MAC Fleur Power Blush Review

MAC Fleur Power Blush

This is one of the hardest decisions that made me buy MAC Fleur Power. I must have three MAC Blushes as basic. It would be brown-based, peach-based and pink-based so that it can work with any looks. So after buying MAC Coppertone and MAC Peaches Blush , it was time to ponder over the pinks. I wanted something that was not baby-pink, but more like burnt-pink, which is less extreme than bright pink. So I picked Fleur Power. The MUA did a nice job of applying on my cheeks and it looked so good in MAC store that I had to buy it.

mac blush
mac blush


But wait, I try this blush next day and baap re! It was so dark and it looked so unnatural. I had to rub it off and was mad like hell that now I have to go, return it back and again search for new pink! But next day, I applied very light -kind of like feathery strokes. Still it was dark for my liking. I was a little disappointed. Sometimes you just want the product to work for you.

mac fleur power
mac fleur power

That evening I went to Wal-mart and got hold of Kabuki brush from Ecotools and used that to brush away the “darkness” of Fleur Power and Voila! It worked. It settled into a nice light pink shade which suited me so right! It wasn’t baby-pink like cute-pink, but more like outstanding-pink, like a statement-pink! And I was relieved.
Average staying power of blush is around 4 hours, and then it may need a bit of touch up. I am NC30 in MAC, and I believe this colour can work for anyone – from fair to dark skins, since it’s such a pretty pink.
This has no shimmer; it’s kind of like matte, so that’s even better for everyday look, although MAC deems it more of SATIN. It is buttery smooth in texture.


So here are the swatches.

swatch 1
swatch 1
swatch 2
swatch 2

It is a powder blush, one of the satin kinds by MAC. It sells for $19.50 (Rs 1150) I believe, so with taxes, it is 21-22 bucks. It contains 6 g. which means it’s here to stay for a long time. I also saw NARS Orgasm blush one day at Sephora. I didn’t try or swatch, but the shade looked heavenly. No wonder its has huge fan base! I’ll keep my eye on that since my birthday is coming near! :devil:

This picture was taken with white as background:

mac blush white background
mac blush white background

This picture was taken in natural light so that’s the real pink.

natural light
natural light

I had to share this. I made bread at home from scratch. Here is the final look of it as well.


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35 thoughts on “MAC Fleur Power Blush Review

  1. oh what a bummer..Hope you find a good one. lots of options these days.

    Just btw,I picked up this fake MAC blusher from one of those chotu shops. its heart shaped and all :hihi: :hihi: 😉 . 200 bucks I think. but its a nice shade of pink and works well for me 😐

      1. na na i wont..i swear by the bronzer. I use a darker shade of the Body Shop loose powder as my bronzer :toothygrin:

  2. The shade is really a full power pink!! Looks gorgeous on you esp in the daylight pic..Fleur power is one of the most popular MAC blushes I think when it comes to blushes…I don’t hv a single blush from MAC yet, will try this for sure when I buy one! Thanks fr reviewing 🙂

    1. Thank you Ankita…..yeah this is a stronger shade of pink, and one has to apply with a light hand…..MAC has great blushes…..I love Peaches for daytime looks as well!

  3. NIa……….you are our blushes girl……you apply your blushes so subtly :makeup: :makeup: :jaiho: …..home made bread…that might have smelt heavenly :))

    1. Thanks Jomol! I love blushes… just changes entire defination of face…highlights the cheeks!…..the bread is so easy to make….one day I will post the recipe….its easiest and doesnt take much effort!

  4. Hey Nia thanx so much for the review…ur blushes reviews are great..I saw ur peaches blush review and then got it…have not used it yet though..wondering how it would look if I apply it myself..It looked fine when the MUA did it for me…Am going mad after blushes these days..wil get this fleur power next time..Am NC42..will this suit me?And the peaches one?

    1. Go for Coppertone….it should be perfect for you….its brick-brownish-reddish…..and would highlight your cheeks very well. Peaches is more for daytime look, Coppertone for evenings….as its slight stronger.

      MAC Fleur Power should also suit you very well…..I think its a versatile color…but test it before you buy it.

  5. wowo…this looks so prettyyyy…i recently bought Coppertone from MAC and its the same…i have to use it with a very gentle hand 🙂 :teddy: :teddy:

    1. I love Coppertone…such a pretty color…..and you are right, one has to use a light hand…otherwise if you apply too much, it looks more weird.

  6. nice color of the blush nia…suiting u :whistle: :whistle: …its luking more red types than pink.. but a different shade… :yes: :yes:

    1. Thanks Nids! Its a strong color…..but I didnt find any hint of red…its dark pink…..
      Looks different on pan and hand…..still its subtle when you apply it.

    1. Thank you for Puchi!!! same to you!!! And home made bread is so comforting….I drizzle some olive oil, salt and pepper and then eat it…..heavens!

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