Makeup Revolution Encore Amazing Lipstick Review

Hello my shining stars!

Hope you are shining bright inside and outside. Yesterday, I did some fun shopping for my upcoming birthday. During my fun shopping, I pick up random things without spending time in making any decision. It is like ordering a completely new food in a restaurant (I am a food junkie). If you like the food, then you would try it again and if not, then you would just have a good laugh at your own choice and move on. Of course, that is possible only when the prices are low. This is my first lipstick from the brand, Makeup Revolution. I have read quite a number of reviews about this brand on IMBB and therefore, I have decided to give it a try myself. I am super excited to share all the information with you and here it goes.

Makeup Revolution Encore Amazing Lipstick

Product Description:
You will be amazed at the quality of the lipstick, this is your MUST HAVE lipstick, and better still, amazing value at £1 each so you can collect them all! Over 20 shades of this creamy, long lasting lipstick with high colour payoff. From nudes to brights, and mattes to creamy there is something to suit everyone.


Makeup Revolution Encore Amazing Lipstick 2

My Experience with Makeup Revolution Encore Amazing Lipstick:

There was not any tester available for this product at the store. I got the hint about the shade from the bullet and had no clue about the texture, pigmentation or other things. The experience of picking up random things is quite similar to that of an arranged marriage. You do not know anything about your partner, but you still feel excited and optimistic. I felt the same way for this lipstick. I had gladly embraced the uncertainty. I prefer bold colors and the ones that brighten up my face.

Encore comes in a black bullet packaging with the color on the lid that shows the actual color of the lipstick inside. You can open the transparent lid and use it with the help of a lip brush. One of the major flaws is that there is no mention of the color on the base. Therefore, it might get mixed with other Makeup Revolution lipsticks, when you are in a hurry. The packaging is very similar to MUA lipsticks, which few first time buyers may find confusing. I feel they might lose their brand identity because of this reason. Makeup Revolution should come up with a unique packaging idea of their own soon. It feel fragile and weak on hand, and the cap shuts with a click.

Makeup Revolution Encore Amazing Lipstick 3

The shade is light pink with silver shimmers. When I applied it on my lips, the silver shimmers dominated the shade making my lips look white. I did not like the color at all. Foolishly, I was expecting a glossy kind of effect from this frosty lipstick. Only few college goers might like this shade.

The texture is creamy and buttery. It glides well on the dry lips. You do not need lip balm underneath the lipstick and it does not feel heavy on the lips.

Makeup Revolution Encore Amazing Lipstick 4

I had to swipe it 2-3 times to cover the lips. It does not cover my naturally pigmented lips. The lipstick does not settle on fine lines and shimmers do not travel all over the face, even while eating.

It has a cough syrup or a fruity bubble gum like smell, but that goes away immediately after application on lips.

Staying Power:
The staying power of this is really good compared to lipsticks from other brands. I had applied it in the morning at around 11 A.M and had a light breakfast but it remained intact. Then, I had lunch around 2 P.M and it still stayed on my lips, though it had slightly faded. When the shimmer starts fading, the light pink shade becomes visible on the lips, which looks good. To make it work you have to wait for 3-4 hours. It stays on lips for at least 3 hours.

Makeup Revolution Encore Amazing Lipstick 5

Makeup Revolution Encore Amazing Lipstick 6

In some of the online shopping sites the shade looks purple, which it clearly is not, as you can see in the pictures.

It easily gets removed by any makeup remover leaving behind a little shimmer on the lips.

Pros of Makeup Revolution Encore Amazing Lipstick:

  • Cheap.
  • Smooth and light texture.
  • Non-drying.
  • Good staying power.
  • Shimmers will not travel all over your face.

Cons of Makeup Revolution Encore Amazing Lipstick:

  • Shade itself is not good.
  • Shimmers look white on lips.
  • Odd packaging.
  • Not good for pigmented lips.
  • Transfers a little.
  • Ingredients list is not mentioned.

Will I Recommend/ Repurchase Makeup Revolution Encore Amazing Lipstick?
My arranged marriage with this product clearly did not go well and I am quite happily ending this relationship. I would not recommend this to anyone and would never ever repurchase it. But, I might try other shades from this range like vice, luscious, crime, depraved and 100% vamp because the prices are quite low and I have not tried those shades yet.

IMBB Rating:

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