could lose all the baby fat 😐 thanks for the article :yahoo:

  6. Rauni kameeni… inni cute to dikhti hain … meri aaankhein kharaab hain shayad kyu ki meko koi fat nazar nahi aata tere mein :waiting: :waiting:

    and First off smile. Abhi karo, aise karo. :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

    1. ha ha beeee!!!!!haye dayihahhhh!sharam aa gayeeee!!!

      and i likes the ankhes kharabs to sumthings….u knw wat more i likes?the deemags the kharabs to sum thingss!!ha ha!!! :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:

  7. ok so since i want the oppsite i want chubbier cheeks i need to do the opposite of everything. i cant smile, i need to drink alot of alcohol, cant do fishy face , haha great -__- im just kidding though

  8. To be honest, I think fat on cheeks looks very cute and makes a person look young too. As you grow older, you lose it automatically.

  9. Personally, I would love some more cheek fat.. my cheeks are kind of hollow and it’s not very attractive. I’m even considering cheek implants!

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