MAC Studio Moisture Fix Lotion Review

While I was shopping for my wedding last year Priya suggested me to try MAC for few products like compact, foundation, etc. The MUA applied a moisturizer that smelled so good and also felt good on my skin. I asked her to give the entire set of products she applied on me and this MAC Studio Moisture Fix Lotion is one among that.

MAC Studio Moisture Fix Lotion
MAC Studio Moisture Fix Lotion

This 50ml moisturizer costs Rs.1510. This has a shelf life of 3 years.

This bottle comes in classic MAC packaging in black and white and is simple and neat. I can relate this smell to that of the MAC wipes. It smells so good and at the same time the smell is not very disturbing. This is a light lotion in plain white.

MAC Studio Moisture Fix Lotion
MAC Studio Moisture Fix Lotion box

The bottle has a pump that dispenses a small amount of the product and accordingly a little amount is sufficient every time.

MAC Studio Moisture Fix Lotion Pump
MAC Studio Moisture Fix Lotion Pump

I usually pump 3-4 times to apply the lotion on my face and neck. The lotion spreads easily and also gives an even coverage. If I am using this before foundation I would not take much quantity but while using it alone I would pump a couple of times more and that gives a dewy finish. If you have an oily skin then this might not suit you, so it is better to try it before getting this moisturizer.

I have been using this moisturizer for a year now, though it is a bit boring I love the effect it shows on my skin. It gives a glow on the face and also the skin feels smooth and soft. I would get this product for this shine and smoothness that I never got from any other moisturizer.

Pros of MAC Studio Moisture Fix Lotion

  • A light lotion while applied on the skin feels like my skin can still breathe.
  • Simple and cute packaging.
  • Small pump dispenses the right amount of product.
  • No spilling.
  • Easy to be carried around.
  • Smells really nice.
  • Gives a dewy finish.
Can you see the shine
Can you see the shine?
  • Moisturizes well.
  • Need not apply more than once per day.
  • Easily available in MAC stores.
  • A little amount is more than enough and hence this bottle will last long, at least for a year even if used every day.
MAC Studio Moisture Lotion Swatch
MAC Studio Moisture Lotion Swatch
  • Neatly packed.
  • Leaves the skin smooth and soft all day.

Cons of MAC Studio Moisture Fix Lotion

  • Might not suit oily skin.
  • Like with any other pump dispenser a little product gets clogged and while pumping the next time, the dried lotion falls out first.
  • Price is a bit high for a moisturizer.
  • During humid climate this feels a bit sticky on my skin.

My Rating – :-* :-* :-* :-*

Would I repurchase MAC Studio Fix Moisture Lotion? – Yes, but I have been using this for a year already and also if I find a better one then I might drop this out. Other than that I don’t find any reason to say a ‘No’ as I really love this on my skin.

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27 thoughts on “MAC Studio Moisture Fix Lotion Review

  1. @ Rati….didnt u once give a recipe to make sumthing like mac studio fix lotion at home???…could u post it again if u dont mind …i cant find it :((

    Thanx 🙂

  2. Aarthi…i have seen this at MAC stores but since its displayed at one remote corner never felt like trying it…do you think this works well for the winters for dry skin ? thanks for reviewing it :laugh: :cheers:

  3. Aarthi, Thanks a ton for the review. I have always wondered about MAC skin care products. I love MAC Fix + spray for both winters and summers. I’ll soon give this a try. 🙂

  4. me an oily…i guess this wont suit me…
    aarthi and rati….finally i got my hands on loccitane hand cream…itsa wonder product..

  5. Aarthi nice one :yes: but my day cream and sunscreen works as a moisturizer 😉

    so thinking whetehr to buy more ?:) btw we r dry skin buddies :hughright:

    so any suggestion ?

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