Matrix Opti Care Smoothing Shampoo Review


Hi everyone!!!

Matrix range is specially formulated for chemically straightened hair. I was recommended this shampoo by my hair stylist, though I haven’t got my hair chemically straightened.

matrix opti care smoothing shampoo

Product being reviewed: Matrix smoothing shampoo

About the product: smooth and straight is a professional haircare line formulated to help control and smooth chemically straightened hair. Enriched with Silk amino acids and Shea Butter to help protect, condition and moisturize for healthy looking, silky, shiny hair.
Smoothing shampoo> Step 1> Cleanse.
Gently cleanses and moisturizes. Softens texture, tames frizz, adds shine and manageability to leave hair silky smooth.

To Use:
Ally to wet hair and lather with a gentle massaging motion. Rinse. Follow with step 2> smooth and straight smoothing conditioner.

Shampoo- surfactant based.

Aqua/water, sodium laureth sulfate, disodium cocoamphodiacetate, dimethicone, sodium chloride, cetyl alcohol, hexylene glycol, hydroxystearyl cetyl ether, fragrance, benzoic acid, salicylic acid, propylene glycol, guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, carbomer, benzylsalicylate, methylparaben, cocamide mipa, sodium citrate, disodium EDTA, citric acid, butylparaben, ethylparaben, hexylcinnamal, butylphenyl methylpropional, isobutyl paraben, propylparaben, arginine hcl, shea butter, silk amino acids.

Matrix Opticare smoothing shampoo

Rs 260 for 200 ml

Shelf Life:
Best before 36 months from date of manufacture.

It comes in nice sturdy orange colored cylindrical bottle with a flip cap. The cap is quite tight, hence its travel friendly.

MAtrix smoothing shampoo review

My take on this product:

  •  The shampoo is white is color and is not at all thick; it can drip from the sides of your palm if palm is tilted. It has a mild citrusy fragrance; I think it’s of guava.
  •  I have used entire bottle of this shampoo and I can say, that it’s true to its claims. I don’t know how it’s going to work on chemically straightened hair, but it definitely works very well for my hair. It cleans my hair in a single wash and removes oil completely. My hair feel very soft and smooth after wash. It lathers very well. Hair are quite moisturized after wash. It tames my frizzy hair, but at at the same time doesn’t leave my hair greasy or oily. My hair do seem straight later. My mom always had the problem that her hair would become rough after washing. But, now her problem is solved. She loves this shampoo. It reduces hair fall as well. The texture of my hair has improved with time. I have used it once with conditioner from the same range and I can say that, it improves the texture even more and benefits more. The fragrance of guava doesn’t linger for long after wash. This might be problem for people who love to use perfumed shampoos.
  • The entire bottle lasts for long. It’s available in a bigger packing as well.


  •  Lives to its claims
  •  Nice fruity scent
  •  Lathers well
  •  Makes hair smooth and soft
  •  Moisturizes hair well
  •  Hair appear to be straight after wash
  •  Tames frizz
  •  Improves texture of hair after using regularly
  •  Hair fall has reduced
  •  Travel friendly




  •  Pricey!!!
  •  Contains lot of chemicals(parabens also)
  •  Fragrance doesn’t linger for long after washing
  •  Availability is an issue (only at salons or online)

Imbb rating: 4.5/5

Will I repurchase?
Yes. I have already got the second bottle

Do I recommend?
Yes. If you have problem of frizziness, give this shampoo a try.

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31 thoughts on “Matrix Opti Care Smoothing Shampoo Review

  1. I was using this Shampoo and conditioner 2 yrs back.. initially it worked well for me but gradually it started drying out my hair.. 🙁

    1. m sorry about that anu 🙁 its working for me right now. will stop using it if it dries my hair 🙁 thanks for warning me.. 🙂

    2. the same is happening with me Anu…have been using this for a while now, but as the rebonded hair are now almost gone with growth and hair-cuts, this is giving me my ‘worst hair days of my life’…… :-((((

      1. This shampoo is working very good for me and my mom. May be, we should keep an eye on any damage it causes. Thanks for letting me and everyone here know this 🙂

    1. thanks ritu 🙂 I didnt know you had a bad experience with it. Thanks for letting me know. 🙂 I wont recommend this shampoo to everyone now. That means it suits only a few..

  2. ohhh coooolll …only yesterdayy i was eyeing this on an online store….coz i’m aboiut to get my hair straightened… great to hear that it works so welll 🙂 thanks for the review!! 🙂 🙂

  3. I use the opti care heat protective serum everytime in iron my hiar..its good..i ahd seen this several times in the saloon,but never wanted to try..knew it would be loaded with chemicals..

  4. Nice review Surbhi…tames frizz!!…sounds like what i need right now..but parabens :'( ..guess i’ll stick to rainforest as long as i can!!

    1. shanaiia it does tames frizz. you can use it on very worst days of frizz and dry hair and continue using rainforest on usual days.

  5. Hello I was randomly looking up on the internet and I came across this page. Well to begin with this is an amazing shampoo. secondly I do not understand why everyone is so much scared of parabens? Parabens are harmful only if you exceed the limit of amount in which they should be used and the limit would be somewhere around 25microg. The cosmetic products contain no more than 0.03 to 0.3 percent of it which serves the function of a preservative. This is no way can harm your hair/scalp or body or anything. Only exception is that some people might be allergic to it. Otherwise its completely safe. These paraben shampoos that are gaining hype in the market actually may contain even more harmful chemicals.
    I am a dermatologist.

  6. I really had my hopes up while buying this shampoo but I didn’t work for me. I’m very disappointed. My hair are still dry + the conditioner led to hair fall. I’m tired of experimenting with shampoos. Can anybody suggest a good shampoo for dry hair please?

  7. I used to matrix Opti hair serum and but serum became so thicker and product is not exp. It’s exp. Date will come 2018 so i wanna to know that product is safe to use it

  8. I have naturally straight hair but its very dry and frizzy as I don’t oil my hair(because I’m allergic to the hair oils) but I do use well hair mask. Could you guide me as to which one of these should I continue for my hair – Matrix Opti Care Smoothing Shampoo or Matrix Biolage Oiltherapie Ultra Nourishing oil shampoo ? I had a great experience with both but I’m confused as to which one would benefit my hair and its frizzy and dry texture more. So please help me.

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