A Guide to MAC Lipstick Finishes

A Guide to MAC Lipstick Finishes

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A Guide to MAC Lipstick Finishes

This is such a wonderful topic to talk about right? I always wondered what the different finishes are for MAC lipsticks. I know some lipsticks have matte or shimmer finishes, but are they really called “shimmer finish?” I will answer this question for you in the article. Just like eyeshadows, the lipsticks have a finish too. MAC Lipsticks have 9 different finishes. In the list below, I am going to tell you the difference of all MAC Lipstick finishes.



I’m pretty sure you know the matte finish in lipsticks. It basically means no-shine and a really good color pay-off, but they also tend to dry out the lips the most.



This means a matte lipstick with a tiny bit of sheen, perfect for those with dry lips who still want a good color pay-off lipstick and moisturized lips.



A lipstick with good color pay-off and frosted shimmers is called a lipstick with a frosh finish, but mostly, the lipsticks with shimmer are quite sheer.


The name says it, a creamy lipstick with a soft shine and full coverage. This lipstick is good for those who like to apply a lip gloss over their lipstick because these lipsticks already have a glossy shine.

Amplified and Amplified Crème:


Both of them are in the same category. They are soft and creamy and the pigmentation range is medium to high with a glossy finish, but these two lipsticks tend to fade quickly.



This lipstick is very glittery, perfect for the ones that like obvious lips. Once its worn off, you will see micro-glitter particles left on your lips.


Glaze lipsticks are very sheer and have a glossy finish. They tend to last a short time, but perfect for those you want a touch (or tint) of color on their lips.


The lustre finish is very glossy and wet-looking and do NOT last long. Similar to Glaze but Glaze is not as wet-looking as Lustre.

Here are some links for swatches:

Unfortunately, I don’t own a MAC Lipstick. It’s quite expensive for me, but I know for sure that in the future, I will be buying at least one of their lipsticks, probably satin lipstick and cremesheen lipstick, but luckily, Rati has a whole bunch of MAC Lipsticks and has wonderful swatches on this website. Without her, I wouldn’t know what to do!!

I hope this helped out all of you and it surely helped me prepare myself in buying MAC Lipsticks.

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