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Preetha asks:

I need ur advice on what brushes to buy.This is the first time I am buying brushes.I have been seeing a lot of good reviews on sigma brushes.From your reviews, I have decided to get the below ones.

  • Sigma F30-large powder brush
  • Sigma F70-concealer brush
  • Sigma E55-eyeshadow brush
  • Sigma F80-Flat top kabuki brush for the blush

I also require a good foundation and eyeliner brush.Kindly suggest.I thought of buying the sigma professional brush kit that contains 12 brushes but dont know if all are good.Please list down the ones that I should order from sigma.I will be getting mac studio tech foundation so I want to know if I would need to use a brush for the same and if so which one.

In Chennai only vega is easily available.But am skeptical as Iam buying brushes for the first time and would want them to be of good quality and last longer.TBS and MAC are available but I feel MAC is overpriced.Please help me out with this confusion.


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  1. Just copy pasting my answer from prev post :

    E 55 – For applying eye shadow.
    E 40 – blending, for applying loose powder under the eyes, on lids or just dusting of any excess eyshadow fall out on your face.
    E 30 – For doing crease work , smudging pencil liners and applying eye shadow on your lower lashline.
    E 25 – multi purpose but a must have .

    You don’t need a brush for liquid liner . If you use gel liners any fine thin brush from regular brands would do.

    They sell only eye brush kit as well. And i think they give e 25 free with that kit.


    You may pick powder, foundation and blush brush from TBS

    Inglot makes excellent eye liner brush but that I guess wouldnt be possible for you to pick. SO the only brush left to pick from MAC is your eye liner brush.

  2. I don’t have any sigma brushes….so I can’t help you here :-(( :-((
    But please don’t go for Vega….same thinking as Naina…they are very inferior quality.

    I have MAC brushes. The one which I would recommend for you is MAC 217 as its a versatile eye brush. You can use it to apply eye shadows, blending, for crease, for pigments. :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

  3. Hold on just a little bit, Preetha – I am finishing a Brush post actually and will send it to Rati the next hours. :-* :-* :-* For the moment: I know that MAC brushes are less than cheap but I personally would recommend the MAC 130 for foundation application (loved the 136 for that but MAC discontinued the brush), if you really want to start using brushes for foundation. Means: Sponge application does very good work at that too, since the refining job is done by sponges anyway. I would rather go for a good basic kit little by little and a foundation brush is nothing you really need at the beginning. So if f. e. you only could buy one face brush I would go for a good poweder brush first.

    I am not impressed buy the Sigma brushes at all but I think they are ok for casual use.

  4. Hay Preetha… get the eye brush kit from Sigma.. Eye makeup is impossible without good brushes..

    For face, a nice fluffy kabuki and a semi-firm stippling brush would take care of everything- Foundation, cream blush, blending and of course the air-brushed look. A good blush brush for powder blushes is also a must.

    So get the eye kit from Sigma and three of the abve individual face brushes. I have never used anby brush for lips. Never felt i needed to, so i would refrain from any set.

    As you are already set on Sigma, I won’t dissuade you. But I am lovvvvvving my Coastal Scents brushes which are less than half the price of Sigma brushes. They are amazingly soft and useful. I could review them if you want.

    1. thanx Mrun..pls do review coastal scents as well..iv just started building my any info would be of great help to me 🙂

      1. Done.. I was being lazy bout the CS brushes review, but now I am motivated enough.. Will surely do it in a day or two… :-* :-*

  5. Ummm..are all the brushes in the sigma eye kit good?I read that the angled brush and eyeliner brush are not good enough…I see from the website that TBS is also reasonable priced…the foundation brush is impressive…any specific brushes that anybody would suggest…

  6. Hello 😀 Ok I just wanted to say that buying a foundation brush is rally not soooo imp at first with Studio tech – I think it applies better with a sponge that comes with the pack but there are 2 problems with that 1. it gets dirty quickly and 2 it soaks up the product 🙁 but I still prefer th finish u get with a sponge rather than a brush which I find ends up applying Studio Tech far too cakey (am only talking studio tech not other foundations) …. so I would suggest … grab a few eye brushes and a blush brush .. get the foundation … see how you find the sponge applicator and then later araaam se u can get a brush if u need … MAC also sells spare sponges so if using one grosses u out just a buy a couple of those 😛

    1. I agree, Janhavi. Especially if someone just startet building up a kit there are several brushes I would consider more important than a foundation brush.

    2. thank u so much Janhavi…am actually getting crazy after brushes now…want to build a kit and then show off..hehe..kdding…il be getting engaged soon so I think they would be of great use :-))

      1. heee heeee so buy lots of brushes 😀 😀 😀 😀 like buy a good amount of eye brushes and contour brushes, a kabuki, a good blush brush – just that I really dont think u will end up needing a brush for studio tech so buy all ur brushes but the foundation brush – like once u try studio tech u will see that the texture of tht foundation is not conducive to brush using … it goes on very yucky and thick …. so eventually u might find tht ur sexy foundation brush is lying unused in some corner :-(( :-(( :-(( :-(( :-(( :-((

        You can have perfectly sexy show off kit w/o a foundation brush 😛 😛 😛 😛

        I used to use the MAC 188 for foundation when I used to use Studio Fix Fluid and I still think its one of the most annoying brushes ever ….

        but seriously as an investment you HAVE to buy the MAC 116 … its a divine brush for blush application/contouring

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