Sebamed Cleansing Bar Review

Sebamed Cleansing Bar

Sebamed Cleansing Bar

After reading the review of on IMBB, I just had to buy something from there. While browsing, I came across Sebamed products in the Acne & Pimple Control section. I have very oily and sensitive skin and I am yet to find that perfect cure for the breakouts. I narrowed down to Sebamed Facial Foam and Cleansing Bar. I hadn’t heard of this brand or how effective the products were, but I recognized some of the ingredients from my visits to the dermatologist and I decided to give it a try. I bought the cleansing bar which was not as expensive as the facial foam so that I don’t feel bad about not using it just in case, it doesn’t work.

It has been raining and there is some connection between humidity and my breakouts, so the zits were back again. I was using a gel prescribed by the doc, but it would get very irritating after some time. I thought I will give this cleansing bar a try. Voila! All the irritation went away.

What it Claimed:
Soap free, maintains the pH of the skin at 5.5, moisturizes the skin and protects it from environmental influences. Meant for normal to oily skin.

What it Delivered:
I don’t remember being so very happy with a product. As I mentioned earlier, the irritation was gone, so I think their claim of pH 5.5 must be true. The soap doesn’t lather at all, so it has to be soap free and it cleans away nicely. I do feel the need to moisturize after using this bar, so for somebody with normal skin will definitely have to use a lotion. I have stopped using anything else to wash my face; this bar just feels so right for me. The size of zits has reduced, but I have been using the prescribed ointment as well.


Rs. 199 for 100 gm bar, but I got it for 189.


Pros of Sebamed Cleansing Bar

• Soap free.
• It has been tested, so no allergic reaction.
• Very effective if you have an acne-prone skin.

Cons of Sebamed Cleansing Bar

• Make sure you keep the soap on a separate soap dish because if it doesn’t dry well, it sort of starts melting.

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16 thoughts on “Sebamed Cleansing Bar Review

  1. okay…all these medicated skin care product wale reviews are literally pushing me from inside to give a visit to some dermatologist :shutmouth:
    i am ignoring my post acne marks and blemishes since quite a time now 😐

    1. I will tell you what my doc told me for acne marks…. he asked me to get up and go and touch the wall on the opp side of his room and I thought he had lost it :joker: anyway, he just said some physical activity which makes you sweat will help your skin become smoother. But go visit you doc :waytogo:

      1. hmmmm regular exercising does help :jog: :jog: but these post ance marks dun go :pan: …..first and for most one shud apply sunscreen so that they dun get darker.i m using clinique post acne serum its workin out slow but its workin for sure……..

  2. i had post acne marks and acne not much but they were visible either 1 o 2 :spank:

    my derma recommended me “Rejuglow gel” its abt just 10 days n my all marks r gone..just 1 or 2 left which r so faded that u cant cures acne overnight..n vanish them completely in 2 days.. :specs: :specs:

    I’m getting flawless skin day by day :yahoo: :yahoo:

  3. I have been using this since almost 5
    months now(that time my face was full of pimple n acne scars:( ) and I can definitely say this is one of the best things
    ever that happened to my skin.

    My sister brought it on her friend recommendation.
    This will help to kill the
    germs and bacteria effectively. I usually apply this twice a day, i.e.,
    mornings and night just before i go to bed.

    Just in one week, I started feeling my skin was
    more clear and smooth, in fact, I hardly get any blackheads or zits
    on my face anymore.

    I am definitely gonna buy this again and again In fact, I would recommend this to all oily
    and combination-skinned beauties who are facing problems with
    pimples/blackheads and wants to have clear skin.

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