MAC Minted Eye Kohl Review

MAC Minted Eye Kohl Review


Product Description:

A soft-on pencil liner that lines, defines and shades the eyes with rich colour and a silky-smooth, matte/pearl finish. Ophthalmologist tested.  MAC describes Minted as a “vibrant mint green with pearl.” Available in ten shades.


1000 INR for 1.36 gm/.048 US oz.

Minted 1

My Take on MAC Minted Eye Kohl:

I would describe “Minted” as a dense mint green with very, very subtle gold shimmer to it—it’s more like a pearly finish. The colour is super-pigmented for a pencil eyeliner and kohl. It can used to line the eyes, shade the eyelids or it can be used as a kohl on the waterline. It is superbly effective for all those things.

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Minted 2

I usually use this as a pencil liner on my lids (and only very rarely as kohl). The pigmentation, the utter smoothness with which it glides on, and the staying power are all impressive.

Minted 3

Speaking of the colour, I think that it is a fabulous one. I try to steer clear of dark or black eyeliners and kohls since I have fairly prominent dark circles. Wearing dark shades of kajal or eyeliner only draws attention to the dark circles. Colours like that of Minted are great to open up your eyes, make them seem considerably brighter and take attention away from dark circles and other imperfections around the eyes.

MAC Minted 4

Using this on my eyelids with some mascara pretty much makes me feel like I’m done with my eye makeup.

Pros of MAC Minted Eye Kohl:

  • Very soft pencil liner that glides on to eyes without any dragging or causing any irritation.
  • Can be used to line or shade the eyes and can also be used on the waterline as kohl.
  • The colour is superbly rich and pigmented.
  • The staying power is very impressive. It will stay put for at least five to six hours.
  • It doesn’t smudge or budge easily. If you have oily lids, then it might be useful to first dab some powder onto them and then apply this eye kohl.
  • The colour will work very well for people who have dark or dull eyes: it instantly brightens your eyes and makes them look bigger.
  • You can sharpen this pencil to suit your preference: whether you would like a more precise line on your eyes or softer shading effects.
  • Ophthalmologist tested. Does not cause any irritation to the eyes.

Cons of MAC Minted Eye Kohl:

Nothing that I can think of!

My Verdict on MAC Minted Eye Kohl:

This eye kohl is multi-purpose, safe, pigmented, soft, smooth and gorgeous! You can pick whichever colour you like best and opt for this fabulous product. I like this colour a lot for reasons that I have mentioned above. In every way, this eye kohl is a great makeup product to own.

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