Matrix SoColor Conditioning Permanent Hair Color Review

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I wanted to add nice blonde streaks on my dark brown hair, but didn’t want to waste too much time and money at an expensive salon. I decided to do it myself and shortlisted Matrix hair color. I picked up the shade “Chocolate Super Light Blonde.”

Matrix SoColor Conditioning Permanent Hair Color Review

Product Description:
This permanent hair colour cream comes in a 90 ml tube and is priced at INR 400 (price may vary since it is an imported product).

It offers the following features:
• 360 Degree Keratin Protection
• Lasting full coverage and vibrant colour
• Anti-Drying formula with shiny, even results root to tip
• Optimized for Asian hair

How To Apply:
After conducting the allergy test as mentioned in the pack, mix one part Socolor with one and half part Matrix Cream Developer. For example 90 ml SOCOLOR + 135ml of Matrix Cream Developer. Apply from root to tip for full coverage or in parts as desired. Wait for 35-45 minutes which is the standard development time at room temperature. Rinse hair thoroughly after development time.

Matrix SoColor Conditioning Permanent Hair Color shade name

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My Experience with Matrix SoColor Conditioning Permanent Hair Color:

After the initial disappointment of not getting the exact blonde shade which I wanted, this product turned out to be a favourite in my list of hair colors that I have tried so far. Instead of the blonde streaks which I was expecting before ordering the product, it gave my hair that perfect, sun-kissed look, which completely changed my look altogether.

Matrix SoColor Conditioning Permanent Hair Color

This one is not a normal blonde hair color, but a chocolate-y glaze color which shines in the sun. I was not able to get blonde streaks with this hair color, but it made my hair shine naturally and gave it a uniform chocolate colour coverage. The convenient and non-messy tube package and the product in cream format attracted me as against many other hair colours which comes in powder form and requires tedious preparation before applying. I found this extremely easy to mix and apply and it did not irritate my nose or arms even when I applied it without using gloves.

Matrix SoColor Conditioning Permanent Hair Color full

I got it online and to my shock, the seller never mentioned anything regarding the developer cream tube which has to be purchased along with this cream colorant. So, when the product got delivered, I was confused initially as to how to get the exact shade which stays permanently in hair.

As per the instructions, if it is not mixed with the developer cream in the proportions as mentioned, the colour will get rinsed off with the next shampoo. I was fortunate enough to spot a developer cream tube in my cupboard though it came along with Revlon Hair colour. It can be applied all over the hair to get a natural, vibrant, and sun-kissed color rather than streaks. But I divided my hair into sections and applied to find out whether it would cause any hair fall which is so common with other hair colors.

Matrix SoColor Conditioning Permanent Hair Color swatch

It is supposed to be a permanent hair color, means the color stays till new hair grows or the old strands are cut. Somewhere I read that the color stays till the 30th shampooing session. I colored my hair at the beginning of March and it is becoming more bright with each passing day. I am shampooing every alternate day, so now calculate 😛

This hair color did make my hair super soft as they clam and my hair had this refreshing scent for a few days. I did face minor hair fall during the initial days, but it stopped within a week or so. I have this hair color perfect for my natural hair without styling and with styling, it gives that extra shine and sleek feel with chocolate tints all over my hair.

Pros of Matrix SoColor Conditioning Permanent Hair Color:

  • Vibrant colour permanent hair color.
  • Imparts shiny, sun-kissed look to hair.
  • Extremely easy to apply, doesn’t irritate skin or nose during application.

Cons of Matrix SoColor Conditioning Permanent Hair Color:

  • Causes minor hair fall.
  • Developer tube should be bought separately.

Overall, it would be the perfect choice if you are looking for a natural chocolate hair color which glistens in the sun if applied fully.

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  1. Hi,I recently got my hair coloured in salon.It was my first time.Could you please suggest me Colour Protect Shampoo and tips on how to take care of them?

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