Patanjali Kesh Kanti Hair Cleanser Review

Namaste to all my fellow IMBBians,
While browsing older posts on IMBB one day I realised that I have not reviewed something holy grail which I have been using since past so long. I was surprised, that something which I have loved so much and that too over past 6 months has not been reviewed by me, and I have not let you all know about it. I picked the bottle up and clicked pictures, used it one last time for the result of the product to stay fresh for me to have a very final and clear judgement about it and here I am writing about it to you all. The product is patanjali kesh kanti hair cleanser/shampoo.
Even though we have so many option out there but nothing can beat the purity factor concentrated in the herbal remedies.


About Patanjali kesh kanti hair cleanser:
Patanjali Kesh Kanti – Hair Cleaner 100 ml – Stops Hair fall and Greying of hair, Stops Baldness. Removes dandruff. Useful in dryness and roughness of hair. Prevents Roughness of hair. Prevents Hair fall and Dandruff, Improves Hair glow. Pure Herbal Shampoo, free of any side effects.

As from the list of ingredients and their actions on our hair we see it not only acts as a cleanser and moisture pump for our hair but also is loaded with antiseptic properties which are essential for Indian summers. Patanjali products have turned out quite well with me .be it their aloe Vera gel which I brought after reading Naina’s review here on IMBB. Or be it their toothpaste dant kanti which my complete family uses and enjoys.

There are a couple of more products by Patanjali which I have tried and still in the process of using and testing so that I can have a final verdict about them. Thereafter I would review them here.


My mum and I have been using this shampoo for over 6 months now and both of us have the same opinion about it. We are very much in sync about the fact it reduces frizz, adds shine and moisture to our hair and the price it comes at is the best part of it. At rs 65 and available at all patanjali stores this is one of the cheapest hair cleansers I have come across. It had to a little extent also helped in the hair fall problem I was experiencing the time I started using it. I would list more about Patanjali kesh kanti below:

patanjali shampoo
patanjali shampoo

Why buy Patanjali kesh kanti hair cleanser:
• At rs 65 for 200 mls this is one of the cheapest shampoos available in the bazaar.
• This truly does clean your hair in one go. Whatsoever hair type you are this will cleanse your completely of all the dirt and grime and give it a squeaky clean and not over dried or moisture stripped feeling
• I tend to skip my conditioner and go directly to my serum after using this shampoo as it covers most of the conditioners job.
• It is ayurvedic.
• The very fact that it is an Indian product manufactured by an Indian company makes me feel like going and getting this
• It’s got a lovely brown colour to it. Very ayurvedic to even look at.
• Somehow, most of the products from patanjali have been loved by me.
• The smell is very ayurvedic and very basic. Something like oranges and amla mixed and stirred together(yes I am actually holding the bottle to my nose right now and trying to figure out the smell)
• The hair is shinier after each use. Nothing dramatic like all the L’Oreal and kiehls’ out there would give us but a subtle shine which comes naturally to our hair.
• The packaging is good enough. The flip cap with the very tiny opening makes sure not one bit extra comes out of this cap.
• Just a coin size mixed with mater massaged into hair does it all.

Why not buy Patanjali kesh kanti hair cleanser:
• The availability can be a problem if you stay away from a patanjali store
• The fact that it does nothing super dramatic for my hair. Just regular good mild cleanser.

Rating of 4.5 on 5!
I will buy this over and over again as this is probably my 7th or 8th bottle. My whole family uses this.

Blessings to all
Fly girl

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81 thoughts on “Patanjali Kesh Kanti Hair Cleanser Review

  1. :waytogo: Fly Girl!!!! nice review…
    i would like to buy it but dunno where can i find a Patanjali store in Kolkata…

    1. Patanjali Arogya Kendras
      Debashish Das,
      44/53/1, Sinthi Ghoshpara,
      B.T. Road, Kolkata-50,
      West Bengal
      M. 09830858537
      this is from u can get the patanjali products…just found from their website..;-)!!!

        1. It is also available near Dey’s Medical here…check out their website for addresses.

          Thanks FG for the review…I would get some of their products after reading so many reviews on them! :thanks:

      1. Shilpi can you gimme the details about where we can get patanjali products in bangalore. Or the website address also would do.

  2. great. I have a Patanjali store in my adjacent building. I use their Aloe gel & soaps & love them ……will surely get this

  3. nice review Fly girl…….but it doesnt work on my hair…….as i have dry hair with oily scalp…….even i dont like this smell……….but thats good it work on you and u like it

  4. wow nice shud give it a try esp in summers where dandruff problems increase. Can anyone tell me wher are patanjali products available in hyderabad

  5. Nice review…I’d seen a bottle lying around at home some time back and used was really nice! Anyone knows where I can buy Patanjali products in Mumbai?

    1. Patanjali Chikitshalya
      Om Prakash Agarwal, 12/2
      Steelmade Industrial Estate,First Floor, Marol Maroshi Road,Andheri East, Mumbai, MH.
      Ph.-022-32954412, 9322268774 Mumbai,
      Andheri (E)

      Patanjali Chikitshalya
      31/33, Laxmi Plaza Ground,
      Laxmi Industries New Link Road
      Andheri (W), Mumbai, MH.
      Ph. 022 26354926, 65002518/19,
      M. 09322328094 Mumbai,
      Andheri (W)

      Patanjali Chikitshalya
      Ishwar Dhan, 48/2311,Gandhi Nagar, Bandra, (East) Mumbai – 400051, MH.
      M.- 09892261817 Mumbai,

      Patanjali Chikitshalya
      Shop No-2 Anand Bhawan S.V.P. Road, Borivali (W )Mumbai-400103, MH.
      M-09819811471, 09820587077 Mumbai,
      Borivali (W)

      Patanjali Chikitshalya
      Arya Samaj, 1, Collectors Colony
      Mahul Road, Chembur,
      Mumbai-400074, MH.
      M-09821211177, 022 25536379, 32675465,
      09821757416, 09323444276 Mumbai,

      Patanjali Chikitshalya,
      Miranda Baithi Chawl, Shop No. 23,
      J.K. Sawant Marg, Dadar (W),
      Mumbai – 400028, Mh.
      Ph. 022 32158989, 09987605556 Mumbai,
      Dadar (W)

      Patanjali Chikitshalya
      Dev Raj Enterprises, Anupam Building
      B Wing, Below Visha Transport,
      Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg,
      Opp. Ghatkoper Telephone Exchange Ghatkoper , Mumbai-400086, MH.
      Ph.-022-32408989,25158989 Mumbai,

      Patanjali Chikitshalya,
      Chandramahal Building,
      Near Parsi Dairy, Princess Street,
      Marine Lines, Mumbai, Mh.
      Ph. 022- 66396525

      Patanjali Chikitshalya
      Jiwan Jyoti Pharma
      L-205/209, Tower No-6,
      International Infotech Park
      Vasi Railway Station Complex
      Vasi Navi Mumbai, MH.
      Ph.-022 27810025-26 Mumbai,
      Vashi Navi

      Divyanshu Health Care
      Pushpanjali, Plot No-204 Ground Floor, Sector-28, Palm Beach Marg
      Vashi, Navi Mumbai-400705, MH.
      M-09819856592, 09833745316
      Ph. 022 – 27895304 Mumbai,
      Vashi Sec.-28

      Patanjali Chikitshalya
      12/375, G.K. Marg,
      Near Bharat Textile Mills, Worli,
      Mumbai – 400018, MH.
      Ph. 022 24941189, 24931303,
      M. 9821118765 Mumbai,

      1. hello kimi…… 🙂
        how u?
        abhi naa, i went in dad’s room, n ranbeer kapooor aa raha tha tv pe, :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:
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  6. Hii, I have used this shampoo when it was launched two years back, it smells like cough syrup :toothygrin: but yess no hairfall and yeaa its good, when i sed it without oiling I found my hair dry and when I used it after using oil, my hair was soft and good, it didnt cause any hairfall, true, but one con I find is, it doesnt remove oil properly so in turn I gell chip chip hair, but my mom swears by this, so overall am satisfied with this product too, :thumbsup: Me too use patanjali products a lot!! I have used all their soaps, very nice one!

        1. may be rati………i doent work for oily scalp but makes hair so fizzy and dry……….. 😯 and smell yyuuucckkk :yuck:

  7. hi fg… u said it’s for reducing hair fall in the product claim… does it really hold true ?:) ?:) .. u didn’t mention tht in ur review 😐

          1. kimi, u like thoz tiny imli toffee?? (wrapped in clean film)
            i dont know wht we call thoz.but thy often giv it in flights also…… :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  8. I used this sometimes back, I like the smell, its cheap too and washes satisfactorily. I would take the ‘ayurvedic’ claim with a pinch of salt as the herbs comes down to only about 65 mg (1 g= 1000mg) in 10 ml of base. What that base is I don’t know, I think it has parabens for preservatives. I wish they come up with a cleanser totally sles free, paraben free..that’d be something..

        1. kimi, deepika makes awesom handmade jeweleery, she displayed it in sunday sale naa……
          she s toh super talented……..u go check last sunday’s sale post 😀

        2. cali, deepika had put her hand made Jewllery in SUnday bazaar this time. i bought stuff form her. :)) It’s super pretty. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  9. I havent tried any of the patanjali products as yet..though my parents use few of them..this cleanser sounds nice…must try for me now! I have patanjali shop just near my house :toothygrin:

  10. I used this shampoo too,but it was vely disappointing for me :((
    had so much hairfall,and made my hair rough and strange smell too :X-P:

  11. I used this shampoo too,but it was vely disappointing for me 🙁
    had so much hairfall,and made my hair rough and strange smell too :X-P:
    Sare comments ko madde nazar rakhte hue..I think the final word is it doesn’t work for oily scalp….(yes too an oily scalp gal :-/ )
    Rest of the scalps can definitely give it a try 😀
    It is cheap comparatively afterall :toothygrin:

  12. I am currently using this and lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeee it!! :toothygrin:
    I love the fresh orangey smell it has … 😀

  13. ah my lovelies.thankuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!! :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:

  14. The idea of ‘herbal’ impresses all of us. But I best know this shampoo for entangling and drying the hair. It might be truly herbal but it makes the hair more difficult to handle.

  15. i used this shampoo when it first came i loved it afte a long long time finally got the sha,poo which gve my hair natural shine and volume life of their own all my hair problems vanished such as dullness hairfall dandruff but when their reetha shampoo wa intorduced I simply was floored I still use it it is the best ahsmapoo in the world I have tried all but after a day all these shampoo wud make my hair dull rough and heavy but reetha shampoo of patanjali makes my hair sing best is I use it just a little bit size of a pearl and it gives my hair shine almost blackinsh cleans my hair and best if before I had to oil my hair b4 wash but with this shampoo i don’t have to oil my hair this is that good a shampp but still I oil my hair whenever I wash it bcoz oil is like food for my hair and my scalp simply loves oil and my hair afte washing are like soft silky and oh so shiny love all the products of patankjali not one product so far which has not made me happy other people don’t like tejas beauy cream but I love it it makes my skin soft clean clear and shiny a glow natural glow comes and their face wash is extremely good but I use these just before going somewhere dauily I dont have to used it i use besan ata mixure as a soap which works very well for me

  16. The Kesh kanti reetha shampoo is pathetic. I got it recently and found that my hair loss has increased. Even after using shampoo two times for one wash, the hair oil also does not go from hairs and have lot of hair fall.

    Very much disappointed with reetha shampoo of patanjali.

  17. I have oily scalp with fizzy hair. I have little dandruff also…!! Now i have severe hairfall.
    I am not too chemical person. I am more statisfy when i use herbal or any home remedy.
    Can anyone suggest me if this product is good or any product which is good for my hair.

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