8 Medicated Creams For Acne Scars

Hi everyone, don’t we all hate the acne scars more than the acnes? Even when the acnes are gone, the scars refuse to leave our face. Although it is tough to get rid of the scar completely without undergoing any laser or chemical peeling treatments, doctors do recommend some creams that helps to fade the scars to some extent. In this post, I will tell about various medicated creams for acne scars.

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Best Creams for Acne Scars

1. Clindapene

If you want to get rid of the existing acnes along with old scars, then this gel can really be useful. This gel contains clindamycin along with adapalene. Adapalene unclogs the pores and thus assist the antibacterial
clindamycin to clear the acnes faster.

2. Adaferin

8 Medicated Creams that Heal your Acne Scars Adaferin

The main component of this gel is a chemical named Adapalene, which is a synthetic retinoid. It is often more preferred than tretinoin creams as they have lesser side effect, but is just as effective as the tretinoin.

3. Deriva MS

Just like adaferin, this gel also contains adapalene as the main component. However, it has the adapalene in micronized form which increases the effectivity. It has a soothing gel texture that feels very lightweight when applied.

4. Deriva-CMS

This again is the combination of both clindamycin and adapalene. This one also has the adapalene in micronized form which increases the efficiency to a large extend.

5. Retino-A

This is one of the best tretinoin creams for acne scars available in India and is great to heal the acne scars and even the pits. Tretinoin is basically an acidic form of Vitamin A that boosts the collagen formation in your skin. When applied, it peels the dead layers, thus smoothening the skin. It also boosts collagen production which helps the new layers to form. Regular usage makes the skin plump, the acne pits get filled up permanently and the scars fade away.

6. Yugard Cream

8 Medicated Creams that Heal your Acne Scars Yugard

If you are looking for something that is milder than the tretinoin cream, you can definitely opt for this retinol cream. It is a 0.15% retinol cream in a cream base that exfoliates the dead layers to remove the stubborn dark spots. It prevents the breakdown of collagen and allows new layers of cells to form. Along with fading scars, this also helps to make the skin toned and youthful.

7. Glyco-6

Glycolic acid peeling is a common treatment to fade scars and lighten the skin. You can do that at home using this product containing 6% glycolic acid. It peels away the dark spots and dead cells to reveal flawless skin. It reduces discolorations and makes the acne pits look smoother.

8. Olliza Gel

Glyco-6 comes in a cream base that may not suit very oily skin. For such people, this cream comes to the rescue. It is a 12% glycolic acid containing product, but it comes in a gel base. This not only works on acne scars but also helps to remove wrinkles and heal sun damaged skin.

These are the most common creams for acne scars that the dermatologists prescribe. There are other variants also with same chemical compositions. But, these are the safest. However, it is always advisable to consult your doctors before using these. The medicines can make your skin sensitive and lead to more breakouts. So, it is best to know about the dose and application process from experts. The chemicals in these medicines make your skin sensitive to light. So, make sure to use them in the night and also use sunscreens regularly. It is better to avoid harsh scrubs, chemical peels and other treatment cream along with these. Also, it is important to be patient to see these work. Let us know which one is working on your skin.

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