The Body Shop Moisture White UV Protection Cream

The Body Shop Moisture White UV Protection Cream

The Body Shop Moisture White UV Protection Cream

Product Claims:

Daily UVA/B protection. Softens skin and helps prevent uneven skin pigmentation. This sunscreen lotion is a pick from the Moisture White Range of The Body Shop product range. TBS promises to give you skin that looks fairer in just four weeks.

Price and Quantity:

Rs. 1595 for 30 ml.

Shelf Life:

3 years.

Best for all skin types.  SPF 25PA+++.

This sunscreen claims to protect your skin from UVB rays that causes sunburn and also from UVA that may cause long term skin damage. The PA ranking refers to the amount of protection the sunscreen offers from UVA rays. PA rankings are listed as PA+, PA++, PA+++. The more +’s, the more protection from UVA rays. So, for more protection, it is always advisable to choose a sunscreen which gives you protection from both UVA & UVB rays.

I must tell you that before picking this one I had done all this research.  Another important point I would like to mention here is that we should always apply sunscreen liberally around 30 minutes before going outdoors and reapply every 2 hours. I know it is kind of tedious and frankly even I skip doing that most of the times, but we should try to follow.


Shiso: It’s an unique Japanese herb which reduces the early melanin making signals before they trigger hyper pigmentation process.

Vitamin C and Liquorice: reduces the pigmentation at deepest epidermal layers of skin. Liquorice is a purple & white flower which is used for skin treatments.

Aloe: Soothing the skin and restoring its translucent complexion.

BATYL ALCOHOL: Helps to reduce skin response to the melanin attack on the skin.

uv cream

What I Love about The Body Shop Moisture White UV Protection Cream:

I was feeling great on picking such a luxurious sunscreen with such sumptuous ingredient list and after some R&D about them, gave me a sense of satisfaction that my money is well spent. It’s like you have already won half the battle. Now, it was just a matter of applying it regularly and I was hoping to avoid all the tanning this summer. The texture is not at all creamy; in fact, on applying, you will definitely get a slight whitish cast to your face, which during the day time is quite visible and as the texture is not creamy, you have to really work hard to rub it and spread it everywhere, but I have observed that in a while, it gets absorbed by the skin and you are back to normal.


I don’t feel itchiness or irritation, neither does it cause me any breakouts. It’s not making my T-zone oily and gives my face a matte effect. Now, let’s talk about fragrance, I must say it has a very subtle fragrance, mostly it seems like you are smelling some chemicals. So, not so pleasant!

Pros of the The Body Shop Moisture White UV Protection Cream:

  • I really liked the properties of this lotion, as it is a full spectrum sun block which protects you from UVA/B rays.
  • It’s oil free, hence suitable for all skin types.
  • It does not heavy feel on skin.
  • It’s a small and very handy tube.

Cons of the The Body Shop Moisture White UV Protection Cream:

  • I found it too extravagant; I think I can get an alternative at a cheaper price too.
  • At times, it becomes really difficult to spread the cream, it dries too quickly.
  • Overall, I do like this sun block and it gives very satisfying results.



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  2. hey sukanya, u know AVON has almost similar watch in their next brochure.. :yahoo: :yahoo: & I already have it.. :whistle: :whistle:

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  4. i had bought the neutrogena sheer dry touch sunblock a month back, n it made my face shiny n oily within 30-40mins of application…since then, i am not a big fan of these brands which claim to be mattifying :-/ :nababana: :nababana: the sunscreen reviews hardly help me considering how extra oily my skin is.. :daayan: :daayan: :daayan:

    1. i got the body mist sunscreen spf 30 from neutrogena…thought it would be light weight or something… it too had similar effect on me…made it sweaty,shiny and oily within 30 mins :ghost2: :ghost2: :ghost2: …its lying as it is for about a year now…hate sunscreens, all make me sweaty.. :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:

  5. Nice review Shilpi..
    But fr matte effect and sunscreen, i\’d rather stick with lotus or neutrogena..!!! :waiting: :waiting:

  6. hey it looks and sounds exactly like sungrace from galderma which was prescribed to me by a derma.i can tell u without doubt that its the best sunscreen i have evr used tht too it costs only some 250-350 ish for 100 ml bottle …goes on easily for 2 mnths even though i apply it daily and quite liberally…guess its available at quite a few pharmacies

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