Lush Trichomania Dry Hair Solid Shampoo Review

Lush Trichomania Truckle Solid Shampoo Review

One of the products I dared to try from Lush was the Trichomania solid hair shampoo. Why dared? That’s because Lush skin products did the opposite on my skin except for the Baby Face cleanser. I researched extensively before buying each of the products considering their costs. “If it is expensive it has got to be good”, right? Well, read on.

Lush Trichomania Truckle solid shampoo

The Lush Trichomania Truckle solid shampoo is meant for dry, unruly hair. It is made of coconut and comes in the form of a white solid bar. Although Trichomania smells heavenly of coconut [nothing like Parachute though], post hair wash the smell is not noticeable. When I went to buy this, the SA said it was for children only. She was bent on selling me something more expensive but I bought this anyway. I had read many good reviews from people with curly, frizzy hair before buying it myself.

What Lush claims –
“Coconut shampoo to make dry hair softer. Trichomania = the love of hair. What if you were stuck on a deserted, tropical island? If you’ve got your own coconut tree, you can be almost self-sufficient. You can build a shelter from the leaves, drink the nutritious milk, eat the flesh and use the husks to make carpet, beds and slightly rough clothing. You can also squeeze the flesh to make coconut oil to keep your hair, scalp and body conditioned and moisturized. City dwellers can also benefit from the coconut’s amazing properties by purchasing a block of Trichomania, which will have their hair and scalp cleaner, softer and smelling lovely.”

My experience – [brace yourself, ladies]

Lush Trichomania Truckle solid shampoo

I was in awe – the fancy description lured me. The first time I used it, I was so thrilled. I loved the way my hair felt in the shower after using the bar. It lathers very well and smells just heavenly! The coconutty smell is invigorating. I’m sorry for those who cannot stand it – this isn’t for you! I couldn’t wait to see how my hair looked upon drying. Since it claimed to tame dry hair I did not use any leave in serum and back then I was not using any conditioner either.

I went to a mall and after an hour my hair had developed beautiful curls. They ‘felt’ pretty good. The shock came when I went to the washroom to look at myself and I looked like Medusa. Dry, coarse, curly hair sticking out of my head. That was not the part of the deal. No, Sir!

It got worse when I saw the amount of hair on the floor when I returned home. All that hair fell when I was towel drying it. Note – I had been on medication for hair fall and Trichomania ruined it for me.

I knew I had to stop using it. But did I? I used it twice afterwards to give it another chance but both times I used it with a conditioner and a leave it serum. DID. NOT. WORK. I used it as a body cleanser and finished it.

How to use –
Use it like a normal soap on the hair or lather it in your palms and then apply to hair. The solid bar can be cut into small pieces with a kitchen knife. It is necessary to do so otherwise, it melts when wet. Also it needs to be dried between washes.

Price – INR 465 for 100gms, INR 930 for 200gms

Pros of Lush Trichomania Truckle Solid Shampoo

  • Smells great.
  • Small piece required for three to four washes.
  • Lasts a long time.
  • When used as a body cleanser, does not make the skin dry.

Cons of Lush Trichomania Truckle Solid Shampoo

  • Makes the hair dry and coarse.
  • Induced hair fall in my case.
  • Not worth the money.
  • High maintenance – not durable or portable as many Lush products.
  • Melts quickly when in contact with water so storing has to be done properly or you will end up wasting the product.
  • No container given to store it.
  • Does not remove oil from the hair easily. Needs to be reapplied a couple of times.

Will I repurchase?
Heck no and neither would I ever recommend it for hair. Want to use it for your body, knock yourself out. Sorry Lush fans!

Image source – 1, 2

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  1. Y some products are so scary :worship: :worship:
    Does the company want Insurance to pay back them money :silly: :silly:

  2. Oh Anuya….its such a disappointment na….when these kind of costly things don’t work at all….and show negative effects also…..thanks for the warning….it would help so many people decide……. 🙂

  3. i have used 4 products of this brand and the results were terrible..i believe lush products are all fancy products with no results..

      1. Ooops one last thing – it works just the way you described when I use it with regular hard water from the tap…I buy water to wash my hair – won’t have any hair on my head otherwise :toothygrin:

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  17. I have dry, curly hair, and I’ve tried numerous products – natural/not-natural, drugstore, high end, low end – you name it and I’ve tried it. But this shampoo surprisingly works. But I will agree with you on the fact that it does NOT do miracles. I follow this up with the retread conditioner from Lush. Once I’m done, I squeeze out all the excess water, let my hair air dry a little bit and then apply some R&B leave in conditioner from LUSH – no serum just R&B. I loved the results. My hair felt healthier and lighter. I find that other ‘anti-frizz’ conditioners tend to weigh down my hair (an attempt to ‘tame’ my curls i guess). This one didn’t. And I love love how lovely my hair smells after all this 🙂
    Something else I’ve learnt – if you use a blowdryer on medium speed and just gently dry your hair, it goes a long way in taming frizz as well.
    Sorry to have consumed so much website real estate 🙂 I cant help the word vomit when it comes to makeup,hair and skincare 😉

  18. Trichomania works great for my curly hair! I use it with American Cream and R&B and I have soft, non-poofy curls! It makes my hair so soft, that when I rinse it in the shower for the first time it feels as if I conditioned it!
    – the amount of sulfates luckily isn’t that high as in other mainstream shampoos, maybe that’s why you felt it didn’t remove the oils 🙂 the lack of sulfates is a great thing, because they can also be found in dish washing liquid, stripping your hair completely of their natural oil.
    – Also the reason why you experience hair loss is because Lush shampoos remove the hairs that are damaged by silicones 🙂 after all the damaged hairs are removed, you won’t lose any more hair! it is portable, as you only need a small piece

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