Lush Hottie Massage Bar

Hottie is our new massage bar for seriously sore muscles. The bar is specifically moulded with bumps that enhance any massage with extra pressure to get the circulation going. The jojoba and butter base melts onto the skin quickly to allow a smooth and sensual experience. We use vanilla absolute for its cozy aroma; it’s also moisturising for the skin and softening in combination with shea and cocoa butters. Black pepper and ginger oils are stimulating and help to release muscle tensions and aches. A Hottie like this one is sure to get you going.


Did you know?

Aroma therapists recommend black pepper oil for poor circulation and aching muscles. We use it in Hottie for the radiating warmth of the oil.

Price: Rs 570. This massage bar is VEGAN

New Launch


26 thoughts on “Lush Hottie Massage Bar

      1. Are pure can get just use very lightly instead of a regular moisturizer in winters. My skin gets very dry naaa…I got strawberry massage bar super cute 😀

  1. they are good in winters….but I love their body moisturizers more!!..have Vanilla delight right now…next on list is the Karma smells heavenly!!!

  2. Hottie Massage Bar…three appealing words in one name 😉 :-* :-* .
    Wouldn’t mind getting this but mite feel odd asking the SA whether i could have the hottie 😛 :laugh:

    1. hey aarthi they have opened a lush in chennai last week.. but they dont have all the products yet.. and their SA’s dont seem very knowledgable.. 🙁

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