MAC Eyeshadow Trax Review, Swatch, EOTD

MAC Eyeshadow Trax

Highly pigmented powder. Applies evenly, blends well. Create a customized palette of shades. Fits into Pro Palette case for easy storage and transport.

This is the last of my cute little MAC haul I did.I purchased this eye shadow due to the duo chrome/multidimensional nature it has.

Mac describes this as burgundy plum with shimmer and the finish is velvet.

mac eyeshadow trax (2)

I have to say that the texture did not impress me at the very start. It is not as soft and when you pick it up, the burgundy plum is lost and the golden is the only shade that you can see. I tried the shade on a black base, but no luck, then I tried it on the lid without any base and I had to really layer it on and on for the color to show. I thought a maroon would look good in the crease with this so I filled the crease with some plum maroon shade and then it started to look very bridal. 😛

mac eyeshadow trax (3)

When you layer it on is the gold tends to show up more,the base is plum and matte and the shimmer is not gritty but it is the soft ingrained gold in it that multidimensional and their is no fall out as the pigmentation is quite sad on this one.You really wish the color would show up on the lids as it is in the pan but it does not, and layering makes it look golden plum rather than a plum with gold.

mac eyeshadow trax (10)

The color shows up more like a maroon on my skin tone and hence I thought it is bridal. I wish the texture was soft but it is not. But on the good side, when I do tend to make it work by layering it on, it looks very flattering for my complexion,so I can say it looks good on warm skin tones for sure.It is not for day wear and use it for your evening get together and Indian outfits.

mac eyeshadow trax (9)

Last word: 

mac eyeshadow trax swatch 1

mac eyeshadow trax eyes

The texture and the pigmentation is disappointing,though when you layer it up, the duo chrome really pretty. Their is no fall out because you have to pick up and layer the shade with much difficulty. The shade looks maroon plum and gold due to its duo chrome nature and works for my complexion.

mac trax eye shadow eotd

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47 thoughts on “MAC Eyeshadow Trax Review, Swatch, EOTD

  1. ankhiyon se goli maare …dhisshhcchaauuuunn!!! 😉
    eye makeup is fab!!…great review as always 🙂 ..will stay away from this shade till the time i get hooked booked n cooked 😛 😛

        1. aas paas koi kauwa hain kya, please inki jhoothi baat ko kaato! 😉 😛 waise jhooti hi sahi, i m floating on clouds after reading this 😀

  2. keepin up with th song dedications here – kiski aankhen ab mein dekhooon, teri aankhen dekh kar! 😀
    IMPOSSIBLE for a color to not look absolutely drool worthy on ur eyes…but i’ll be skippin this 1 for sure from what u wrote about it…pehle hi mehnat ka kaam to do eye makeup, uspe a color makes u work harder means no baba

  3. Aww.. eye shadow no no but eye swatches yessssssssssssssssss.. 🙂 very pretty neha!!
    Chehra h yaa chaand khila h julf ghaneri shaam h kya.. saagar jaisi aankhon wali ye to bata tera naam h kya.. 😛 my 2 cent!! hi hi 🙂

  4. Ohhh this is not good 🙁 I’ll stay away from this (even i’ve just started building my MAC collection.)

    but I really liked your eye-do. as you said: really bridal 🙂 very cool 🙂

  5. Faaaabulousss! And heres my 2 cent in english! (yeahh :D)
    “Her eyes, her eyes, make the stars look like they’re not shining ”
    -Bruno Mars 🙂

  6. ahem ahemmmmmmmmmmmmm! yeh saare comments padh kar “kisi” ko believe hua ki eye queen woh khud hain?:D :* modesty chhoro abhi! 😀 u rock!

    1. OMG it seems Ayna Neha ka peecha nahi chhodegi 😀
      Its ok yaar…EVERYONE knows ki Neha is the eye queen, so usko to modest hona hi padega na 🙂
      BTW you are not far behind u kno, apne peacock wala tutorial se to sabko amaze kar diya 🙂

  7. neha you have such maar dala wala eyes pehle se! upar se you do such fab eye makeup! I pity your hubby who has to endure this and concentrate on work! myself i find it difficult to focus on anything for 30 min straight after seeing and lotd or eotd from you!!!!!!!!

  8. I loved the color in the pan so much but really disappointed after reading that its not pigmented….. 🙁 But apart from that, ur eyes!!!! OMG they are gorgeous!!!! Yes the eye makeup did look bridal but really beautiful!!!! 😀

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