Low-Carb Vegetarian Diet for Weight Loss

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I’m back with another post for you all. Hope you all had a great Diwali. Coming back to today’s topic, we would be talking about low-carb vegetarian diet for weight loss. If you have been gorging too much on sweets this festive season, this diet plan is perfect for you. In this diet, you basically need to replace proteins, sugar and starch in your diet with nuts, eggs, fish, meat and vegetables. So, let’s see what’s in store for you.

Low Carb Vegetarian Diet for Weight Loss

What is low-carb vegetarian diet?

Most people find it extremely difficult to follow a low-carb vegetarian diet plan. A low carbohydrate or no carbohydrate diet, when combined with a high protein diet, is considered to be effective for weight loss. Since carbs are extremely important for the body, they can not be eliminated from the diet. So, here’s a complete diet plan that you may follow.


Healthy breakfast with yogurt, muesli and berries

You should start your day with 1 or ½ glass of skimmed milk and ½ cup of low carbohydrate cereal.

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You should munch on some fresh fruits like orange, apple, bananas etc. Do not overeat. One whole fruit is enough as your mid-meal snack. You can also consume some nuts along with these fruits.


Light tomato salad with arugula

You should consume one bowl of salad with flaxseed and sunflower seeds. You should have brown rice along with green vegetables and low fat cottage cheese. You can also have a chapati with spinach or soybean. Also, don’t forget to have one bowl of dal and ½ cup of fresh yogurt. Do not consume white rice when following this diet plan.


Later, have some fresh fruits or just one cup of low-fat yogurt.


Consume one brown bread sandwich with a lot of green veggies or low-fat cheese.


Indian dal fry and chapati

Have one bowl of daal, chapati with green veggies and one bowl of salad. If needed, you can also take yogurt. It depends on your preference.

Before going to bed

You should never go to bed on an empty stomach, especially while dieting, as it may affect your immune system severely. Drink a glass of milk, if needed.

Assorted nuts
If your hunger strikes in between the meals, you should consume plenty of fresh fruits and nuts. Consuming nuts is an easy and healthy way to keep your stomach full for a long period of time. You can also have greek yogurt, nut butter or vegetable sticks to satisfy those cravings.

Why low-carb diet?

One of the best benefits of following a low-carb vegetarian diet is that it can make you eat fewer calories and reduce your appetite significantly. A low-carb diet can improve your health in many ways. It helps lower your sugar levels as well as blood pressure. It is also effective in cutting down harmful belly fat in the body.

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