Daisy Marc Jacobs Luminous Body Lotion Review

Daisy Marc Jacobs Luminous Body Lotion Review

Hello everyone,

Today, I would like review one of my best luxury products which I bought at a real high price.  Its the Daisy Marc Jacobs Luminous Body Lotion.  This is not easily available, I had bought it from Mumbai, though its available at online shopping sites.



The lotion comes in a black box with floral border with golden imprint.


I bought it for around 3500 INR. I know it’s really costly, but I couldn’t resist myself.  Price varies across stores and sites.


150 ml.


Daisy Marc Jacobs Luminous Body Lotion 2

My Take on Daisy Marc Jacobs Luminous Body Lotion:

There’s a general belief that if something is costly, it has to be good, and in most cases it is true, ditto with this body lotion.  I use it occasionally as I do not want to finish it off soon.  The lotion is not that runny or liquid in nature, rather it is very creamy in texture. Why it is called “luminous?” Let me tell you, as soon as you rub it on your body, you can see tiny silver glitters.

Marc jabobs body lotion

Now, what about the fragrance? It is very floral in nature as if specially made just for those special occasions 😉 Most of us would love it. It is edgy, you can say that its a blend of vanilla, musk, strawberry, violet leaves that gives it a very feminine feel. Though it is a body lotion, it does not turn my dry skin super soft, it didn’t work wonders that way.  I would suggest you to apply it after your regular body lotion. Also, the fragrance lingers on for a real good time, more than three hours and can be easily sniffed by the person sitting next to you. For example, as soon as I sit in the car after applying it, somebody or the other definitely asks me “aaj kya lagaya hai?” But as soon as you wash your hands, the glitter vanishes in seconds, but the fragrance lingers on.

Daisy Marc Jacobs Luminous Body Lotion 3

Daisy Marc Jacobs Luminous Body Lotion

What I Like about Daisy Marc Jacobs Luminous Body Lotion:

  • Its fragrance, which is really very special.
  • The glitter it imparts, so you can easily shine in a party in an elegant way 😛
  • The cap, twist and turn style.

What I Dislike about Daisy Marc Jacobs Luminous Body Lotion:

  • Very expensive.
  • Quantity could have been more.
  • Availability is a problem.
  • Does not moisturize skin adequately.

Would I Recommend Daisy Marc Jacobs Luminous Body Lotion?

I know gals, it is a bit expensive, but you cn give this one a try, after all, its Marc Jacobs!

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