How To Lose Cheek Fat

How To Lose Cheek Fat

‘Chubby Cheeks,
Dimpled Chin;
Rosy Lips,
Teeth within…’

I am sure all of you can recognize these short lines to be one of your most well-loved verses! Yes, these are indeed the opening lines of one of the most popular nursery rhymes which we all have learnt and recited in our kindergartens! While rosy lips and dimpled chin are things you can cherish throughout, I think chubby cheeks are good in nursery rhymes and nursery days alone. Cheek fat is something which is absolutely adorable on a child, but on an adult lady, cheek fat might be an indicator of weight gain! It might even mar your personality and look until you want to remain that cuddly, ever-sweet girl. That is why, this article is a small attempt on my part to help out all those beautiful ladies who want to lose their cheek fat.

How to lose cheek fat

How to lose cheek fat with the help of facial exercises?


It is to be noted that losing fat can never be a magical process and it is equally tough to focus on the fat accumulated in a particular area. Losing fat from your cheeks may be difficult and therefore, it is of foremost importance that you be consistent in your efforts.

Here are a few simple facial exercises which can easily be incorporated in your daily life, no matter how busy your schedule might be-
• Make a pout with your best effort and ensure that a lot of force is put while you do it; you must feel a sense of strain on the muscles of your cheeks. You can do this exercise in the course of the day as many times as you want, whenever you remember to do it; just make sure that you are doing it while you are alone and nobody is watching you!


• Press your lips together tightly. After that, you need to suck your left cheek in and hold it on for about five to ten seconds. After releasing the hold, do the same with your right cheek. Release after about ten seconds. Repeat this exercise for about ten times for each cheek alternately.


• Fill up your mouth with air while keeping it closed. Now, push this air towards your left cheek and hold the posture for five to ten seconds. Do the same with your right cheek and hold the stance for five to ten seconds again. Now move the air unto your lower and upper lips; hold it on for another five seconds. This should be done about eight times every day.


• Smile as widely as you can without revealing your teeth. The facial muscles should be drawn in the direction of your ears. Now, scrunch up your nose and you will experience your cheek muscles stretching. This stance must be held for about five seconds and then released gently. Do it ten times.


• Make a fish face by pulling your cheeks in and holding it for about ten seconds. This can be repeated five times.


These are some of the easiest and effective exercises for getting rid of cheek fat. But they would not show magical results; you need to be persistent and patient. When combined with certain other facial exercises, their efficiency increases. Here are a few other quick tips for you:

• Combine Pilates along with deep breathing.
• Go for a facial massage once in a while from an expert massage therapist in your favorite beauty salon.
• Chewing gums would help to tone your cheeks.

How to lose cheek fat with the help facial treatments


• Facial liposuction surgery- This is a surgery performed for removing localized fat deposits. A small incision is made and a cannula is made to insert; a pump or syringe is further inserted through this cannula and fat is extracted out. This is an effective way and recovery is fast which could take as little as two days to resume normal life; but there could be certain unwanted side effects and cost you quite a good amount of money.
• Buccal fat removal- This is also a minor surgical procedure in which the buccal fat is made to protrude out through an incision and removed with the help of forceps. While the risk factor is very low, there can be some complications like an uneven cheek appearance and cheek infections. It is quite expensive though recovery takes around just two weeks’ time.

How to lose cheek fat- Aspects to remember


• Drink lots of water.
• Have loads of vegetables and fruits to get adequate doses of minerals and vitamins.
• Keep a watch on the intake of salt.
• Go for swimming, walking and cycling daily.

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