Marc Jacobs Understudy (114), Voila (120) Lovemarc Lip Gel Review, Swatch

Marc Jacobs Understudy (114), Voila (120) Lovemarc Lip Gel Review, Swatch

lovemarc lipstick voila

Marc Jacobs Voila 120 Lovemarc Lip Gel 

Claims :

  •  New gellified formula combines creaminess, comfort, and a sleek shine finish.
  •  Plumping pigments increase volume while reducing signs of age.
  •  Fall in love with the sleek magnetic case and iconic dot closure.
  •  A selective color range of 16 shades inspired by Marc’s favorite movies.

Price : $30 / Rs 1,800 approx

My Experience with MARC Jacobs Lovemarc Lip Gel Lipsticks

Voila 120 is a beautiful fuchsia pink. It has reddish undertones. Understudy 114 is a soft peachy brown color. For some people it might be a perfect n*de shade. On me it looks more pale peach shade.

I love both the shades. I am totally addicted to these lipsticks. 🙂

  • The texture of these lipsticks is soft glossy. The glossy / creamy texture makes lips look plump and healthy.
  • They feel lightweight and hydrating when applied on lips.
  • Both the lipsticks are pretty pigmented and can be built up to a full on bright lip color with a few swipes. Plus, they don’t get cakey.
  • They is no bleeding or smudging of the color.
  • They don’t accentuate the fine lines of lips.
  • They have a soft vanilla fragrance. Pretty much like your MAC lipsticks.
  • They glide on easily and are pretty creamy. But not creamy to the extent that they’d sit your lips and settle in fine lines. In my opinion it is the perfect texture – a mix of gel and cream.
  • The only annoying and very annoying thing about these lipsticks is the staying power. 3 hours and they are gone completely from my lips. Even the bright fuchsia color disappears with no stain on lips. 🙁 So I have to literally layer on the color with “patting with a tissue and reapplying the lipstick” technique. Only then they last long and leave a stain behind after a few hours.
  • The packaging is gorgeous. The outer casing is glossy black. And they have a magnetic closure that closes with a super satisfying click. 😀
  • Marc Jacobs products are not available in India yet but they are launching in Sephora India in a few months. So yayyy!!! 🙂

Despite the sad staying power, I totally enjoy wearing these lipsticks. They look great on lips and feel absolutely great. Even on sad lips say, these lipsticks make lips look good. Worth trying 🙂

Rating : 3.95/5

love marc lipstick voila


marc jacobs lipstick voila

marc jacobs lipstick voila photos

marc jacobs lipstick voila review

Marc Jacobs Understudy 114 Lovemarc Lip Gel 


marc jacobs lipstick understudy

marc jacobs lipstick understudy review, swatch


left understudy, right voilamarc-jacobs-lipstick Swatches : left – voila, right – understudy


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  1. I love how pretty you look with Voila on you, Rati! 🙂 The combination of your lip color and your pretty earrings is just rocking! 🙂

  2. Omgg Rati beauty ki devi u look! u look awesome and loving the earrings too!
    loving all your looks these days!
    lipsticks look amazing!

  3. Hi Rati…the smile in fotd does say which one do you personally like more :)….Though both look great on you. As its said correctly fashion is about comfort and confidence.

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