Morphe M518 Crease Fluff Brush Review

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Makeup tools are imperative to achieve flawless makeup look. Morphe is one of my go-to brands for good quality and affordable makeup brushes. They have many variants from different brush ranges. Today, let’s talk about one of their brushes for eye makeup  – Morphe G 518 Crease Fluff Brush.

Morphe M518 Crease Fluff Brush Review

Product Description:
This slender, tapered crease brush places crease color just where you want it without muddiness or over-blending for looks involving multiple colors. It’s also the perfect size for small and hooded eyes.
Bristle Type: Goat 
Bristles: 3/4″
Full Length: 7″

Morphe M518 Crease Fluff Brush handle

My Experience with Morphe M518 Crease Fluff Brush:

Being a makeup artist, I own a lot of makeup brushes and always keep looking out for more. I am literally obsessed with buying new and interesting makeup tools. I love Morphe brushes, especially the “Gunmetal” range. The only problem is availability of Morphe products in UAE. I have to purchase them from resellers who sell it for almost double the price compared to the official Morphe website.

Morphe M518 Crease Fluff Brush

Morphe M518 is from their regular “M” range. The shape of this brush is designed for blending eyeshadow in the crease.

Morphe M518 Crease Fluff Brush label

The brush is a full length brush with a soft, dome-shaped top. It has natural bristles, goat hair, which are not densely packed. The goat hair is natural white and feels feathery soft. It has a regular black handle which is wooden. The handle is thin which gives a good grip and makes it easier to use the brush. The brush feels sturdy. It has the code “M 518” embossed in silver on the black handle.

Morphe M518 Crease Fluff Brush with eyeshadow palette

When I got this brush, the bristles were held together and appeared as a small oval top on the brush. After a few uses, the bristles have now opened up and have spread around. The original oval shape has now been lost. This leads to eyeshadow getting blended all over the place and not targeted as we aim to when creating eyemake up looks such that it fits right into the eye socket and helps with precise application.

Morphe M518 Crease Fluff Brush bristles

Being a makeup artist, I could still make it work for me. I use this for overall blending of the shadows just below the eyebrow highlight. I use it softly with precision since the bristles tend to spread everywhere. I would not suggest this brush for beginners who need guidance with respect to the contour line of the eyes.

The bristles feel a little prickly on the eye but not over the top, but this is because it has goat hair and I have noticed the slight prickliness similar to this with goat hair brushes from other brands too.

Morphe M518 Crease Fluff Brush full

I am kind of surprised at the quality and efficiency of this brush since Morphe brushes are usually of a very good quality and utility. I could not compare the quality of this particular brush to my other brushes from Real Techniques.

I have already washed it a couple of times but haven’t noticed any shedding of the bristles as such. The cleaning process of this brush is very easy and thorough. However, my brush has picked up a stain from the brown shades that I have used it with. Inspite of repeated cleaning of the brush, the slight tint remains and it does not go back to its milky white bristles as they were on purchase.

Overall, I think this brush is a miss. Please note that Morphe makes amazing brushes and for all we know, this one could just be an exception.

Pros of Morphe M518 Crease Fluff Brush:

  • Natural hair/goat hair bristles.
  • Feathery soft bristles.
  • No shedding.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Affordable.

Cons of Morphe M518 Crease Fluff Brush:

  • Bristles are not densely packed.
  • Loosely packed bristles does not help with good targeted blending.
  • Not suitable for small and hooded eyes.
  • Does not do what it claims.
  • The bristles pick up a tint.
  • Availability.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Morphe M518 Crease Fluff Brush?

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