Morphe M403 Small Chisel Blush Brush and M506 Tapered Mini Blender Brush Review



I don’t know what’s the hype with Morphe brushes because they are pretty average brushes so to speak. The only thing that I find special about them is that you can really find some small and precise brushes such as E36 or M506 that you could find it difficult to find in other brands, but other than that, there is nothing special or to-die-for about these brushes. I have 5 of these brushes and there are precisely two I like out of 5. I mean beyond this, if not for a particular shape of a brush, I don’t think I would like to put my money into Morphe brushes.

Morphe M403 Small Chisel Blush Brush and M506 Tapered Mini Blender Brush Review

Morphe Small Chisel Blush Brush M403 Price ($9.99):

The very first point I’d like to mention is that it looks nothing like how it is shown on their website. And two, it is not small by any standards. It’s a fat, flared, chubby cheek brush. I would call it a hybrid between a powder brush and a blush brush. The only sad thing about this brush is that it literally sheds broken bristles on your face while application from time to time. The bristles are very soft, bouncy and are not scratchy at all. The brush is quite fluffy. It is tapered at the end so that makes it different from a regular powder brush and gives a good shape for a blush brush. It picks up the product well and gives a very diffused look of blush on the cheeks, but since it is a bigger brush, you can totally go overboard with the placement. If I am in a hurry, I never reach for this one.

Morphe M403 Small Chisel Blush Brush handle

You can also use this for powder or overall bronzing application. If you have a smaller face, I would not recommend it, but personally, I do reach out for it quite often when I am doing my makeup with enough time. I know I can control the placement. Also, the fluffiness of it makes for light-handed application. I wish it was not so flared, it would have been perfect. I do like it but the shedding part is the most annoying thing about it; not really sold out about this one.

Morphe blush brush

Morphe M403

I am attaching a picture of MAC 116 Blush Brush vs the Morphe M403 brush – the MAC brush is almost 2 years old and Morphe is only a few months old. Morphe brush is bigger in size and has really flared after washes. MAC has still retained it shape. Talk about quality.

mac 116 comparison with morphe m403 brush

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Morphe M506 Tapered Mini Blender Brush (Price USD 5.99/ INR 400 approximately):

It is one of the only two favourite brushes from Morphe. It’s like a little mini blender brush. I love it especially when I just want to buff out the edges of my eyeshadow and I still want to keep any application precise.

Morphe M403 Small Chisel Blush Brush and M506 Tapered Mini Blender Brush

It’s unlike any other brush I have with me. The brush is very soft and has held its shape despite so many uses and washes. You can even use it for your crease, lower lash line or outer V. It would give just exactly where you would want the placement of your eyeshadow.

morphe m506 brush

morphe m506 brush bristles

The brush is not very fluffy and neither is too stiff. It’s just enough to give a good precise movement to the brush without being stiff. Love it. A must have from Morphe I would say.

Morphe tapered mini blender brush

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