Milani Infinite Eyeliner in Everlast Review

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Milani Infinite Eyeliner in Everlast

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Summer is here and the heat is on! This means it’s time to bring out the heat-proof, sweat-proof beauty products that will keep you safe and away from a beauty meltdown. On the top of my list, are long wearing products; whether it’s the eyes, lips or cheeks, I want my summer makeup to last through outdoor walks on hot summer days and even quick swims. The most important of them all is a long lasting eyeliner. Today, I’ll be reviewing one of my summer eyeliner picks, Milani’s Infinite Eyeliner.

Product Background and Description
“Up to 24 hour long lasting formula that wears with comfort and color intensity to perfection. Now you can line your eyes with ease for an all day long elegant glance. Remove with makeup remover.”
The shade Everlast is described as a matte black

My Experience with Milan’s Infinite Liquid Eyeliner in Everlast

I bought this eyeliner because I had heard lots of positive things about it. I had previously used MAC’s Liquidlast over the summers, and felt it was okay. I never got the intensely, dark finish I like from my black eyeliners from it and was looking for an alternative. Milani makes some really great products and I especially love their pencil liners, which is the only successful attempt I’ve seen of getting a gel liner into pencil form. So, I had to give their liquid eyeliner a chance. When it comes to eyeliner, I measure their performance using three basic parameters: finish, lasting power and ease of application. I’ll address all three things below.

When it comes to the finish, this initially goes on as a deep black, but becomes less intense as it dries. The finish looks like a faint black instead of an intense black on my lids. It looks dark as it dries and in about 4-5 minutes to a faint black shade and stays the same color for the entire time it’s on my lids. The finish is matte and the color is not streaky at all.
Speaking of the time on my lids, here’s the best part about this eyeliner: it does not come off until you want it to. Spent an entire day swimming? No problem. Have the oiliest eyelids in the world (that would be me)? Still, no problem! Taking part in an outdoor fitness event? Again, no problem. Once it is on and sets, this will not budge. In fact, it won’t even budge if you try to take it off with soap, vaseline or a natural oil (my beloved Almond oil eye makeup remover is no match for this). It only comes off using heavy duty eye makeup remover. This has lasted 24+ hours on my lids. I once didn’t have any eye makeup remover at hand and it lasted almost two days until I had time to go and grab some from the store. This is like a freakin’ tattoo for your eyelids, I tell ya!

This isn’t the easiest eyeliner to apply. If you’re looking to create a thick line on your upper lash line, it’ll work just fine. But if you want some definition, the brush will take some getting used to. The texture is extremely thick and the brush almost always picks up way too much product. I prefer applying this with an eyeliner brush (my trusted Sephora precision liner brush works well), which gives me more control while putting it on. Overall, this is an extremely long lasting eyeliner; perhaps, the longest lasting eyeliner on the market. I feel like I have to really rub my eyes to get it out, so I don’t use it often. I like to use it when I’m swimming or hiking outdoors. It’s a staple in my vanity, it’s just that I don’t reach out for it too often. I’d definitely recommend this product, just not for everyday use. Also, a little note about the photos: My apologies for the unsightly tape sticking out from the bottom of the tube. It kept rolling around and I needed a way for it to stay put 😛

Pros of Milani Infinite Eyeliner in Everlast

– Long lasting; doesn’t come off until you want it to
– Cheaper and better dupe for MAC’s Liquidlast eyeliner

Cons of Milani Infinite Eyeliner in Everlast

– Takes some effort to get off
– Takes time to master application

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  1. Doesn’t come off that is great… would be soo great and no need for touch-ups too *woot* *woot* *woot* super pick yaaa *drool* *drool* send me some of these… i dont have an access to milani *cry* *cry*

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