Lotus Herbals PURESTAY Lip Colors-Purple Daisy,Coffee Berry,Pristine Maroon

Lotus Herbals PURESTAY Lip Color-Purple Daisy,Coffee Berry,Pristine Maroon

Lip colour is preservative free, natural, long lasting, hydrating lip colour. One swipe and your lips are ready for a healthier shine all day long without any loss of moisture ensuring a flawless finish. SPF 20 gives UV protection.

lotus herbals purestay long+ asting lipsitck

On this Festive,Fun,Friday of this mega giveaway, I am concluding my last post on this extraordinary collection of long stay preservative-free makeup from Lotus Herbals, with droolworthy glosses and the like. Till now, most of us must have ordered their own copies of glosses and foundations and lippies as well, from lotusherbals.com. We now know this is a world-class range of long staying makeup from a dear Indian brand”Lotus Herbals”. Boy, are we impressed!

l-r Pristine Maroon, Coffee Berry, Purple Daisy.

lotus herbals purestay lipstick colors shades

The last three lipsticks I am reviewing are so apt for the winter that is soon approaching.We have all seen Rati prepping her nails with deeper plums and darker glosses too, so its your turn now. The three shades today are all Gothic, very winter and very mysterious! Personally, I am happy that these don’t have an black-brown kind of shades and even the deeper shades of maroon like these are so wearable this winter.

lotus herbals purestay lip colors

Purple Daisy:

This is a maroon-plum shade and I loved it quite a bit for what it did to my face, it brightened me up and I now know what to with my lips this winter with all the purple and maroon clothing. the lipstick is matte, feels a bit hard and one coat is enough to give you full pigmented pout of some great deep maroon-purple shade. The finish is matte too and makes it the right base for all your glosses.The lipstick might feel dry in more than one coat and lasts till you want it to!

lotus herbals purestay lipstick purple daisy

Coffee Berry:

This is again very close to “Purple daisy” and is more maroon-brown than maroon plum but very similar in matte finish, thickness, pigmentation and the lasting power. Use one coat of this, keep your eye nude with just some kajal this winter and see your face glow! Very pigmented and one swipe is enough, it might be dry in more than one swipe but very light in one swipe.Great base for your glosses again,a very wearable berry shade.
lotus herbals purestay lipstick coffee berry

Pristine Maroon:

lotus herbals purestay lip color swatches

Unfortunately for me, this one has a very hard rubbery formula. 🙁 I could not even swatch it much, and my lips hurt when tried to do an LOTD. But, I am positive that the shade will be reformulated as the color is gorgeous 🙂 It is a matte mauve kind of shade and will be great if improvised upon.Worth checking out at the counter and purchase it, if your copy is softer.

All the three lippies are matte and great for this winter. Go easy on the application and it will still last you the whole day long. They feel light enough if not overdone and make a great base to all my glosses.They are not creamy but swipe good enough for me.

IMBB Rating:

Purple Daisy:3.9/5
Pristine Maroon:1/5
Coffee Berry:3.9/5


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8 thoughts on “Lotus Herbals PURESTAY Lip Colors-Purple Daisy,Coffee Berry,Pristine Maroon

  1. I wonder how come every shade suit you so well!! It’s tough to make choices from your swatch for every colour looks tempting.But dunno if they’ll suit me 😛 I like coffe berry!!!

  2. Absolutely:) I am so used to looking at your lip swatches now for determining the exact shade:) love the review. And coffee berry looks fantastic! I ve only ordered 2 lippies till now. Have to stock up on glosses and that gorgeous emerald eye definer as well!:) Yayy for the giveaway:) IMBB always comes through for us:)

  3. Pristine Maroon….and these are soooo Indian and earthy colours….so apt for this season…..yay Neha……are you participating in the mega giveway 😛

  4. Great review and beautiful swatches, Neha! I love the coffee berry shade. It’s so awesome for winter. 😀 Although I am more of a very light pink shade kind of person, my mum totally rocks dark colours. Shall gift her the coffee berry one. 😀

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