Makeup For the Gym

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How to Do Gym Makeup

Nobody wants to flaunt their flaws and shortcomings in a place like the gym, where everyone comes to maintain or achieve good looks. Being in close proximity with others as you sweat and pant, you definitely don’t want to look your worst. Yet, it’s not attractive to have foundation soiling your facecloth or mascara running down your face. Read on for some tips to keep in mind while you do your makeup for the gym.

Start by washing the face and neck area well.

1. Foundation

It’s better to use a sunless tanner or a tinted moisturizer rather than a foundation. Choose a shade close to or just a bit darker than your natural skin tone, so that it blends in well with your rosy flush. These products leave your pores open and allow skin to breathe, so you can still wipe your sweaty face without worry.

If foundation is absolutely necessary, use a primer to absorb excess oil first. Choose a matte-look sweat-proof foundation which preferably contains mineral silica as an ingredient to combat oiliness and shine. Buy products that are either gel or silicone based.

2. Blush

There is no particular need for blush or bronzer as the workout will add colour to your cheeks. Applying blusher tends to look a tad bit harsh for the gym environment. The best makeup for the gym is that which doesn’t look like you’re wearing any, but hides the flaws well.
gym makeup

3. Eyes

Wear waterproof and smudge-proof mascaras and eyeliners. Choose products that are gel-based or liquid-based with silicone.

Don’t overdo the eyeshadow, and use a subtle natural shade. Start applying eyeshadow from the lashline to the crease. Blend up to the brow bone. Keep it natural and dewy.
Apply a subtle brown eyeshadow to the lashline with a flat angled brush instead of the eyeliner. Finish the look with a coat of dark brown mascara.
A little concealer under the eyes and you’re good to go.

4. Lips

Lipstick is not a good choice for the gym because it is likely to smudge. Use a chapstick to soften lips and apply a sheer gloss with a natural tint.

5. Hair

Tie up your hair into a high ponytail or a French plait and use cute clips to pin up loose hair. Your hair may be beautiful, but having it all over your face while you sweat it out on the cross-trainer doesn’t seem like a smart idea. Sport a chick and stylish look with a smart headband to push away all the loose hair from your face.

Remove your makeup and cleanse your face properly when you are home to unclog all the pores that the makeup, sweat and grime had covered up.

The best part about doing makeup for the gym is that when you know you are looking good, you’ll also feel good from within. Self-consciousness will not burden your mind while exercising and your confidence will have a positive effect upon the workout.

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16 thoughts on “Makeup For the Gym

  1. For some reason I’m against this. I used to see ladies come all dolled up in Zumba class. And then don’t ask what happened when the class got over. Even if its the best quality makeup, what’s the point. The gym is one place Where you sweat and grunt and unless you are not into heavy work outs or just to meet someone there I feel hygiene comes much before vanity

  2. for me for the hair a hair band works best since I use the treadmill and I also do floor exercises so the butterfly clips get a little irritating and I have to invariably remove them

  3. I am only a kajal and gloss kinda person and I dont go to gym too 😉 BTW, nice article Bhumycka :waytogo: :waytogo:

  4. i don’t like the concept of wearing makeup to the gym. there’s one lady who wears a bright pink lippie and another girl who wears different shades of liner and kajal everyday to the gym and we all hoot with laughter looking at them. it’s better to go with a clean face and let the sweat do the talking. nothing can beat a the fresh natural flush of a good workout!

    1. That’s so true Rima! 🙂
      I too find the idea of makeup for a workout ridiculous. But then I never thought of the self-consciousness factor for some people.
      That last paragraph’s interesting, Bhumycka! 🙂 :star:

  5. Are yaar! Whats all the fuss about wearing or not wearing makeup to the gym. I always have some makeup on since I go in middle of the day from work to gym and then back to work…so I need nice staying power and water-proof stuff. I usually dont have time to re-apply everything back…..just a touch-up is okay…..I just splash my face with water and dab dab dab the paper towel on my face… bye bye sweat, but makeup pretty much stays on.

    Aur thoda kajal-lipstick kiya to kya problem hai? if done in taste, there is no harm.

    But agar party makeup karke gaye…to sab hasenge na?

    Anyways… point is…..I have seen good-looking girls wear minimal makeup at gym and they look sooooooo good!

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