Khadi Pudina Cream Cleanser Review

Khadi Pudina Cream Cleanser

This one is for you Rati :)……long long loooong overdue I know.

On a visit to Ahmedabad couple of months ago I went to this Khadi store along with my mom and while she was going through stuff, she told me to check out the counters which seemed to have beauty products-just in case I wanted something for myself. I told her what will I find here for myself and just started looking around to kill time. I was so pleasantly surprised to find so many things which interested me like this cleanser, almond scrub, aloe vera moisturizer, some soaps and many more products which were interesting. Frankly until then I was completely unaware that Khadi had some good beauty and skincare products.

What is the Khadi Pudina Cream Cleanser : A light green coloured ayurvedic cleanser with a slightly pearly kind of creamy texture. It comes in in a plastic bottle with a nozzle type opening. It is an ayurvedic antiseptic cleanser of skin which helps to deep cleanse the skin and help remove dirt & pollutants from skin pores and prepares the skin for further treatment. It can be used as an anti-septic pore cleanser. Khadi Pudina Cream Cleanser Ingredients : In each KG contains :

  • Mentha Spicata : 0.3 ml
  • Aloevera tourn : 1 ml
  • Ocimum Sanctum : 10 gms
  • Glycerin : 15 ml
  • Sodii Biboras : 5 gms
  • Sta wax : 30 gms
  • Bees wax : 15 gms
  • Light Parafin : 65 ml
  • Preservative : 3 gms
  • Purified water to make 1 kg

Although I am not very sure if this is the complete ingredient list.

Mentha Spicata is Spearmint : A species of mint native to much of Europe and Southwest Asia. Studies show that its essential oil was found to have antifungal activity. It is also considered as an excellent anti-oxidant Ocimum Sanctum : This is nothing but our very famous Tulsi. As we all know, Tulsi has been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda.

Sodii Biboras : Ayurvedic name is Suhaga…Couldn’t find much info, but the only thing I found was that suhaga is used in ayurvedic tablets which are used for regularizing menstrual cycle. Its helps in regularizing menstrual discharge. I cant figure out how it is useful in this cleanser !!!

Instructions to use (on the bottle) :

  • Rub on face gently with finger tips in circular motion for 5-6 mins and clean the face with cotton.

How do I use : Take a small quantity of this on a cotton pad to clean each of my eyes and another cotton pad for the face. I finally like to finish my cleaning by splashing water.

Price : Rs. 95 for 210 ml !!! Use within 2 years of manufacturing.

What I like about the Khadi Cleanser :

  • For me the ultimate test of a cleanser would be whether it removes waterproof eye makeup and this one does….Yes, it very smoothly removes my Maybelline Waterproof mascara without stinging my eyes and even when it does sting sometimes it is extremely less. The other cleanser that I have is Neutrogena and my eyes sting like hell with that one.
  • A tiny coin-size amount is enough to clean the whole face and a similar amount for the eyes.
  • Its very very reasonably priced at Rs. 95. Just Rs. 95 for this bottle!!
  • I like the mild Pudina fragrance that it gives out. A very very relaxing change from the other cleansers available.
  • It gives a very cooling effect after using it on the complete face.
  • It is Ayurvedic
  • It has a nozzle kind of opening hence you can easily control the amount of cream you want to use.
  • Comes in a completely transparent bottle hence very easy to keep a track of how much product is still left. No sudden surprises finding that you are done with your cleaser while cleaning your face.
  • I have normal skin. This does not dry my skin at all.

See the below pictures to see how well this cleanser works.. Swatches of different products, starting from left to right….Maybelline colossal Waterproof Mascara, Lakme Eye Artist, NYC Lipstick in brown shade, Lakme lipstick in purplish shade, Maybelline lipstick in pink shade, Colorbar i-define pencil in midnight black, Maxfactor pencil in blue, 2 swatches of eyeshadow in brown. Khadi Pudina Cream Cleanser And now for the results!! After 1 swipe…the eyeshadows and Maxfactor eye pencil is gone..The colorbar pencil needs another swipe. All the 3 lipsticks gone in 1 swipe Khadi Pudina Cream Cleanser And now finally for the Waterproof mascara Khadi Pudina Cream Cleanser After 1 swipe Khadi Pudina Cream Cleanser After 2 swipes : Khadi Pudina Cream Cleanser All gone. However while removing my eye makeup what I generally do I keep the cotton pad on my eyes for a few seconds and when I take off the pad I can see speckles of mascara on the cotton and another couple of swipes and its all gone.

What I dislike about the Cleanser :

  • I had the hardest time thinking abt a negative point and the only biggest negative point I can think abt is its availability. As we all know, Khadi products are not very easily available in the market and even at places where I’ve seen some Khadi products I could not find this cleanser.

So nowadays I use the Khadi cleanser for my eye makeup and Neutrogena for the rest of the face…since I gotta finish that too before it expires . 🙂

Rating : :-* :-*:-*:-*:-*

Would I recommend this to others and re-purchase for myself : Definitely YES if you can manage to find this at a store close to your place. Infact I did get this also for a friend of mine.

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35 thoughts on “Khadi Pudina Cream Cleanser Review

  1. I am hearing about it for the first time. It looks so good. Can you believe that I am still stuck on the Lakme cleanser?:-((

    I have to find this out. is it available online?

    Nice review HD.


    1. Thanks Seema. I can understand as I too have seen Khadi products at very very few stores and there too only limited stock.

      Oh dear…there are much better cleansers available out there…you shud def explore…try Himlaya…I’ve heard good things abt it..

      I dont think Khadi products are available online…

  2. Thanks for the review, HD. I have not been able to find this out at stores here yet. Boo hoo!! 🙁 I hope they get it here soon. I cna already feel the fresh smell of pudina. loll!

    1. I hvnt seen it in mumbai too 🙁

      Maybe if you want during my next visit to Abad or if something from there is visiting me, I can arrange for it…

  3. hi Hd, Very convincing review,…. & im convinced tooo…
    Bt wondering how can i get this.. 😥
    Hd im liking ur arm, hv u waxed them????

    1. I know sush…availability is the biggest biggest drawback of this product…but as I was telling Rati…If i get a chance I can try and arrange for some bottles maybe…

  4. just check rati her arms r so beautiful jt like my question cute & soft.. :inlove: im curious wat hs she done…….

      1. :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: LOL sush!!!!!!!!!!! wht a Q that was…..thanks for the compliment….on one have complimented my arms till now …yes I’ve waxed them 🙂

  5. Hi HD,
    Nice review.We need more such reviews on Khadi products.That way more and more people would come to know about Khadi .After all,it is our own desi product.Now,as for the quality of Khadi products,I can say that they are quite good.They are reasonably priced also.I have used one Khadi shampoo(black –coloured,can’t remember the exact name now but it had Amla and Bhringraj among its ingredients) in the past and it did make my hair very smooth and soft.It had a nice smell also.At the moment I am using Khadi facewashes(rose and orange-aloevera),Khadi rose water and another variety of Khadi shampoo(henna,amla and honey).The facewashes are good,especially the orange- aloevara one suits my skin a lot.The facewashes don’t dry out the skin at all though I think the rose one( it has a very strong smell which I don’t like) would suit people with normal and normal to oily skin more.The khadi rose water is excellent. ‘Pure’is the only word that comes to your mind after using this product.The Khadi shampoo that I am currently using does a decent job of cleaning your hair,doesn’t make your hair excessively dry but I would say that the one I used in the past was much better.I would like to try out the Khadi Aloevera moisturizer this winter.Overall,it can be said that Khadi products might not be magical always,but they don’t disappoint you either.

  6. I so agree with you RS. I have used Khadi face washes and shampoos for years. Loved them and I still pick them up once in a while. 🙂

    I am not liking the rose water much though. 🙁 I don’t find it very natural. I find Fab India’s one purer.. ?:-) But now that you are so convinced, let me give it another trial without any hang ups. 🙂

    1. I too agree with you RS….I only wish Khadi products were easily available in mumbai….I am totally liking all the Khadi products I have bought and dont regret buying any single one of it and they are sooo reasonably priced !!!!

      You wont believe but the beauty centre near my plc which is like stocked up with all the indian and intl brands has the khadi products kept on 1 small shelf and so limited stock and at times products which are 6 mths old because probably there are less no. of people buying it and this store in abad had so much of the latest stock and I have seen Khadi products so easily available there….I dont have any trip to abad in near future else I wud have stocked up on much more things….

      1. Yes,its true.Some Khadi products do contain parabens.It would have been lovely if our skincare,haircare and makeup stuff were parabens-free.But,I have stopped being sensitive about it because I think most of the beauty products that we use contain parabens whether they mention it on the labels or not.

        1. Me too…if I have an option I try to pick up paraben free stuff else I am ok with it as we don’t hv much option

  7. nice review HD, except for the soaps and facewash I have never seen any other pdts either, I like their soaps alot too 🙂

  8. is there any outlets in bangalore ………….. ?
    these products may suite my senstivie skin :-))
    i googled for khadi outlets in bangalore , no luck yet 🙁

  9. I just want to share where you can find Khadi products in Mumbai. These products you can find at shopping centre near hotel Rodas at Hiranandani area. 😉

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