Maxfactor Eye pencils and Lip liner- Review

Maxfactor and Maybelline are the two brands which I haul on the most. They never disappoint me and always have something new up their sleeve.

I have been using eye makeup since ages. Though I love liners a lot… I absolutely love eye pencils. They are very versatile. You can wear them in many ways… Smudge them to get the smokey look. I love to colour my waterline. Pencils are also the easiest to use and are the best bet if you are in a hurry. (Which we always are!!!)

My first buy ever from Maxfactor was their eye pencils. I bought a colour called Charcoal Grey. I bought it more than a year ago. I don’t remember the exact price but it was around Rs.500/- (Indian rupees). I’ll confirm the exact price in a few days. I’ll be chucking it in june, so I thought I should review it now. It is one of my favourite colours and I reach out for it very often. It is a grey which will not make you look dull.
I also got a small Midnight Black pencil free. In fact, you get it with any Maxfactor purchase. I have four of them. 😉 It is an intense black. It is the blackest black I have ever used.
Here are the beauties-

Maxfactor Eye and lip pencil review

The black one is unused. It is tiny and very cute. The grey one used to be more than twice the length it is now.

Here are some things that I love about Maxfactor Eye  pencils-

  • They are wooden pencils. I love wooden casing, as it hold the tip better.
  • They are very, very creamy. They just glide effortlessly on the lid.
  • Are pretty long lasting.
  • The midnight black smudges like crazy but the Charcoal grey does not smudge at all.
  • I apply the black one regularly on my waterline and it has never irritated or stung my eyes.

Here are the swatches-
Maxfactor Eye and lip pencil review

  • The pencils are very colour intense. One swipe will give you the exact colour.

Maxfactor Eye and lip pencil review

  • I apply the grey over and over again but it remains grey. It does not become black. What I mean to say is that it is a grey not just a lighter black.
  • These can be smudged within a minute of application. The grey one won’t budge after a minute, but the black one does feather a lot.
  • These are available in many other colours. They have Black, Charcoal Grey, Brown, White, olive and Ice Blue.
  • The brown is very nice. It is very similar to Colorbar’s I –glide Cocobar shade. The olive and Ice blue shades are light and bright. But I think they’ll not suit Indian brown skin tones at all.
  • The grey is great for day wear as it defines eyes in a subtle way.
  • Here I am wearing the Charcoal Grey on upper lash line and midnight black on the lower lash line.

Maxfactor Eye and lip pencil review

Maxfactor Eye and lip pencil review

Maxfactor Lip liner:

  • This summer I am obsessed with Lip pencils. I love the way they give me a matte finish, feel light on my lips and last sooooo long!!
  • I bought this colour 02 Blush from Maxfactor about a month ago. It cost me Rs. 360/-.

Maxfactor Eye and lip pencil review

  • It is a nudish pink colour and I fell in love with the swatch.

Maxfactor Eye and lip pencil review

  • But when I tried it at home, it made me look pale and washed out. I was so sad because I really loved that colour.

Maxfactor Eye and lip pencil review

  • But can I really give up on a product??? Hell, no!!
  • I tried it on my eyes. I filled up my eye lid with this and Voila!!! It looked fabulous. It matched my skin tone so much; I looked like I was wearing nothing on my eyes. And still it looked fabulous!!

Maxfactor Eye and lip pencil review

  • See, here I am wearing the colour on my eye lid. It looks absolutely natural.
  • It has become a staple for me this summer.
  • It does not settle into lines. Does not get washed out with sweat. Stays on until I clean it off.
  • This one showed me that you can create something special if you break the rules. This looks and stays better than any eye shadow I have ever tried (Except maybe for the Maybelline Shadow Stylist!!).
  • It is very creamy for a lip liner. I love Colorbar’s lip liners but they are slightly sticky and hard. This one is very smooth.
  • When I wore it under a dark brown lipstick, it mellowed the colour down.
  • It looks very good when used alone on the lips too. I am gonna buy some more shades in this to use as lip colours alone.
  • It has a plastic casing. I think it is too creamy to hold in a wooden case.

My overall experience with Maxfactor Eye and lip pencils-

  • They are creamy and smooth.
  • Packaging is good. They come sealed in a plastic cover.
  • The caps shut tight. I always carry them around but never had a problem.
  • They are colour intense and last really long. I am gonna have to chuch almost 40% of the grey pencil.
  • They are good value for money. Although the eye pencil is slightly costly. It lasts really long.

Overall Rating: :star: :star: :star: :star: + 0.5

Have you used Maxfactor Eye Pencils???


35 thoughts on “Maxfactor Eye pencils and Lip liner- Review

        1. Hahahaha…!!!! NOVEL..!!!

          Ki u just buy makeup for ur trousseau and buy clothes when u go to france…lol..!!!!

      1. Priyanka: Clothes in France?! I have a france list with MUFE, all the limited edition MAC stuff, Korres… I’m going to bankrupt hubby dearest 😉

        M: I’ll go and chack it out asap! You make me wanna sing”ooh ooh aah aah sexy eyes…” :lashes: :rotfl:
        .-= ki.´s last blog ..My morning skincare regimen! =-.

  1. M,

    Your eyes and especially lashes are very beautiful. After your posts I am lemming for Maxfactor more and more now. :drool:

    The pencils look uber cute. :cute:

    1. Thanks rati… :blush: :hypnotized: Makfactor is totally droolworthy… The more i am using it the more droolworthy it is proving to be… :drool:

  2. Wow..

    I am yet to start exploring MF as a brand..but I quite liked the foundation and also their Lipfinity range..

    M..I like the way you used the lip liner for eyelid..very creative eh??hugs

    1. MF is a great brand… I always buy something from them everytime i visit the Counter…

      Creative… :idk: :idk:

      Hugs…. :hugright: :hugright: :hugleft: :hugleft:

    1. Hey Palak, it looks good as a colour… But I already have so many perfect nudes.. When compared this one is not for me actually…

      Thanks for the tip… Will try it out… :yes:

  3. M, really like the gray pencil, me want. does it glide on easy on the uper lid? My hand isnt very steady applying on the upper lid

    1. Hi renuca… I am sure you will love it… It glides very smoothly on the upper lid.. Does not tug or pull at all…
      Pencils are good for unsteady hands.. If you mess up you can always smudge them… :rotfl: :rotfl:

  4. M can u imagine i haven’t bought a single thing from maxfactor..!!! but will definitely try this brand now since u r raving so much about it..!!!

    Your eyelashes are so beautiful..!! mine are drop dead poker straight just like my hair…lol..!!!

    1. Girl you gotta hit the MF counter soon.. You will not find such great foundations at ine place anywhere else.. Their entire range is great!!! I love MF… :inlove:

      And my lashes are straight too.. What you see is the result of a very cheap but effective eye lash curler… :lashes: :lashes:

  5. M. i charcoal grey looks fab on u….. :-* 😉
    There is 1 more way to use that lip pencil which i often do.. :talktothehand: i.e., to use it as a base/primer for some darker shades of lippies to make them look a little lighter/natural n also i guess it will help make the shade last longer.. :blush:

    Also i likes ur way of utilizing it… Will try it next time.

  6. Thanks Sush… I am sure it will look fabulous on you too.. Grey is a safest colour after browns… :-))

    Thanks for the tip.. I already did that.. I have written it above..

    “When I wore it under a dark brown lipstick, it mellowed the colour down.”
    It works!!! :-* :-*

  7. Hey, I liked the grey one…..again and again i have to keep on telling, Mrun…..perfect eye line babe…….Rati, I am practicising the way you told me to do it. 🙂

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