Hot Stone Massage Benefits

Hot Stone Massage Benefits

If you love the concept of undergoing a massage therapy, perhaps the hot stone back massage is going to please you all the more as a viable option for de-stressing yourself. Smooth and flat heated stones are either positioned on key points on your back or held on by the massage therapists for the purpose of massaging. It is a very unique treatment in which heated stones are combined with the goodness of essential oils to bring about relief to stiffness and soreness of the body; it is very effective in imparting serenity and a balanced energy flow. A hot stone massage; however, is not just restricted to your back; it can be used on any part of the body. An indulgent treatment that it is, it is becoming more and more popular with the increasingly busy lives that the people are leading in modern times.

hot stone back massage

Why De-Stress With Hot Stone Back Massage?

Basically, the hot stones used in the back massage therapy are very rich in iron content. Usually made of basalt, these stones can retain heat, which in turn helps in making the stiff muscles warm and relaxed; this in turn lets the massage therapist apply a deeper pressure in case that is required. The nervous system is soothed and the blood circulation is improved. It also helps to alleviate stress, calm your psyche and release toxins.

What Health Problems Can Be Dealt With Hot Stone Back Massage?

hot back massage

A hot stone massage can be opted for to treat different kinds of health problems like:
• Pain in the back.
• Chronic back aches.
• Arthritis pain.
• Anxiety and stress.
• Depression and insomnia.

A hot stone back massage can also be helpful in soothing a tired mind and keeping your body and mind in perfect harmony with each other.

De-stress With Hot Stone Back Massage – A Typical Treatment Session:

back massage with stones

In a typical hot stone back massage treatment session, you would be asked to remove your clothes from the upper part of your body. A towel will be placed over your body. Then, you are supposed to lie on the couch in a comfortable position with your face down. After that, the therapist would massage aromatherapy oils on your back as well as your arms and place warm stones to continue the massage. At the end of the session, you feel rejuvenated and relieved! Typically, the session lasts for a time range of sixty minutes to ninety minutes.

Hot Stone Back Massage – Precautions:

A hot stone back massage can be very relaxing. However, it is not recommended under the following conditions:

• If you are suffering from open wounds and skin diseases.
• If you are prone to blood clots.
• If you are prone to heart ailments or if you are pregnant, it is desired that you ask your doctor before going for a hot stone back massage session.
• If you have just undergone radiation or chemotherapy.
• If you are menopausal.
• If you have high blood pressure or diabetes.
• If you are taking medicine to thin your blood
• If you are suffering from hernia, tumors or fracture, massage therapy should not be meted out directly to those areas.

Hot Stone Back Massage – Useful Tips:

• Avoid having heavy meals before you go for the massage.
• Make sure that you go to a reputed spa or clinic; at the end of the session, you would not like to be involved in unnecessary scandals!
• If you are going to a spa for the first time, arrive ten minutes earlier than the scheduled time as you might need to complete certain formalities.

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  1. such an informative article
    wasnt aware that menopausal women should avoid it
    but..what was this :stars: :stars: :stars: Make sure that you go to a reputed spa or clinic; at the end of the session, you would not like to be involved in unnecessary scandals! 😀

    1. Shaili :thanks:
      ….ya..actually, for menopausal women, it can result in hot flashes.. :methinks:
      and the scandal part, well,,…i dint want to be too explicit in the article but since both u and Riya are curious,…..there are cases of sex rackets and stuff related to salons and spas….i had heard of one some three four years back!!! 😛

      1. Yaaa Somreeta few years back , several such scadals were busted and many owners of massage parlours were caught , so it was good on your part to mention all the points, I loved reading all points!! These stones arent burning hot na?? I mean if they are warm, it will feel good .

        1. absolutely right Taps!!! dats why i thought of mentioning one must ensure that the spa or massage parlour is a reputed one!! and no no…..the stones are not burning hot….the temperature is adjusted as per your needs and they are not uncomfortable dear :))

          1. yes..its good on your part for mentioning
            i was just digging the fun part out of it though i am aware of such mishaps 🙂

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  3. This type of massage is so warming and uplifting especially if combined with aromatherapy oils. I love to use ginger and rosewood for extra warmth and comfort.

  4. Hot Stone massages are amazing, however Hot Stone massage is not appropriate if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, or are on medication that thins your blood. You shouldn’t get a hot stone massage if you are pregnant or have sunburn

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