Lottie London Kabuki Babe Brush Review

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I am super excited as this is my first sponsored product. Joining IMBB was a natural step and I never imagined I would earn a free product for myself by contributing to the blog. Well, before I start with my review, I do want to thank the three amazing people who work behind the screens and make IMBB what it is today. I would like to thank Shikha for being responsive and responding to all my queries and text messages within seconds, Jomol for editing my articles to perfection, and the queen Rati for providing such an amazing platform to the writers and for everything that IMBB has to offer to its writers. So this review is about a kabuki brush from Lottie London, and I am glad I picked up this cute little ‘Babe’. To know why, read more.


Price: INR 931
Product Description:
⦁ A makeup kit must-have, this is the essential tool for applying finishing powder.
⦁ The chunky handle allows for controlled application while its dense bristles create a lightweight, flawless finish.
⦁ Ultra soft bristles.

My Experience with Lottie London Kabuki Babe Brush:

Lottie London launched its product in India very recently and is getting quite popular. Thanks to the positive reviews from customers who like their colourful makeup brushes. I always wanted to own a kabuki brush; and, when this little kabuki babe caught my attention, I couldn’t wait to try it for myself. So, I ordered this babe online and finally got my hands on this. When the product was delivered, I was pretty much satisfied with its look and packaging. It comes in a pretty black and white striped plastic bag that is ziplocked and reusable. If you are a person who prefers organising makeup brushes separately in pouches like me, I am sure you will like this.


Every brush from Lottie London comes in different vibrant colors to choose from. I like the unique concept and versatility of how every brush is colored differently and looks so very amazing. And this is something that makes the brand stand out, unlike the other brushes. Both the handle and the tip of bristles are shaded with a similar color. Kabuki babe brush looks quite appealing as the color of the brush is purple. The handle is chunky and heavy. The chunky handle helps having a control over application. The bristles are super soft and feel awesome whenever I try moving brush on my face. I can say these bristles are softer than those of Zoeva and Real Techniques brushes. Probably this is the softest brush I’ve ever come across. However, it’s just the tip of the brush that is soft, which is shaded in color purple and not the complete bristles. I’ve washed this brush twice and I haven’t noticed any kind of fall out.


The bristles are dense and so very fluffy that even after swirling around the brush onto my compact powder pan, only three fourth of the bristles pick up the powder and few bristles still remain clean. This brush is way too fluffy than I expected. So having a kabuki brush that is too wide and fluffy might result in some plus points as well as minus points too. Since it is wide and fluffy I love how this works for applying my compact powder by reaching the larger areas of face all over and giving a flawless well-blended finish to the skin. This brush is also good for applying body shimmers, mineral powders, loose powders etc. Even though a kabuki brush is a multipurpose brush, applying bronzer and blush with this brush is a big ‘NO’ for me. The bristles being wide and too very fluffy may get into the wrong areas of the face and spoil the whole look.


I would rather prefer a proper brush that is solely meant for applying powder blush and contouring purpose. I’ve tried using this brush with liquid foundation and it worked so very well that my skin did not look patchy at all. Even though a flat top kabuki brush does the perfect job of applying liquid foundation, this would definitely be my second best option for liquid foundations. A good brush is something that has soft bristles, comfortable handle, densely packed bristles and doesn’t shed, and Lottie London’s Kabuki Babe Brush met all the criteria.


Moving onto pros and cons…

Pros of Lottie London Kabuki Babe Brush:

⦁ Pretty purple brush
⦁ Chunky handle
⦁ Super soft bristles
⦁ Appealing look of the brush
⦁ Useful for applying makeup on larger areas
⦁ Picks up the product well
⦁ Densely packed bristles
⦁ Fluffy bristles
⦁ Blends application well
⦁ Good for applying liquid foundations too
⦁ Helps in achieving a flawless finish
⦁ Haven’t seen any fallout of bristles
⦁ Travel-friendly
⦁ Cute packaging

Cons of Lottie London Kabuki Babe Brush:

⦁ Wide bristles are way too fluffy

IMBB Rating: 4.8/5
Would I Recommend Lottie London Kabuki Babe Brush?
Yes! I do recommend this brush for the pros mentioned above.

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