Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick Dusky Mauve Review, Swatch

Maybelline Colorsensational Moisture Extreme Lipstick Dusky Mauve Review, Swatch 814:

I am so excited today to talk about my recent find the maybelline colorsensational lipstick in dusky mauve shade. This is my latest love and I could not believe I was missing this shade for so long. Off late I have started discovering maybelline and I have just collected four of them my major collection being Colorbar and Avon. Most of the lipsticks that I have are bricks and nudes and have been wearing them for so long that now I thought its time to shift domain to a little purples, mauves and pinks as well. I started with buying some cheap ones from Avon like plum perfect but the texture put me off. Then I decided to buy few from maybelline like chestnut and chocolate temptation .I got this one from pantaloons for 187 as 15 % off was going on. The mrp is 220 regretting buying just one lipstick though but im very happy with what I got. I was about to pick up the usual bricks again when this struck me as I was floored. I could not ask for a better transition from brick to mauve ….something between brown and mauve the most beautiful mix of mauve pink brick and brown in my opinion and one of the creamiest lipsticks I have. I don’t really care about staying power as I have to finish many and get many more :toothygrin:

maybelline moisture extreme lip color dusky mauve

About the lipstick:
Price Rs 220
Available at all maybelline counters
(I got this one from pantaloons)

I love maybelline for the variety in lipstick textures and the vast range of colours to pick from. Most browns and bricks are overlapping in shades and very wearable and that really confuses me a lot. Every time I go, I end up picking one or two and making a note of another five for the next time. Before picking up bronzy orange which I feel again is very coral and similar to so many in my collection. I had and urge to lean towards mauve these days and this one helped me in that slow transition towards mauve and purples.

dusky mauve

Dusky mauve is the perfect one for me as I wanted a change from usual bricks and browns and nudes. This lipstick is somewhere between brown and mauve with a hint of dark pink may be. It’s super creamy and renders a lot of color in just one swipe on the lips. It is super moisturising as the name says and I think even dry lipped girls should love it.

maybelline mauve lipstick

The texture is very much like Colorbar creamy matte ones almost like bare or pure innocence. In fact this one is a shade lighter than pure innocence the creamy matte one. Since I am unable to find Colorbar much here I am moving towards maybelline too. I never knew maybelline is even more affordable than Colorbar and had so many shades and textures to offer in the same color family.

dusky mauve swatch

What I love about Maybelline Lip Color in Dusky Mauve:

  • Universal color
  • Will be loved by girls who like mauves, bricks, browns and pinks
  • It’s a beautiful mix of mauve and brown
  • It’s super creamy with a little shine to it
  • No glitter or shimmer and neither is it matte
  • Can dab a single ply tissue and make it matte
  • Comes out more pigmented on the lips than in the tube
  • Can put gloss to make it high shine but my personal fav is matte
  • Sturdy packaging (I have never had a problem with any of my maybelline breaking at the base because of the soft texture, like all the elle 18 ones that I have
  • The color is exactly like the name sticker color
  • Super pricing
  • Last word , love love love the color
  • Goes well with my mauve and brown lip liners 🙂
  • Wearable anytime of the day
dusky mauve

Please do check this beauty out from maybelline and will be reviewing to more from the same range soon!

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97 thoughts on “Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick Dusky Mauve Review, Swatch

  1. Your second pro is enough for me…am also a bricks and browns girl and have been struggling to find a good mauve/pink. Will defnly try this one out.

    I can so hear the excitement in this review!

      1. Aw! Get well soon Bee! :puchhi:
        Even I am having zukaam and fever..magar I still have to finish this stupid homework. :headbang:

      2. awww get well soon. my throat is paining badly today. 🙁 Will take medicine when i go hone. guess is the weather. Take care darling. :-*

  2. Very very pretty shade, i want such a shade! Colorbar matte ones are really moisturising!! I so wanna try this! :woot: :thumbsup:

  3. WOW! awesome shade neha! I really wanna try this :yahoo: , as i don hv a single mauve lipstick…. mostly hv pinks coz i keep getting more or less the same shades :headbang: !!

  4. neha damn pretty shade i must say. kinne time se i havent picked up anything from maybelline…oh i just picked up the mascara.. i mena the lip product. 😀 time to say hi soon. 😀

  5. This is such a great shade! No wonder you’re so floored! 🙂 I’m going out today so will check it out! Thanks fr reviewing!

  6. u r tempting me to buy lippies neha :methinks: :methinks: :methinks: … i am trying to put a full stop to them…. :waaa: this luks gorgeous… i have 1 shad from this range… ‘iced orchid’.. :love: :love:

  7. I love this range from maybelline amazing shades tat 2 cheap :toothygrin: But no mauves for in the coral and baby pinks phase :preen:

    1. han try na neha
      n u know in two sipes it comes out too overpowering
      i feel much comfortable with one swipe
      in two it shows up more of a brown

  8. Same pinch! I have this & I LOVE it too! I have plenty of Maybelline lippies & I love them all. There’s one called Dusty Rose. Or maybe it’s Dusky Rose. Check that out. Also check out Natural Rosewood and Chestnut.

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