MAC Lipglass Lust, MAC Blush Trace Gold, MAC Eyeshadow Honesty

MAC Lipglass Lust, MAC Blush Trace Gold, MAC Eyeshadow Honesty


MAC Eyeshadow Honesty :

  • Price : Rs 720
  • Finish : lustre
  • Color : Pewtered bronze / a muted bronzy gold eyeshadow with bronze shimmer.
  • Texture : a bit chunky , has a fallout but looks pretty when applied. It gives that soft sheen to the lids.
  • Longeivity : stays on pretty well through out the day but
  • Pigmentation : The pigmentation is fine but it has a tendency to fade. Throughout the day you’d notice a slight sheen on lids, which imo looks pretty without looking over the top. But it is disappointing to see that the true color does not really transfer well on the lids.
  • Goes Best With : best used as an eyeshadow for just applying on the centre of the lids of a bit of shine.
  • Skin Tones : all skin tones
  • Fragrance : na
  • Do I like It? ummm.. I don’t really mind it but if i have to repurchase this, I wouldn’t . There so many eyeshadows to choose form that would add that beautiful sheen to the lids without any of the problems that Honesty has. Sable , woodwinked, bronze are better ones.
  • Rating : 3/5



Look : notice the fallout on lashes. I mean it looks pretty when I wear it but I have better options. .

MAC honesty all over the lid and embark on the corners.


MAC Blush Trace Gold : Trace gold is a part of my everyday blush palette. I pretty much use it every time I use any blush. 🙂

  • Price : Rs 1100
  • Finish : Sheertone shimmer
  • Color : gold with shimmer/ a very soft pale warm gold color. On my skintone it only adds a bit of warmth and works as an everyday  highlighter without giving that OTT shine or shimmer to the cheeks.
  • Texture :super smooth and the shimmer is suuupper fine and almost works as a sheen. Does not accentuate the pores at all.
  • Longetivity : all day long/ 6-7 hours
  • Pigmentation : sheer and that’s how I prefer a highlighting shade to work.
  • Goes Best With : matte blushes to add a hint of sheen or just an everyday color to give a little lift to the cheeks.
  • Skin Tones : medium warm skin tones. Great for Indian skin tones
  • Fragrance : NA
  • Do I like It? Love it.
  • Rating : 4/5

For a very long time I was not convinced that you need to have this blush in your collection or not. But someone like me who like a bit of highlighter on her cheeks, I feel it is a must everyday highlighter. I like soft highlighters for day time and this fits the bill so well. It’s the kinds that it’s there but still not there. You NEED to try to to really see how beautifully it works. Harmony, Fluer Power and Trace Gold are definitely the blushes I’d hit pan on. 🙂



MAC Lipglass Lust : is addictive. 😀 It was also a part of MAC Mickey Contractor Collection. So it invariably is suited for most indian skin tones.

  • Price : Rs 990
  • Finish : glossy
  • Color : soft muted pink / a beige with pink shimmer
  • Texture : very smooth, does not settle on fine lines. Is sticky but not very thick or gooey.
  • Longetivity : 4 hours on me. It completely disappears after a full meal.
  • Pigmentation : very well pigmented
  • Goes Best With : smokey eyes. On its own it may wash out color on face for a lot of skin tones.
  • Skin Tones : all skin tones
  • Fragrance : vanilla/ no taste
  • Do I like It? Love it. Wearing it almost everyday.
  • Rating : 4.5/5



Face Shot : Trace Gold blush on cheekbones and Harmony on the sides.

MAC Lipglass on lips.




l-r MAC lipstick lust , honesty, tracegold

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  1. Great pics Rati…after following IMBB i have started making my list from MAC…and the list keeps on growing…but one ques. Rati…are you only wearing MAC lipglass on ur lips….if yesss den dats too beautifulll

  2. combination of all shades are compliment each other *clap* *clap* *clap* shades are really sober n tempting *drool* *drool* *drool* Great products shades dear *waaa* *waaa* *waaa* badly need all these

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