Max Factor Nail Finity Fresh Rain 147 Nail Polish – A Classic!

Max Factor NailFinity Fresh Rain 147 Nail Polish

Hello Ladies!

It’s been a while since I wrote my last post, but here I am, back again. 😀 And as you might have already acknowledged, today I am about to review “MaxFactor NailFinity Fresh Rain 147 Nail Polish”, for you guys.

Metallic’s and shades of grey have remained pretty much in trend this season and I was dying to get my hands on a shade that supports this trend. And after safely searching for a couple of shades from various brands I zeroed down on Fresh Rain for various reasons.

Price – $12 / 10ml (Amazon Price) (INR 720)

My Experience with Max Factor Nail Finity Fresh Rain:

Honestly, the reason I vouched for Max Factor’s Fresh Rain, was because I wanted to sport the metallic grey trend without having much to worry about the entire boardroom getting distracted. 😀 Fresh Rain has very pretty moonlight shimmer to it, which gradually turn silverish as you apply your second/third coat. It is a very nice alternative to silver nail paints which tend to be harsh/dramatic. The shimmer is not over the top. The nail paint is very fresh and clean and more like an all-weather nail paint.
What I don’t like about Fresh Rain is that the formula is a bit sheer. (See the picture of first coat of the nail paint). It is not a problem per se and I know a lot of people are actually a fan of that look. I, however, am complaining, since, I am fond of the opaque aluminium silver finish look of Fresh Rain, which you get after finishing the 3rd coat. (Too much hardwork for me. :P)


Having said that, I would have to admit that the nail paint dries off quickly! What you do have to worry about however, is the brush – It is very thin and something I wish Max Factor would have worked on. You really have to work your way with the brush, especially if you are not a fan of visible brush strokes. Apart from this, I am very happy with the nail paint and more so because I grabbed this beauty for $8 (less than it’s actual price).

P.S. – This nail paint looks really elegant when worn in contrast to warmer pink, mauve, purple and burgundy shades.

Pros of MaxFactor NailFinity Fresh Rain 147 Nail Polish:

  •  Quick Dry – 🙂
  •  Does not Chip – It lasts really good! I guess it stayed on for about a week without chipping.
  •  Gives the illusion of soft metallic nail paints.
  •  Does not dry out – I have had this nail paint for more than a year and not once have I used thinner!
    Expiry – 36 months.
  •  Toluene & DBP free (Though it was not mentioned on the bottle itself – I once asked Max Factor representative and she assured me that all Max Factors Nail paints are Toluene and DBP free)



Cons of MaxFactor NailFinity Fresh Rain 147 Nail Polish:

  •  Thin Brush.
  •  Streaky.
  •  Price – $12 for 10 ml (At this price, I expect a better brush).

IMBB Rating:


Would I repurchase Max Factor Nail Finity Fresh Rain?

Maybe, but I guess, next time I would search for a nail paint with perhaps similar shade but better brush quality.

Would I recommend Max Factor Nail Finity Fresh Rain?

Yes, If visible brushstrokes are not a problem for you and if you know your way to deal with them! Also, if the price does not bother you too!

I hope you found the review helpful. Do comment below and let me know. If you already own this nail paint, please feel free to share your experience

Till we meet next. Take Care

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8 thoughts on “Max Factor Nail Finity Fresh Rain 147 Nail Polish – A Classic!

  1. It is just a pretty shade 😀 looks lovely on u 🙂 but then brush problem even after shelling out so much money…not a good idea 🙁

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