MaxFactor Lipfinity Color & Gloss – Luminous Petal

MaxFactor Lipfinity Color & Gloss: Luminous Petal

Long-lasting multi dimensional shine. Be brilliant.New Colour & Gloss is the next generation of lip colour; with the backing of top catwalk make-up artists it delivers the most high impact shine your lips will ever experience! The savvy combination of rich colour base coat and multi-dimensional glossy top coat work together to create a stunning 3D highlight and lowlight effect. There’s no need to worry about your colour fading or losing its depth as results last for up to 10 hours.


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Make-up Artist Tips: Here’s a genius way to shine! Hot off the catwalk a new multi-dimensional shine effects lips look. First a base coat of colour low lights, then a gloss top coat of tinted highlights. The fusion’s stunning and the colour lasts up to 10 hours.


INR 520

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By now you know how very fond I am of lip colors with one part balm/gloss and other part true color that sets to matte smudge-proof finish. I picked up one more of these from Maxfactor, and actually three more, but this is my first lipfinity color and gloss, the others are color and balm. Check out two shades in Sultry and Spicy, both of which I love!


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This one was first love when i saw such a muted pink shade, this is just perfect to wear anytime, not at all over the top and does not add much color, it is a muted mauve pink kind of a shade and you can wear it to office as well because the gloss keeps it chic and not at all over the top.The color has not shimmer, it sets to matte finish and the gloss is a baby pink with silver shimmer to it which hardly shows up, its a great combo for me.

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The applicator is a nice simple one and one even coat is required of the color and then you need to wait for 30 seconds for it to set to matte, after which your lips will feel taut and very flaky, you cannot move without the gloss or balm on top of it so after it sets, you coat it with gloss as much as you fancy, one coat is enough to get pretty neutral pink kind of glossy lips.

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Now the catch, you really have to keep your lips as such, you dont have to rub them together or eat food or do anything that will make your color flake off,once you do, then the color starts to rub off in flakes and crumbly and then it looks awful. After a meal, the color kind of dissovles and the centre of the lips remain colorless and the color coat could be seen only on the outline, that is the main problem. So the more you use your lips, the more the color will rub off.If you want the color to last for long, and remain as such, do not eat 😛

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I suggest use this product for a few hours when you really need your lips to stay 100% perfect and then you can come back and remove it. Don’t count on flawless perfection for long because with time the color rubs off and flakes.You can top the gloss again but it would still not be perfect.

Freshly applied color:

pink lips (2)

I think the color would be great for all skin tones, and pigmented lips and once you apply the gloss it will be great for dry lips too.

After gloss application:

pink lips (4)

I dont know what is it about these long stay paint-like lip color, I really love them, I know they stay pretty only for a few hours and then start to flake off, but I personally love those few hours of application,so its a pure love or hate relationship you can have with these kind of lipsticks.

After an hour or so after snacking:

pink lips (1)

I suggest you try and feel them on the lips before you buy them, if you apply them, try not to eat and only then expect some serious smudge proof color for long,otherwise these are simply a pain to remove with an oil-based remover. I will be buy many more because I love them and I know many who wont like it.

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