Japonesque Eye Shadow Crease Brush Review

Eyes type: mono lids, small eyes

Hello beauties,

How are you doing today? I am here to share one of my latest eye makeup brushes with you all. Ever since I started with eye makeup, I realised how important it is to own a perfect tool for the particular job (eye makeup job) though I am yet to achieve perfection. I have heard about, and personally tried a few products, from Japonesque. I find their product pretty decent for my liking. Hence, I decided to move forward and pick up their eye shadow crease brush, which is one of my most exploited brushes. Most of the eye makeup brushes are either too big for my small eyes or irritate my watery eyes. Let’s read more about Japonesque Eye Shadow Crease Brush to find out what this one is like!

Japonesque Eye Shadow Crease Brush Review

Price: $18.50
Product Description: The soft natural fiber of the Japonesque Professional Eye Shadow Crease Brush expertly applies color for depth and dimension. Gently sweep eye shadow into the crease of the eye to define and shape the area. Sweep color from mid crease out and back across the top of the lash line for a classic smoky look. Perfect for blending, swirl the brush in small circular motions at the edge of the shadow or between two colors for a soft, diffused effect.

My Experience with Japonesque Eye Shadow Crease Brush:

I love its long and sleek matte black handle with the silver ferrule. This brush has natural dense hairs and the brush comes housed in a sophisticated cardboard packaging. Overall, it has a quite user-friendly and travel-friendly packaging. The fluffy dense brush is relatively soft and tapers at the end without feeling scratchy or irritating. I also like its long sleek built as it provides better grip. So far I use it exclusively for the crease and/or depositing the color on my lids, considering its neatly tapered end gives a defined “V” on the outer edges. The brush also is able to impart the desired depth of color with just a few gentle back and forth strokes on the crease.

Japonesque Eye Shadow Crease Brush Packaging

I am impressed to see soft, non-itchy and natural brush fibres which hold a firm shape without splaying when I work on my eyes. I have washed this brush a couple of times and often handle this brush roughly, like while rubbing off the shadows on makeup tissues, and it has never shown any signs of fraying. It hasn’t shed its bristles either. I mean it does shed bristles occasionally, like after the traditional washing and drying session, but not too much. Moreover, the brush works well with any powdery (matte, glittery and shimmery) eye shadow as it packs on the punch of color on the eyes.

Japonesque Eye Shadow Crease Brush

I have also used this brush for diffusing the harsh lines at times. I prefer my Sigma blending brush but this one also serves the purpose to a great extent. Like I mentioned earlier, I use this brush to pack on the color on my eyes while its tapered end ensures soft blending. I love how it helps me achieve the perfectly defined crease; I have small monolids and it is certainly tricky for me to find a perfect crease shadow brush.

Japonesque Eye Shadow Crease Brush Bristles

In fact, it works fairly well with Milk makeup eye pigments. Hence, I always reach for this brush considering it boosts up my confidence when it comes to eye makeup. Needless to say, it fits most of the eye shapes including small monolid eyes like mine; not to forget, the natural fibers are way mild for even most sensitive or watery eyes. I would definitely recommend this brush to every beauty.

Japonesque Eyeshadow Crease Brush

Let’s sum up pros and cons:

Pros of Japonesque Eye Shadow Crease Brush:

• Soft, fluffy and firm brush
• Made with natural fibres
• Sturdy metallic built
• Perfect dimensions for better grip
• Densely packed hair fibers with a tapered end
• Perfect for crease work
• Works well for diffusing harsh lines as well
• Can be used to pack shadows on the lids
• Does not shed bristles
• Does not show signs of fraying
• Regains its soft, fluffy texture post wash
• Soft, non-scratchy and non-itchy even for sensitive skin
• Quite a user-friendly and travel-friendly packaging
• A great brush for all eye shapes and sizes

Cons of Japonesque Eye Shadow Crease Brush:

• Natural fibers
• Price

IMBB Rating: 4.8/5
Conclusion: Honestly, other than its price, I could not find any significant disappointment with this brush.

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