Marks and Spencer Lavender Moisturising Hand and Body Lotion Review

Marks and Spencer Lavender Moisturising Hand and Body Lotion

Hello gorgeous ladies,

I enjoyed shopping a lot few days back as there was flat 50% off sale at all infinity malls, inorbit and lifestyle. I bought some stuff from catwalk and global desi but, sadly there was no discount on fragrances. Anyway, today I’ll be sharing my last product from Marks and Spencer lavender range.


Price: Rs 225 (I got it in the kit but it will cost somewhere around this price)

Product description: Capturing the fragrance of sweet lavender, this hand and body lotion conditions and nourishes skin leaving it beautifully scented, soft and smooth.

• 250ml
• Conditions and nourishes skin
• Lavender fragrance

Directions: Massage all over your body and hands as required for smooth, soft skin.

Key ingredients: Lavender extract, glycerin.


My take on Marks and Spencer Lavender Moisturising Hand and Body Lotion:

I think this range and the entire floral collection is designed for people who love pure floral fragrances, people who love fruity ones will like these products only for a few days. What I would advise the fruity lovers and infact all the people is that don’t just go and buy a kit like me until and unless you want to gift it to someone, try one product and if you like the smell then go for the same range products. I have this lotion in medium size so it is great for travelling .The packaging is serene and purely represents the lavender colour. It comes in a tube with a transparent cap. The lotion itself is white in colour but, I suppose we cannot call it a lotion, because lotions are always runny and this is moderately thick and not runny at all.

It glided very smoothly on my skin and a very little amount is needed for the body. The fragrance is very floral and this is the only thing in the entire range that actually smelled like lavender to me. Though I don’t like floral fragrance yet I liked how it smelled on me. The fragrance lasts on the skin for less than an hour because of its mild nature. It absorbs as soon as it is applied and there is no need to massage it. I like that it did not make my skin any oily or greasy but I do not think it will be suitable for people who have very dry skin especially during winter and I think in summers the skin might feel a bit greasy but not much. It kept my skin hydrated for like 3-4 hours but, then I could feel a need of moisture as well the fragrance because I do not like body lotions whose fragrance does not last long. The second thing is that it does not contain SPF and SPF is a must for me, so that disappointed a little. Overall I loved how it made my skin soft but I think I can never become loyal to floral fragrances.


Pros of Marks and Spencer Lavender Moisturising Hand and Body Lotion:

-A very good size for travelling
-Affordable and available at the M & S stores too
-A very floral fragrance and smells like sweet lavender and this has the best fragrance from the entire range
-Very easy to spread on the skin and only a pea sized amount is needed
-Absorbs as soon as applied
-Does not make the skin greasy or oily
-Makes the skin very smooth and supple
-A very attractive and royal packaging
-A small hole for the product to come out

Cons of Marks and Spencer Lavender Moisturising Hand and Body Lotion:

-The size is very small so will get over in 20 days if applied daily
-It is a fragrance which all may not like especially the fruity fragrance lovers
-Does not contain SPF
-Fragrance lasts only for less than an hour because the fragrance is quite subtle and mild

Will I repurchase/ recommend it?

Yes it is great for daily application and people who like floral fragrance will love this as the smell is very fresh but I think people like me who like fruity fragrances will get irritated with this smell in a few days. Body lotions from the entire kits are the best and that is what I have observed in the magnolia as well as the lavender range.

Rating: 4/5

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