Maybelline Baby Lips – Anti-oxidant Berry

Maybelline Baby Lips – Anti-oxidant Berry

Hi Everyone,

After my review of the raunchy Pink Lolita, I am back with another one – the non-tinted Anti-oxidant Berry. I will post more reviews of these as and when I buy them because these are a rage at the moment.
maybelline baby lips Antioxidant berry


I picked up this shade called Anti-oxidant Berry. I was interested to try a non-tinted lip balm that I could use at night and after scrubbing my lips. So I thought I’d give this a try. The other non-tinted one is called Mango Pie that was reviewed yesterday. This one as it claims is completely colorless without being whitish. It’s suitable to be used underneath lipsticks or just to get the moisturizing benefits of a lip balm.

The texture is buttery and smooth like all the other variants and it does not leave any whitish cast behind. The consistency is slightly heavier than the tinted version and it’s the perfect balm to slather on your lips before going to bed or after scrubbing your lips. Although I am not sure if using it at night is a good idea since it contains SPF. Does anybody know if it’s safe to be used at night?

I feel a very soothing sensation when I apply it after scrubbing my lips. Also, I have a habit of peeling the skin from my lips, which makes them sore and red. This balm completely takes care of that and heals my lips overnight. The redness and burning sensation completely disappears by the morning. I apply it at night regularly these days before going to bed and lips are oh-so-soft in the morning. The balm has a mild berry fragrance, which is very soothing and lingers on for a while.

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Overall verdict: Well I must say I am a bigger fan of the raunchy sis, Pink Lolita. This balm is great if you are fond of non-tinted lip balms, but I can’t just swipe this and go out, as it does nothing to cover the pigmentation (and it’s not supposed to). I also feel the tinted version is creamier and lighter while this one is good for wearing underneath other lipsticks. But overall I would give it a 5/5 because it makes lips very soft and supple. So do pick it up soon!

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12 thoughts on “Maybelline Baby Lips – Anti-oxidant Berry

  1. i have this and love it… i like my lip balms to be clear, as they can be applied over lipsticks during the day, just in case the lips are feeling a bit dry, without changing the color of the lipstick…
    nice review:)
    and IMHO, products with spf should not be used at night. Night-time products should be repairing and not protecting in nature… and spf does nothing to repair any damage….

  2. Hey guyss!!! plzz help!!! Where can i get baby lips online??? Have searched them EVERYWHERE but noone seems to have them 🙁

  3. hi,
    thank you for the review *clap* ,aftr reading ths i hve got babylips maybelline coral flush.
    It is so soft and very gud in repairing ur dry lips in ths winter.It lasts long and gives a soothing effect to ur lips.
    just loved it. *happy dance*

  4. hiiiiiiiiiiii
    i was really shocked whn i found baby lips antioxidant berry hav rated great actually it was a worst xpereience with dis baim nt at all satisfied upon dis z chapping my lips heck with dis.plz dnt prefer dis especially whn u hav dry lips

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