Lotus Herbals Maxlid Eyeshadow Coco Fudge Review

Lotus Herbals Maxlid Eyeshadow Coco Fudge

Hello again all the lovely ladies !!!

First of all a small but true to the heart thank you to everyone for giving me such warm welcome on IMBB. I really couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that so many of you liked my first review on BB cream comparison. Trust me guys, it means a lot to someone who’s put her a** down for some serious writing for the first time. Thank you (with a bow down he he)


This time I am back with an eyeshadow which is the “Lotus Herbals Maxlid” in the shade “Coco Fudge 530”. This was my first to go eyeshadow since the day I have been practising a daily nude makeup look. Let’s see how it fares for me.

Packaging and Price:

Sorry I have thrown away the outer packaging. It is a simple red coloured cardboard box (same red as the product within) with the Lotus Logo and a description which I will produce here for your convenience. It comes in a sleek red box with gold interiors. It has a mirror attached and the trio of shadows is covered by a transparent lid. I have long since acknowledged the fact that the applicators that come along the product are rubbish, and yes, lotus did not prove me wrong. It comes with a small red brush (which I have conveniently lost, sorry, it was worthless) with which we are supposed to apply the shadow, and a dual sided applicator. Sigh!! Neither does the brush blend, nor does the applicator apply well. Why Lotus? You could have saved the amount and effort and put these in the actual product. Hmpffff

What Lotus Herbals Claims :

Velvety Smooth Formula that blends effortlessly, with no signs of streaking, fading or creasing. Its dawn-to-dusk lasting capacity helps protect eyes with botanical extracts of rose petals, aloe vera and chamomile.

Price : Rs 349/-


My take on Lotus Herbals Maxlid Eyeshadow Coco Fudge:

Ok, so I think the best way to review a product is, to match it with its claims. That’s exactly what I am going to do, match claims with reality.

The bold one is claimed by Lotus Herbals, the normal font one is my experience.

Velvety Smooth Formula that blends effortlessly: The texture is smooth, yes, and it is easy enough to apply. No problem with that. The problems start after that actually.

With no signs of streaking, fading or creasing : Yes it does not. Because to streak, fade or crease, you need an eyeshadow on your lid, and this one, specially this shade which I have, just vanishes after an hour. I admit I have oily lids, but I apply it over my concealer, still it does not stay. So much for my no makeup look. There’s actually nothing on my eyes. Thank you Lotus 🙁

It’s dawn to dusk capacity: Do I really need to review this sentence after the aforesaid one??? Dawn to Dusk? Huh…talk about over exaggerating.

Shades and Pigmentation:

The trio “Coco Fudge” has three shades. One is a very warm brownish nude shade, other is a mehndi greenish brown (I could not describe it better than that), and a dark almost blackish brown. The texture is smooth. It has very fine glitter like particles, but they are really subtle, and won’t make your eyes look like disco balls.


You can use the two browns together as a light and dark combination on your eyes, but green? Seriously? What was the point of giving green with it?? I would really have appreciated a white like they have in their “Rose Beach” trio. It could have been a highlighter shade. Never mind.

Although the shades are lovely (kind of summery and light, if you know what I mean), the pigmentation is really sheer as you can see from the swatch. I did not put in the EOTD as there was no point. It was invisible.

You can see that neutral brown is so sheer. Its a lovely shade but will come out more on fair tones. I had to swipe it 10 to 12 times times to make it visible.

Also, you have to be really carefully after applying it. One rub on eyes, and its gone. I just sprayed some gulabjal on my hand after I had taken the swatch pictures and it came of easily (and this is not in the good sense. Trust me, you want something which stays on your eyes, even if you have to remove it with an eye makeup remover afterwards)

The shades are even lighter in flash light. The light brown just disappears; and mind you, this is fresh application (dawn to dusk..huh Lotus *grumpy face*)


Pros of Lotus Herbals Maxlid Eyeshadow Coco Fudge:

Spreads and blends easily with a good eye brush.
The shades are lovely.
Colours are good for day wear (neutral look)
(I can’t think of any other)

Cons of Lotus Herbals Maxlid Eyeshadow Coco Fudge:

The brush and applicator are useless.
Poor pigmentation.
Poor staying power.
No highlighting shade. (green with browns??)

Ratometer and Recommendation:

My Ratometer rates “Lotus Herbals Maxlid Eyeshadow – Coco Fudge 530” a 2.5/5.

No. I will not recommend this at 349.

Suggestion : If you want neutral colours, add 250 and buy Lakme Absolute Baked Eyeshadow Day Shimmer. I just love it. It’s much more pigmented but at the same time subtle enough for a soft day time glow. 🙂

Hope you all enjoyed my review. Till the next time, bye, love you all.

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